Carol was trapped. Trapped in a lifeless shell, or what she had once thought was a lifeless shell. Now she wasn't so sure. The walker had come out of nowhere while she'd been trying to gather up the few supplies she could carry after the piece of shit car Rick had left her with had given out less than twenty miles from the suburb he'd abandoned her in.

Half in, half out of the car, how ironic was that? Her legs had been hanging out of the car as she checked the glove box of the beat up station wagon as an after thought. Maybe there was a map or some other useful items in there. Never even heard the damned thing come up behind her. Didn't know it was there until its rotting teeth bit into her calf. She fought of course, finally killing the thing in front of the car, its stagnant blood splattering across her chest and neck. Then she remembered the little revolver in her pants, pulling it from the small of her back in hopes to stop the change only to find the last bullet was a dud.

How ironic indeed.

Sitting down on the pavement, feeling the fever spread through her body, Carol leaned against the front bumper, waiting, hoping to see Sophia again. Hoping there was somewhere soft to land when death finally claimed her. Grateful none of her loved ones would see it happen. Grateful Daryl wasn't there and would never know as she drifted, head lolling to the side, cheek mashing against the grill.

Suddenly she woke with no pain, no fever haze, just hunger. Hunger stronger than the winter they had spent on the road with little to no food. An all consuming need to feed on living flesh, and then the sound of a motor had her body moving without her consent. It was so loud, a fresh meal to sate her ravenous state.

No, No, NO! Her corpse moved of its own free will. Its own need for nourishment, jerky and uncoordinated. Her eyes focusing in on the familiar bike with its oh so familiar rider as he slowed to a stop, jumping off and rushing toward her.

The strong arms engulfing her made her wish she could cry and scream at his stupidity, even as her nails clawed his flesh. His words ripped her insides to shreds even as her teeth bit into the beautifully warm meat of his neck. His blood flowing down her throat as the ecstasy of chewing his flesh caused an orgasmic euphoria sent her mind wailing in agony.

It wasn't long before Daryl's body fell to the ground, his life ebbing away as he still cupped her face, telling her how much he loved her. Carol prayed he would awaken without a conscious. Without the pain she knew now as she was finally able to force her decomposing self to stay sitting beside him as the process took its toll.

No matter what, she would walk by his side for eternity.