"Nee, can I just call you Vivana?" Yato asked the god next to him.

The other vehemently looked at Yato. "My name is V-"

"I know that's your name- but that's too long. My name is just Yato- plain and simple. Vivan is also plain and simple," retorted Yato.

The girl pouted. "Like arguing with you is going to get me anywhere... so fine."

"Yay! Now let's go buy that good luck charm while Yukine and Hiyori aren't around!" Yato abruptly pulled he and Bishamon up. With the most ecstatic smile on Earth he started walking somewhere with her. They walked for a while as the blonde girl was only lead without a care. She had no idea what he was doing but it seemed interesting.

They entered a small store and the male god immediately picked the last item labeled "Good Luck Charms." Bishamon, not knowing Yato too closely, didn't see anything out of the ordinary. But something Kazuma, Yukine or Hiyori would see wrong would be one of two things: one, he didn't take the item out of a clearance shelf; or two, it wasn't debt-making expensive.

"That will be ¥1,465," the lady at the counter said. Yato paid in full. "Arigatougozaimashita."

They both went outside. Yato took the small item, a necklace, and put it on Bishamon. "It's the little things that count, right Vivan? I'll make it up to you for those that I killed- this isn't me asking for forgiveness, we've already done that... this is just a personal endeavor. I don't want to be seen like an idiot all the time- so how's this?"

Bishamon held the necklace in her two hands as she looked at it. "I like it... but, if you really want to make up, then don't leave me like they did," the girl compassionately told Yato.

"Hai, hai. Then we have a deal. Let's eat, I'm starving- last one at the shop I take Ebisu to pays!" Yelled Yato as he flung himself in one direction and started to run. The girl pursued him

There they stood. Two souls in a bond of everlasting friendship and possibly much more. There they stand. Seen by the world. There they'll keep standing. A promise remembered by none but themselves. Maybe that's what "love" is. A story of people who will find each other in the Abyss. A legend that is spoken throughout the world, but without recognition. In any case, love is difficult to define. Friendship is easier to explain and to achieve. Humans and animals alike don't like being alone, and so they find mates or friends. These two gods are no different- they found each other because they were alone in the world. Now, they have something to live for among the things they want to protect. They have something that makes them individuals that stand out. There's someone always there that has their back. Love really is difficult to describe. But that's allegedly what life is.

Yato and Bishamon were never close at the beginning. They didn't know each other existed. They were brought together by death. The young regalia Kazuma cared for his master, and so he found Yato. He gave him one mission- kill the corrupted clan that was tainting the master and killing her. And so, without hesitation, he performed his duty. The other did not thank him for his acts- she despised him for it, but that's to be expected when you don't know the truth. And for more than 100 years, Bishamon chased Yato trying to get revenge. And then she found out- he did it for her. Kazuma risked his job as her regalia and told her the truth, but it was worth it. The girl Bishamon forgave Yato. And soon, they came into each others lives abruptly once again because of death and malevolence. Fujisaki's attempts at eliminating Yato and Hiyori were to no avail and his plan was stopped by the Heavens. Together, Yato and Bishamon were able to stay alive. In each other's presence, they were able to formally forgive each other. And soon after, they made an emotional pact to never lose one another.

But sometimes there's this feeling of an alternate world. One where everything didn't end so happy. Where the personalities of Yato and Bishamon were ultimately destroyed by someone in order to help others. Although a heroic act, there's no way that could happen, right?

Wow. So I was able to summarize this story AND the alternate/TRUE ending in this. Yes. I did use all that as a filler because I forgot to write this week. Again. But yes, I did accomplish the feat of posting is a day late and writing it all in 10 minutes.

Praise me.