Nonny waited patiently for his best friend, Gil, to meet him at the cafeteria for some lunch at noon. He hoped Gil was the one behind the "surprise" package he received and not some notorious stranger. As he was busy reading today's special, a hand pushed down the menu. Nonny's clover green eyes meet up with the young man's sapphire blues.

"Good afternoon my partner in crime." he greets his glasses-wearing buddy as he took his seat. Leaning back on the chair he sighed.

"Sorry I was late. Strangely enough, someone decided to mess with me this morning. I'll catch whoever it was." he says coolly.

"You too, huh?" Nonny replied with a chuckle. "I thought you were behind the bloody mess the whole time."

While Nonny seems to be in a joking mood today, Gil wasn't. He frowned at him and says, "That better have been a British term you just used on me Nonny. You should know I wouldn't do any prank that involves real blood. Disgusting. Wait 'til I find that crook."

Nonny could already sense Gil's temperament rising but he must know who was actually behind the whole scheme. He waited for the right moment to bring back the unsettling situation they had both dealt with.

"By the way," Nonny started to speak again, "Did you happen to find a piece of gold paper with words written on it? I found one myself." he asked as he went in his pocket to pull out a small paper that appears to have been ripped from the edges. "It says 'I will'-"

"I am aware of what it says, I can read you know." Gil sneered at him. "Can you tell me what it means?"

"If I knew I would've told you right off the bat. Do you have a piece by any chance?"

Gil couldn't help but chuckle, "Ah, I see what your trying to do. So, the sicko we're looking for loves to do puzzles huh?" he says thoughtfully as he connected his piece to Nonny's then read the words aloud. "I will... kill...?"

"Yours only say 'kill'?"

"Evidently." Gil responded curtly. "That means someone here or outside the campus has the victim's name. But who?"

Nonny took a brief second to think for a moment. "I don't know but what I do know is, we best find out who before it's too late. We wouldn't want any more blood on our hands again, now do we?"

Gil impatiently rapped his knuckles on the table and huffed, "Care to explain how we can search for the suspect or victim?"

"Well, the only tactic I can think of relies heavily on the search for any traces of large amounts of blood."

Nonny glanced to the left then the right to make sure no one was watching the two. He leans over to Gil and whispered,

"Can you track it down without getting caught?"

Gil smirked at his friend, greatly amused that he was okay with breaking the strict "No Using their Gifts on Campus" rule their dean had established specifically for those two. Nonny was a bit more like the good guy who listens to his superiors while Gil disobeyed them.

"I thought you'd never ask-"

Just as Gil was about to raise his hand to control his supernatural abilities, the doors to the cafeteria was kicked open by a tall angry man with wild hair on his head the shade of deep red and bulging muscles that can be seen through his suit. He marched into the room and yank Gil by his shirt collar.

"Gil! Nonny! My office, now!" the dean, Timothy Crimson, boomed into their ears, as usual. His voice echoing against the white walls. The students in the cafeteria fell silent. They were use to this behavior the dean displays on a daily basis and tried their best to mind their business or else they would get an earful of lectures... again. Whenever he leaves, they are allowed to talk.

Gil, on the other hand, isn't afraid of the dean like every else appears to be. He tends to poke fun at him and do whatever he can to get the dean very furious because he knows the redheaded man can't do a thing about it. Gil narrowed his eyes at the man and crossed his arms.

"What seems to be the problem, Timmy?"

The dean clenched his teeth at the name Gil gave him out of mockery.

"I have no time for your foolishness!" he yells in his ears again, almost making him go deaf that time.

He turned and grabbed Nonny's shirt as well then dragged the two out of the cafeteria.

Somewhere at another part of the University, inside a vast office filled with large shelves of old dusty books, a couple of desks, a few burgundy suede couches with matching chairs for both the students and deans to take a load off, and dark velvet carpeting to give the room a more cozy feel to it.

The female dean, Vivian Bourque was filing away at her nails as she listened to Molly spaz out about the strange package that was delivered to her room a while ago. On and on she spoke about someone stalking her or perhaps warning her something bad will happen.

Eventually after listening to her for an half and hour straight, Vivian felt that she heard enough and tried to calm Molly down a bit.

"Has it ever crossed your mind that it could be-"

"I mean I wanted to assume it was a joke but what if it wasn't! Sometimes you have to take things like this seriously because when you really think about it, no one would go out their way to fill an envelope full of real blood, then send it to me along with Paul Grouper's last name in there."

Vivian let out an exasperated sigh and slam down her nail file, "Please for the love of christ, Molly, calm down! Your daily freak out may strip you from your health or your life. There's no need to overreact over every little thing."

Molly breathed out softly and ran her fingers through her hair. "O-overeacting?"

"Yes. Overreacting. Indeed." Vivian nodded. "Look around you Molly. This generation is changing by the decade and kids are getting more and more creative with their immature pranks. Not that I'm saying this was okay, but you cannot wrongfully accuse students of doing these kind of actions such as murdering. Just listen to yourself."

Molly took in a deep breath while clenching her fists. "You're right. I apologize." she shakily breathed out.

"I am right, sweetie." Molly frowned and began to walk out the exit to the office until Vivian stopped her. "Wait, you know I wouldn't let you leave my office upset. Mr. Crimson and I would like to have a word with you and two other victims who went through the same incident."

Timothy kicked the door open and dragged in the two boys he was handling.

"I sure do. Take a seat boys." the dean says as he tossed them on the extra leather seats in front of Vivian's desk.

"A-are we in trouble?" Molly asks nervously.

The male dean gave her head a rough pat and chuckled, "You don't have to worry about anything that involves trouble, Molly. These two on the other hand..." he says as he glared at the boys. "You need to avoid them."

Gil crossed his arms and sighed heavily, "Just tell us why we're here so I can go." he says, demanding to know the meaning of being carried to the office for what seems to be no reason at all.

Timothy took his seat next to Vivian and stared at the three students. "We wanted to-"

"See if you all received gold piece of paper in that package." Vivian spoke up quickly before he could say another word more.

Confused, Timothy turns to her. "What?" he questions curiously. He remembers Vivian mentioning they were suppose to apologize for the incident and that was all. This new information she wanted to obtain seems quite obscure and out of place.

"Trust me on this." she whispered to him then smiled at the students. "Well... do you?" she inquired.

"Uh, sure? Nonny and I happen to find one of our own." Gil took his piece from his pocket and threw it on the desk. Nonny did the same.

Molly carefully placed her piece on the desk and gasped as she read the words aloud. "I will... kill... Grouper?"

As soon as Molly began to tremble, Vivian rolls her eyes and inwardly groaned. She had more than enough of Molly's many appointments to know where this was going.

"Oh my god! So it IS true!" Molly exclaimed, her eyes quickly filling up with tears.

"Relax, no one is going to kill him. Probably some punk waiting to get some kind of reaction from us. It's not going to happen by the way, I don't get paid to entertain attention whores." Timothy remarks as he shuffled through his batch of papers.

"It seems you were particularly targeted and we apologize for the mishap that occurred this morning. All personal items that were either destroyed or ruined in the process can definitely be replaced." Vivian tells them as she handed out the replacement forms.

"That's it?" Nonny says after the long pause.

"Yeah what else were you expecting, your embarrassing bad reputation being erased from your permanent records?" he laughed. "Like that'll happen!"

"Aw man! You suck!" Gil barked at him.

"I suck? You should be lucky this college had accepted you despite the trouble you cause in high school!" Timothy retorted.

Vivian cleared her throat to grab back their attention. "Ahem, we'll handle the situation and try to look through the cameras so we can pinpoint who the culprit was. You three may be excused for the time being. I shall inform you when the person is caught."

The three quietly exit the room without a single word exchanged. Once they had left the office, Vivian opened her file cabinet and took out a very old folder from many years ago. As she flipped through it, dust floated in the atmosphere, causing her to sneeze. Timothy looks over to her with curiosity and crossed his muscular arms.

"What's with the address folders?"

"I've told Molly not to think much about the incident this morning. Unfortunately she had made me a bit worried too. I didn't want her to get too worked up because you know she can't control herself properly." she stops at a page and slides her finger across the worn out paper. "We gotta look into this before someone gets hurt."

Timothy nodded his head. "Understood. Is there anything you'd like me to do?

"I fear Paul Grouper might be in trouble. I can't believe someone in town wants him dead. Who would ever wish that on him?" she says, mostly thinking aloud to herself. "Do you remember Grouper by any chance?"

"Yes I do. Everyone in town knows who he is. He practically raised us all!" Timothy smiled as he stroke his scruffy chin. "I can't imagine life without him. I'll never forget the day he fixed my toy train when I was around six or seven. I still have it back at my place."

Vivian has been at his house before and she saw the toy train on top of his fireplace. The vibrant primary colors of paint were still intact and unchipped. Not even a single speck of dust. Clearly he had been taking care of it ever since Grouper mended the toy for him.

"I'll never forget the time he taught me how to solve problems for the troubled people in my time." she sighed and so did Timothy. Suddenly Vivian had an idea and scooped her coat in her hands.

"Classes are almost done for the day, might as well visit him to see how he's holding up. I can even cook some of my leftovers so we can dine together."

The redheaded dean shrugged his shoulders. "Sure, I'm not doing anything later. I was most likely going to make sure those two boys stay out of trouble. You can't leave them alone for a second without blowing something up."

"Oh give the boys a break, Mr. Crimson. You know if they don't use their powers enough, they'll never unlock their potential... or something along the lines, I have no idea how they work. With that in mind, I'm not risking it and neither should you, let them explore their uh, gifts a little. Also, please don't bring that negativity along with you."

"Of course." Timothy nodded as he leaves the office.

Vivian looks at the time for a second before realizing how late she would be if she waste another minute getting where she needs to go. She quickly put on her coat, grabbed her keys off the desk and rushed out the office, closing the door behind her.

A booted foot stops the door before it could completely close.

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