Meeting Harry Potter

Luna POV

My first sight of Harry was when I was 14 and sitting on my own in one of the school carriages. He was standing with Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Neville? And Ginny my only friend because unlike others she didn't mind my peculiarities. Like me Harry could see the Thestrals skeletal winged horses which pulled the school carriages, people associate them with death and why not only people who have seen a person die or murdered are able to see them.

"Hey Luna mind if we sit with you?" asked Ginny.

"Sure you can" I answered unlike most people my gaze wasn't drawn straight to the lightnening scar on his forehead but more to his eyes they were a strange sort of forest green with thousands of memories behind mingling with that of a hunted prey escaping the predator. In a strange way I suppose that was what he is the boy who lived trying to survive the murderous dark lord from killing him. For a moment I also wondered what it would have been like to be in his shoes all those years ago.

I was distracted by Hermione asking me about the charm I was wearing "oh it protects me from the Nargles"

"Oh what's a Nargle?" Hermione asked

"Their little creatures which fly around you head and make your brain go fuzzy" I answered sucking on my long blonde hair, then I ooked at the infamous lightning scar on his forehead had really survivied the killing curse with just that one scar. The carriage jolted and I then realised we were at Hogwarts.