Hey guys! SOOOO, you guys asked me a lot of questions about this story and some other things! I have no idea why! But I'm going to answer them! Okay let's just get on with the questions. Q: Is this inspired by the novel Paper Towns? A: Yes. I said that in the first chapter. Q: Why does Molly always call Gilligan Zachary Gordon? A: I honestly don't know. It's just fun to say to be honest. Q: Are you more like Molly, or Gil? A: GILLIGAN. Q: Are you going to make a sequel to this? A: If you guys want! Q: Are you going to put Psychotic back up? A: I'm not sure! Q: Are you ever going to write a long term fic? A: Yes! I have like 3 coming up, and one surprise thing that involves some of your fave authors! That's all! Thank you guys so much for reading! Love you, Amelia :)