It was a nice day outside. The birds were chirping, the Sun was in a perfect place, and the Hiyori was sleeping.

"No Yato in sight." Hiyori thought, still sleeping, just a little over 9:00 AM with no school, being a national holiday. But then there was, "That smell. That damn smell. Yato was around. Probably trying to sneak in or something." Hiyori, and her perverted smelling senses, continued to try and discover him, with no success. That was, when he slowly arose from the sheet, as if he were a gradually growing pickle.

The next thing anyone (Yato) knew, Yato was on the floor in agony holding his stomach. "Hiyori, what the hell was that for?" He asked solemnly.

"For sneaking into my bed pervert!" She got up, quickly slipping on a shirt, skirt, and socks as Yato was rolling around like an idiot. "And WHY are you in here?" She asked, with that unpleasant bitterness in her tone.

"We got an invitation from Bishamonten..." He replied as he could, although it was like a dying old man- raspy and mumbled.

"Eh?" She didn't understand. FROM Bishamon? Not FROM Kazuma? FROM Bishamon? What?

"Read it." He pulled out a letter, on the verge of fake crying for attention.

And so she did... and was surprised to see that it was Kazuma sent the invitation and Bishamon's name had stated SHE ORDERED It to be sent. It was an anti-bloodbath- a bath of forgiving... with a hint of love probably from Kazuma. Well it was going to be a long day... when... tomorrow.