Halloween night, at the exact moment of the evening when light becomes darkness.

"This is it!" Dale exclaimed with happiness as he stepped into the Ranger's HQ. "This is the night! The vampire movie marathon will start soon! Vampires that not sparkle!"

Dale's joy transformed into concern when he noticed that the HQ was completely silent and covered in shadows. So dark, in fact, that he almost falls down the domino steps.

"What the…" said Dale regaining his balance. "Chip? Where are…"

"Im over here, Dale…" Chip whispered from the darkest spot of the living room. Dale was only able to locate his friend when the last ray of light showed his shape. After that, only his red eyes glared in the shadows.

"Chip! Why aren't the lights on? Is this a Halloween joke?"

"Joke? Im not that kind of person, Dale" Chip answered him coldly. "Gadget had a failed experiment and the lights exploded. Don't worry, the TV still works"

"Oh thank goodness." Dale sighed relieved. "So, wanna join me tonight, Chipper?".

"Not right now, later…" Chip answered with an evil grin, too covered in shadows for Dale to notice. "I need to eat first."

"Oh ok…, I'll ask the others." Dale began to walk blindly towards Monty's room, when he felt dizzy for some seconds. He recovered and kept walking in the darkness with a new, strange sensation on his left arm.

Dale felt a doorknob and knocked. "Monty? Wanna watch vampire movies with me? One of them is the classic Mexican movie "El Santo vs los vampiros de Torreon". Mexican vampires!"

A grave voice answered him from inside the room. "right, right, Pally… Let me have some dinner first…"

"ok… I'll be on the living room, don't be late!"

Dale decided to ask Gadget too and started to walk towards the workshop. He then listened a door that opened and closed really fast. He stopped for a second in the darkness. Two pairs of red lights blinked in front of him. And then darkness again; a strange sensation on his both paws; dizziness; weakness.

"its best not to bother Gadget now, Dale…" Monty's voice whispered on his ear.

"Emm… Why?"

"She is concentrated on solving her problem… she will appear later. She needs to eat, anyway."

"Oh… ok then…"

Dale went back to the living room and sat in front of the TV. By now, he was feeling tired, sick and very dizzy. The TV enlightened the HQ behind him. Everything was destroyed, and Dale didn't notice. He had fallen asleep. Then, his friends emerged from the shadows with glowing red eyes. Dinner was served. Dale never was the same again.

The end