"So, Vivan, what should we do now?" Asked the blue eyed god.

Night time.

"Home?" The blonde god rhetorically asked.

Peaceful yet agitating.

"Nah, we should do something fun! Like how about we surprise Hiy-

Bishamon hit the god on the head. "No. That's stalking."

"But she's my frie-"

"No. That's still stalking."

Yato, on the inside, cried. The city folk were all in their homes sleeping by this time of night. As Bishamon pointed out, the only ones up were the stalkers and creeps, and an officer every now and then. But gods didn't appear in human's vision, or, at least, when they looked away from them they'd forget all about their existence, so the two sitting on the bench were in the clear zone.

"How about we take Ebisu to the movies tomorrow, you've never been to one, right?"

The girl blushed, slightly embarrassed, over that fact. They'd existed for over a hundred years and yet she'd never been to one. A very sad immortal life it was to live. "But what about the rest of today?"

Yato answered with a slightly mature idea. "Let's just go for a walk. Maybe we'll find some money along the way."

Bishamon smiled. This idiot... of course he'd say something like that, but that's what made Yato the person he was.

The two walked and talked all along the way. They joked and said serious things; it was good for Bishamon. She wasn't the type of girl to understand and like silly jokes. Blue eyes, however, changed that. If only subtly at first, Bishamon soon became a victim of Yato's foolishness. She giggled now and then. It shaped her character. For the past two week they'd been in contact, they'd gone all over the city leaving the phantoms to Kofuku and Tenzen for the time being.

Truly, it was good for her health. The loyal regalia she had, Kazuma, noticed her change. He commended Yato for his efforts and urged him to continue whatever it was the god was doing to Kazuma's master.

The night ended for the two, and they parted, exchanging goodbyes.

Yato in one direction, Bishamon in the other- but both headed down the same path.

It was that road that connected the two.

"Kofuku, have you been causing trouble lately?" A suspicious Daikoku asked.

The pink haired girl froze in her place. "N-no... why?"

"Well some corporate business that was having a lot of great funds just had half of its stock crash. I wonder who could've caused that..." Daikoku said emphasizing every word. He already knew what Kofuku had done, but he wanted her to admit it for herself.

"Uh... uhhhh... it wasn't me!" She yelled as she sprinted away.

Daikoku, like the ninja, had already beaten her to the door. Immediately, she was caught. "Let's have a talk, Kofuku."

"Y-y-yes sir, Mr. Daikoku!"