"The force is strong with him Kanan, let's find out how strong."

"How can I help?"

"Just remember your training."

Reaching out into the force, the Togruta felt Kanan behind her and everything became a blur.

Approaching the sith lord's force signature, she felt herself being tugged by the force to a old


A bond that she had once shared with her former master.

A bond that had never been severed.

A bond she didn't even know she still had.

Ahsoka denied that what the force was telling her was true.

Venturing further into the sith's mind, she was awash by memories.

The memories of Anakin Skywalker.

When he was nine years old, getting his fate decided by the council.

The clone wars when he was fighting with Obi-Wan and her.

Their first mission.

Anakin as a padawan, slaughtering the sand people.

Him marrying Padme.

Talking to his mother for the last time.

His mother dying.

The nightmares about Padme dying.

Slicing off Mace Windu's hand.

Becoming Palpatine, Darth Sidous's apprentice.

Killing the Jedi.

The duel with Obi-Wan where he lost and became Darth Vader.


The question echoed through their once-cherished bond, from both Anakin's and Ahsoka's end of the bond.

Then one last memory floated through; sitting together after the Battle of Christophisis. When he finally accepted Ahsoka as his padawan. His half-smile, a very rare occurence and her smile. Officially making them Snips and Skyguy.

She knew it was him. Her master, her brother, her father, her skyguy, had become a monster.

"NOOOOOOO!" The yell escaped her lips before she could stop it and everything went black.

Opening her eyes she heard Ezra asking if she knew who it was. His voice sounded like she was hearing it under water.

"No, I don't." She wasn't lying. She didn't know the monster inside the mask. But she knew that he will be coming.

She thought of how before she jumped off the ledge when she was running to prove her innocence how Anakin had promised to her that he would never let anyone hurt her.

But you are the one hurting me the most.

She sent that last thought through the bond, before snapping it forever.

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