It was a quiet afternoon. As usual, I had my warmed vanilla bean coffee in hand and with the other I held a hard covered book I am currently reading at the moment.

The only sound being produced in the dining room area was the ongoing ticking of the olive green vintage clock hung on the beige colored wall.

Seconds later, my ear hears the sound of a single shoe being scraped across the concrete outside my home and then the silence returns immediately afterwords.

I glanced up, closed my book and quietly rose from my chair.

I kept hearing a repetitive noise approaching my doorstep, which lead me to grab my gun attached to the underside of my table.

"La la la, la la la, la laaaa..." the familiar voice had sung.

I sighed with relief. It must be the nice woman who works at the bakery along with Sandy, her boss. Sometimes she helps the mailman deliver his mail whenever she has nothing more to do at the shop. I hid the weapon behind my back and open the door to greet her.

As expected, she wore her usual work uniform that differs each time she comes by. Pink colored long sleeve denim romper that perfectly matched her bright and happy-go-lucky mood. Gold hoop earrings and glossy pink lip gloss.

"Ah, hello sir! Were you just leaving?" she asks me, smiling a little bit too hard for herself.

Her vibrant violet hair tied in two curly pigtails slightly fell off her shoulder when she slowly tilt her head waiting for me to respond.

"Or... did you knew the exact time I was gonna come by to give you your extra special mail today?" she dug in her mailbag and tossed a handful of confetti at my face.

I fanned the particles from my breathing space. "Uh thanks, Oona. Why do you say it's 'extra special'? It didn't come in a box, did it?"

"Nah, the boxy ones are for Old Man Grouper only! You just have a wooshy-woosh package in here from maybe... Cherrystone perhaps?" she squints to read the name written in script with shimmering gold ink on a burgundy colored envelope.


I quickly pushed my gun in my back pocket and grabbed the package. I examined the large envelope; notifying how it weights and making sure nothing suspicious is wrong with it... oddly enough I do hear a weird liquidy splash inside and that's all.

"Thank y-"

"Your so welcome! Have a nice evening, sir! See you tomorrow!" she shouted while she skipped away merrily.

I closed my front door and carried the envelope to my table. I turned it to the backside with a picture of a small target, below it are the words that read:

'Shoot Here; I know you have a gun.'

This is quite mysterious. Perhaps this is a new type of training from Gil? Might as well humor him, I suppose. I took my weapon from my back pocket and point it directly at the drawn-out target. I pulled the trigger.

I watched the bullet pierce the center of the target that lies in front of my doorstep. It read:

"Your a loose canon, aren't ya?"

Then the strangest thing happened: The envelope burst like a party balloon and out came dark red liquid, shooting out directly at my face and on my clothes!

"GAH!" I shrieked as I shield my face with my hands and my arms. Once it finally stopped I lowered my hands and huffed furiously. What the hell was that?!

I dashed in my room before anyone sees me and closed the door. I placed my gun on the maple coffee table and unbuttoned my leather jacket with lightning speed. Soon my nose captured an odd metallic smell that made me want to vomit. Apparently this isn't fake blood...

I took off all my clothes, threw my white towel around my waist, grabbed my rag and soap then raced down the hallway to the showers.

There were a few guys occupied in the stalls but I found room for me eventually. I let out a relieved sigh when I felt the warm water wash off the blood that made contact with my skin. Gross.

While I was trying to bathe, some guy was staring straight at me with a very unsettling grin on his face. I got uncomfortable so I said,

"You wanna scrub my back or something?" I remarked bluntly. The dude appeared as if he couldn't hear me and kept staring. "Can. I. Help. You?" I said as slow as possible.

The dark skinned male snapped out of it and chuckled. He must be slow or something...

"Ey, what's good Gil? You just came back from your police work?" he says, referring to the disgusting blood dripping off my body.

Yes, I often come to school with less than a few splatters of blood on my clothes whenever I return from my "job" but this amount of blood on me makes it look like I slaughtered someone like a mad man!

If the dean saw this, he would've confiscated my gun and sent me to prison for boardline sadistic behaviors. It's bad enough he already think I enjoy hurting others. Which I don't!

"Who you shot, bro?" the man next to my shower asks.

"I shot a manila envelope full of blood." I deadpan with an eye roll. "You probably have no idea what that is, do you?" I quizzed with an raised eyebrow.

"I know blood but a manila envelope, I don't know what that is."

"I'm not surprised. Anyways, I was in the middle of showering which calls for a thing called privacy, something your clearly not familiar with. So uh, bye." I slam the small window that separates us and continued to clean up.

Whoever did this must've killed a person or an animal to get that much blood pressurized in a packet like that. I guess it's too early to suspect anyone yet.

After I shower I'll go out and find some evidence leading to the criminal. Can anyone in Roselake College ever behave without murdering someone?

As I scrubbed my arm with my rag, a piece of gold paper with black writing dropped to the bottom of the shower. What might this be?

The only word or should I say, name, I saw was "Grouper" on the glistening gold piece of paper that was waiting for me to collect. I walk over to the large puddle of blood to search for any other evidence. I found nothing.

This is sickening! Is someone after the poor guy? Should I contact him to see if he's alright? Okay Molly calm down, relax, breathe. Everything will be fine.

The students here should have some knowledge of that Grouper was my old teacher so perhaps they were poking harmless fun at me.

I lift my arm to my nostrils to smell the strange red substance that shot out the manila envelope a few minutes ago and almost fainted.

Is... is this... b-blood?! REAL BLOOD? From an actual human?! I let out a loud scream that reached the top of my lungs and raced to my bathroom sink to wash it all off.

I paused. Hold on I can't do that yet! This right here is evidence in its purest form. As much as I want this off of me as soon as possible, I have to see who's blood it is and how it was mailed to my room.

I sat on the floor and crossed my legs. I closed my eyes so I could concentrate until I saw a small glow of light.

I see... only darkness and...

A simple knock extract me from my vision, which is a very painful process. I gasp sharply to catch my breath then called out.


"What's the matter in there? You saw another ant crawling on your wall?" a female voice teased.

I felt my cheek flush from embarrassment. Oh, why must I be so paranoid over everything? Everyone knows how badly I freak out over the smallest and most insignificant things and they tend to make fun of me for that.

I swear it's not my fault I react this way! It's just my disconnection with reality that leaves my five senses to become defective.

Oh gosh I'm starting to sound like a total robot now. Sigh. Since peeking into the DNA was a total bust, let's see where this paper originally came from. Surely it has some kind of fingerprints left on it, unless it was taken off due to being saturated in blood.

But why am I a victim as well? I haven't had much contact with Old Man Grouper in a while. I suppose it's not much of a threat but when I find out who the guy or girl is, I'll simply report them. For ruining my room, my clothes and using Paul Grouper's good name in a messed up way!

I folded my legs, held the paper with both of my hands and closed my eyes once again.

Princess Caveia's Corner: Something strange is a-floating at Roselake University! Who might this person be? Stay tuned for more clues! See you next chapter!

Random Notes: Honestly, I love how I connected these three POVs from shooting the manila, watching it pop, and reading the gold paper. That was just so cool to me.