A God of Calamity. A God of War. Opposites, entirely in who they are. Hundreds of years ago, they fought, and the God of Calamity killed most of her regalia that belonged to the God of War, even though it was for good reason. These god's names are Yato and Bishamonten. After their years and years of quarrelling, it all calmed down. The other Gods in the area were pleased with that, because it meant there would be no other consequential battles in the time being.

"Hey, track suit god!" Yukine yelled at the track suit wearing god, who was spray painting the wall with his info.

"Yes Yukine?" He politely responded, but still kept at his spray painting.

"Why do you keep advertising? You get money but then you only waste it on stupid things like that "fortune cat". It's really starting to be a pain in my ass, and Hiyori's too." The blond just stared at him with no expression as the god turned around and yelled at him.

"That wasn't my fault! That old hag cheated me!" And he pointed at Yukine, accusing him of the crime.

"She had the right's to, especially when you waste your money on things like that!" He cried out and pointed right back at him, which was their yelling stance one could suppose.

"Yukine, why can't you just stop complaining and be a good regalia? I saved you from being a little white ball!" The raven haired god seemed to be getting annoyed, but Yukine beat him in an annoyed contest.

"At least being a little white ball had something important about it!" If you were to look at it that way, one would agree with Yukine. Yato always spent his money on stupid things and didn't have a real "home" or even a place to stay.

"Yukine!" The sound of a beast roared, although it must have been the stupid one.

"Kazuma, have there been any phantoms lately?" A blonde girl in a pool sat, back turned, and waited for a response.

"Not recently. It seems the Yato God has been taking care of most of them." He replied taking a chance to see if Bishamonten, known to him as 'Veena', would be fine with the name being used in her presence.

She sighed, there had been many strange things going on recently. She had felt the presence of many things, she felt things almost physically, and she had seen dreadful and horrible things. One of her Regalia, Suzuha, was killed during an encounter with Kugaha, another one of Bishamonten's regalia, who was later exiled and stripped of his name. Rabō, a God of Calamity associated with Yato, was killed fighting Yato after he had taken Hiyori's memories and broken them. During the cherry blossom blossoming, the two Gods Bishamonten and Yato had gotten drunk, things escalated, and that's about it.

"It's funny. How I would want to go after him at a moment's notice, but now, everything is just slow and calm. I don't have to get my revenge anymore. It feels nice to be happy." She smiled, but Kazuma could see it since she was facing the other way. But, it was nice, to be able to just relax with no worries of your rival, at the moment.

Kazuma smiled, happy that 'Veena' was no longer out for revenge constantly angry at him and any mention of him. It was nice. "Alright then, I'll go tell the others that today is a resting day."

"Kazuma. Thank you." Her final words, before Kazuma left.

Back at the house of Hiyori, well, on the roof...

"The stars call out to the Earth with many messages tonight. Like lost souls, trying to shine their light, waiting to be seen for all of their anger and fear to go away. But the Earth sits and watches, never to move closer and help it. It is a beautiful night. And I can't help but think of Rabō." Yato sighed, as he remembered the man that could have killed Hiyori. He hated him, but he was dead now, killed by his own curse that was destroyed by the Sekki. But even then, he still moved past that, because what's done is done, whomever is dead is dead. That's the story. Whatever the case was of why Yato felt at ease, he was happy. He had a friend, Kofuku, a regalia and food. What more does he need? A life one might say, but he never had one in the first place. That's just how it was for the Yato god. But it was a happy time, a happy time indeed.