This is the final Breeding Ground bonus smut chapter I have, posted on my blog on October 31st, 2020, and oddly enough posted nearly six years to the day for the beginning of Breeding Ground.

Birth of New Krypton(Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Karen Starr/Power Girl, Faora, Maxima, Big Barda, and Grail

A trio of extremely gorgeous women sat on the edge of the bed. Maxima, the always beautiful redheaded warrior Queen of Almerac, grew impatient. Wearing a glowing green gown which showcased her assets, Maxima grew a bit impatient, wondering why she was here. She noticed similar thoughts entered the mind of the two women who joined her. The extremely tall black-haired woman dressed in a small purple top and bottoms, Big Barda, the leader of the Female Furies of Apokolips.

Then the third woman, an imposing woman of Amazonian and Apokolipian origin leaned back on the bed. Grail pursed her lips, red eyes glowing as she tapped her fingers calmly on the table.

A dark haired woman with short hair, and piercing blue eyes, dressed in black appeared.

"Your new ruler is here."

Faora smiled as she looked at the three newest recruits. Her brother, Har-Zod, known as Harry Potter, Hadrian Peverell, and the Dragon on Earth, also appeared. On one side, stood Kara Zor-El, Supergirl, and on the other side stood Kara Zor-L, Karen Starr, Power Girl. Both wore skin tight black leather which fit them like a glove. Kara and Karen hung on either side of Harry. The three showed their status.

"My brother, Har-Zod, has chosen to bed you all," Faora said. "You will help build a new age of Krypton."

"So, we've been brought here to be bedded by him?" Grail asked.

"A Kryptonian," Maxima said dreamily. "Let me see what you go."

Maxima rose up to challenge Harry. In two swift moves, Harry swept Maxima off of her feet and pushed her down onto the bed. He landed on top of her and leaned a little bit closer to her. Maxima quivered the closer Harry leaned towards her. Their lips came inches together, before Harry pulled back from Maxima.

"You'll learn quickly who leads this dance. Ladies, if you will."

Kara jumped in, eager to please her husband as always. The Girl of Steel kissed Harry on the lips. Kara's fingers worked around his hair. Karen came from Harry's other side and kissed him. Her ample bust pressed against Harry's back and she planted a few hot and heavy kisses on him. Faora ran her hands down the crotch. The three lovely Kryptonian women traced their hands down him.

Barda, Grail, and Maxima all watched as they unveiled Harry for their view. His muscular frame had been well hidden underneath the armor. Yet, they were all distracted by the large spear beneath his waist. His throbbing meat organ popped out, and distracted the trio of women. Oh, they had to have it into their mouth. Kara's hand wrapped around it and pumped it while Karen and Faora licked, caressed, and worshipped every inch of his body.

Harry snapped his fingers. Faora raced to Grail, Kara to Maxima, and Karen to Barda. The trio of Kryptonians kissed the trio of new recruits for the collective hard. Faora's fingers edged against Grail's thighs and rubbed against it. Karen pushed her chest into Barda's face, and Barda lost herself in that heaving bosom. Kara's super fast fingers rocked Maxima, and put her into submission.

While the attention of all six women were on each other, they could not be distracted by Harry's uncannily hungry cock. He moved closer to them, deciding to zero in on Barda first. Oh, fierce, and hungry, Barda spread her legs, even though she had been half distracted by Karen's melons.

"You may prove to be a delightful taste."

Harry confirmed his theory to be true, stripping Barda naked from the bottom down. He exposed her pussy and dove in to lick it. Barda cried out in pleasure, muffled slightly from Karen's heaving chest.

"You should get well acquainted with them," Karen said. "They are one of the marvel's of the universe, aren't they?"

Harry pressed his thick, impressive cock all the way against Barda. Her pussy almost sucked him in. Harry squeezed Karen's ass, to tease her a little bit. Then with a skilled motion, Harry edged down into Barda. Her hungry pussy walls clamped down onto him, ravenous in her lust and not wanting to let go at all. The thrusts of the Kryptonian sorcerer brought himself deeper and deeper into Barda.

Kara and Faora knew, and Grail and Maxima would soon learn, that Harry's magical fingers had a tendency to play havoc

on any women in the vicinity of what he was doing. Despite his full physical attention being on Barda, at the moment, Harry flick his fingers and cause their clits to be stimulated.

Faora rose up and drove her tongue into Grail while also pushing her pussy into Grail's face. The hot and scorching sixty-nine position brought a certain fire to the bodies of both of the women. They had something in common. Very infamous father's and the relationships they have had with them.

Harry, in the meantime, worked his magic more directly on Barda. Karen hovered away.

"Yes, my lord!" Barda moaned. "I'm yours! All of the Furies can be yours too. They will be your breeding army to spread your seed through the universe."

"A tantalizing thought," Harry offered. "But, first, let me test your limits."

Harry's hips moved like a blur, and pushed deeper and deeper into Barda. While he also fingered Karen who hovered, anticipating the fun. Harry enjoyed both Power Girl and Barda, both of them crying out in pleasure. Harry rammed himself deeper and deeper into Faora to make her cry out in pleasure as she tightened around him.

Then Harry pushed down into Barda, bottoming out inside of her pussy. Her walls tightened around and milked him. Her eyes bulged out a slight amount from Harry riding her hard. Barda thrust her hips up all of the way to meet Harry, with thrust after glorious thrust pushing her to the limits. She gushed like a madwoman, breathing heavily from Harry's deep and powerful motions inside of her.

Harry let her cum one more time. Barda succumbed to him.

Off to the side, Kara topped Maxima. The Queen never submitted to anyone, man or woman. Yet, she felt compelled to surrender her body. Supergirl's swirling tongue came deep into Maxima's hot slit, and pushed down inside of her pussy to make her cry out even more.

"Just think. All of this will belong to Har-Zod. You will cum before him."

Faora laid top of Grail and scissored her hard. Oh, the Daughter of Darkseid looked like she was going to explode, with endless amounts of pleasure just coursing through her body. The heat only doubled down as Faora worked her thighs back and forth down against Grail and made their pussies slide together.

"As will you, my lovely pet."

Grail tried to fight off what she felt. No, she had to explode. Faora's wet lips ground against Grail's and sent her into a tizzy. The heat only made her even more ravenous. Faora leaned down and kissed and sucked Grail's nipples until she finally mentally broke. The heat only had been so much to bare.

Speaking of breaking, Barda broke underneath Harry's cock. Harry rode her orgasm out, until she passed out into his arms. One last futile attempt to milk him went awry. Harry pressed down and squeezed her breasts. She would not be the first to fall.

The moment Harry pulled out, Karen dove onto his cock. Harry would not say no to Karen's lovely cock sucking skills. Harry guided his manhood deeper and deeper inside of her. Those balls hitting her chin made things even hotter.

Then, in mid-air, for Grail and Maxima especially to get a good look, Karen pulled Harry up and straddled him. Harry's manhood pushed deep into Karen's body, stretching her extremely hard. Oh, Karen's wet pussy clamped down onto his hard organ as he slipped down inside of her. She milked and released, him, moaning. Harry pushed down into her.

"I need to focus on breaking in the new recruits," Harry said.

"Mmm, just one more round, please!"

Karen's thirst for him made Harry smile. Harry grabbed her hips and pounded Karen silly, while in mid-air. His balls repeatedly swung and smashed against the thighs of the cock-hungry Kryptonian. The more Harry pushed down into her, the more the heat ruptured. His magic created threads where all of the women got a little taste. Even if Grail and Maxima had not been bonded to the collective yet, the threads had been created for him.

Harry pulled out of Karen and allowed her to fall down onto the bed, heavily breathing in the process. A big smile followed and Harry climbed on top of Grail. Faora moved from Grail's pussy to hovering about her face, to give her brother the room. Harry put the tip of his cock.

"Beg for me!"

Grail struggled, her pride almost being a downfall. Both of the children of Zod touched her body. The Daughter of Darkseid breathed heavily, the further Harry moved down onto her.

"You know you want the most powerful daughters in the universe. I can give you that. This is just the first step. Just accept me, and tell me what you want."

"I need you to fuck me, please!" Grail moaned out. "Stick your big, throbbing cock inside me and breed the hell out of my needy body. Please, please, Master, I need it! Give it to me! Hold me down and fuck my brains out and….ooooh!"

Grail's moaned statement had been cut off by Har-Zod slamming deep inside of here. The huge weight of his balls hit her. Grail intended to milk them, and empty them inside of her pussy. Her hot, and horny walls clamped down onto him while Faora received the attention of Harry's fingers.

Harry fingerbanged his lovely sister to an orgasm, while making Faora cum in mid-air. He frozen Grail mid-orgasm and dove up. He pounced between Faora's legs, grabbed her hips, and slammed into her. The two siblings made out, hotly, as they went hot and wild with the most passionate sex possible in mid air. Harry's hands combed over Faora's body and sent her into a tempting tizzy, to make her moan.

The heat increased through her body, the deeper Harry plunged deeper and deeper inside of her. Her tightening pussy wrapped around him extremely hard and released him.

Harry dove back into Grail. The half Amazon, half-Apokolipian women received a huge stuffing of Harry's magnificent cock buried deep inside of her hungry slit. Harry pinned her down and wrecked her body.

Kara matched the motions of her husband. Maxima writhed back and forth on the bed. Kara's skilled hands moved back and forth and set her up. However, Kara dialed things back, to save the brunt of the pounding for Harry.

Faora lowered onto Grail's face and Grail slurped her pussy. Faora rocked back and forth, eyes clouded in lust as she moaned.

"You're missing out on her mouth, my brother," Grail purred. "Oh it's so good, and so amazing. You just couldn't get enough of it. You're going to want it all, want her mouth pressed onto your cock when she sucks your own juices on it."

"I will sample it after I get her to cum."

Harry rocked deeper and deeper into Grail. Grail's wet pussy walls milked around Harry's engorged pole, the deeper he pressed down onto her. Grail closed her warm, velvety walls around Harry and squeezed him tight. She kept working until she came.

"That's it. Remember every one of your orgasms now belongs to me."

Grail conceded and obeyed her master. Harry plunged down into her, rocking her tight body with repeated thrusts. Grail thrust up and met Harry the faster he pushed down inside of her. Grail's insides just held tight onto Harry and proceeded to milk him as he rocked her sensual body. He had her, knowing every button to push, all the way to the last blistering wave of pleasure.

She obeyed, dropping down and heavily panting. Harry squeezed her breast and sent her tingling with more pleasure than before. Then Harry rose up.

Faora dove between Grail's legs and sucked her juices up. While Harry edged against Grail's mouth and shoved his cock inside it. True to his sister's recommendation, Grail had a fine mouth. Every little bit of it fit around his cock, as he pressed down all over.

Harry groaned and pushed down into Grail's mouth. She sucked her juices off and had another miniature orgasm from Harry mouth-fucking her.

Then, Harry guided behind Faora and used her as a conduit to induce orgasms in the other five women. He buried deep inside of Faora's pussy. The lovely Kryptonian surrendered her body to him. The faster Harry edged deeper inside of her tight body, the more her pussy walls, tightened around him. Faora stretched and moaned.

While Faora had a high spot in the collective's hierarchy, she still bottomed for their ruler. Har-Zod, the King of this Collective, pushed deeper inside of her body.

"Go ahead, big sis. Cum for your little brother."

No part of Har could be considered little. Especially the part which moved into her. Faora tightened around him, breathing extremely heavily.

Harry enjoyed every minute he spent ramming into Faora. He cemented their bond to the greatest depths and pushed down inside of her body. He skillfully and endlessly manipulated her body until she gushed hard around him. She dripped and finished off.

Harry left Grail and Faora and turned to the third duel of the night. Kara, while forcing Maxima to lick the soles of her feet, turned around and took Harry's cock into her mouth. Kara's bright blue eyes locked onto Harry. Harry grabbed the Nymphomaniac Kryptonian by the head, and rammed his cock down inside of her throat, to moan as he pressed down inside of her. He grabbed her hair and fucked her face throat vigorously.

"You just couldn't get enough. You wanted this all to yourself."

Kara flashed Harry a look which indicated she was guilty as charged. Harry poured in his thrusts, jamming deeper into Kara's mouth and fucking her mouth with vigor. He ran his hands down her hair and made sure to face-fuck her until she was good and drooling.

Now, Kara detached her feet from Maxima's probing lips. This put Harry into the proper position, to spread Maxima's legs. Maxima looked up at Harry, eyes glazed over. She was intense, heart hammering as Harry lowered down onto her. His fingers clasped the underside of Maxima's nipples and squeezed them. Maxima's hips pushed up as Harry continued to work her over.

"I've earned this cock!" Maxima said.

Harry decided to prolong her wait by teasing her. Karen and Kara just smiled at Maxima's ego getting the better of her.

"You are quite the beautiful woman with many virtues. But one you lack is patience. You will get what you want, when I say you do. And I will own every inch of your body. You will be on your knees, begging for me."

Maxima threw her hips up and down as Harry put the tip of his organ against her. He did not enter her. Maxima experienced frustration. Many men fought and died for her. And yet, the one she wanted, most of all, kept denying her. Maxima had no idea what to make of this. Her heated loins brought up and pushed closer and closer. She had to, she needed him inside of her.

"Forgive me. This bitch will learn her place."

"Get on all fours."

Maxima rose up, and then Harry spanked her ass. Hard. Maxima almost protested, but found something hitting her. Harry smiled and waved the other women over.

They all took turns spanking Maxima. Karen, Faora, and Kara started out, and even Grail and Barda joined in. It was one line which left Maxima's amazing pale ass with red marks. Harry squeezed her cheeks and pushed against her hard, guiding his cock against her opening.

"Please, my King, give me your cock! I need it! I can't live without it."

And after another couple of minutes of teasing, Harry drove down into Maxima. He guided himself inside of her pussy, while also moving over and attacking the slits of Grail and Barda. Kara, Faora, and Karen moved up the bed. Things had been switched up a little bit. Maxima tasted Karen, Grail did so to Kara, and Barda lapped up the juices of Faora.

Six, beautiful and powerful women, all over the universe had been in the process of climaxing. Harry chained all of their orgasms together. A burst of pleasure.

"I know you want my seed. But in time. You will earn it. For now!"

Harry denied Maxima by slowing the thrusts and denying her. He also slowly edged her to an orgasm and pulled away. The intense heat spiraling through Maxima's body, well it had been beyond compare. Harry just took her and worked her over. The length continued to bury its way down inside of her body and make Maxima just ooze all over the place. He bottomed out and stuffed her so hard.

Kara, Karen, Barda, Grail, and Faora all came. Then, Maxima had been the last to explode. It was almost like years of pleasure flooded through her body at the same time. Harry pressed deeper and deeper inside of her body, and ensured she would be pounded to a pulp. She pounded deeper and deeper inside of her until she exploded one more time.

The three originals in his collective, Karen, Kara, and Faora cycled around, all getting a chance to suck the royal nectar of Maxima off of his cock. Their tongues danced all over the place and ensured that they would be licking him completely dry. They coasted down all of the way and licked him, until they finished doing so.

"My turn."

Kara gave Harry a sweet smile. Last, but never least, Kara Zor-El rose up and drove her hot scorching slit on Har-Zod's cock. Harry touched her lovely body, and rocked her back and forth down onto him. Kara knew how to squeeze him just right and she bounced hotter and hotter.

"Oh, you always feel so good after you've made the rounds," Kara cooed in his ear. "Bury it deep inside of me. Stretch my pussy out."

Flashes of light hit the other women. Harry zoomed out and suspended Kara in mid-orgasm. He went from Faora to Grail to Barda to Karen to Maxima, all who had been prone and ready for his cock. He moved between all of his collective members, just old and knew. He worked into them for several rounds.

Barda had been more than happy to welcome him back into her folds. She grew accostumed to having his cock buried inside of her. Harry pressed down and touched her body. He could be gentle, or he could just fuck her like an animal. Which was what Barda wanted right now.

Oh, Faora would never say no to a good, hard fucking from Har-Zod. The perfect man, the only man who mattered.

"Mmmm! Don't stay too long, brother! There is so much more lovely pussy for you to explore and take for your liking!"

The deeper Harry pushed into Faora, while also fingering Grail, to show her she was next, the more she burst for him.

Grail presented herself for Har-Zod and he rewarded her with a huge cock plunging deep inside of her body. Her insides grabbed him hard and she milked him extremely hard. Harry pressed his hands against her back and thrust in hard, to ensure she had been dripping for him.

"Soon, our daughters will stand supreme!" Grail cried out.

"Mmm, at another day, they will. But, for now, you will finish!"

Grail tightened her walls around Harry's organ and he rode her into the bed into submission.

The always lovely Power Girl had been more than willing for Harry. Harry touched her body. He paid a lot of attention to her ass and legs, two features which she had, but had been overlooked in the favor of two more prominent features. Oh, Harry gave those their due attention as well, but she took things in stride.

Harry rode Power Girl, who very nearly tested his stamina. However, one huge orgasm drained Karen faster than Kryptonite. Harry worked her hard and pushed her down.

Finally, Harry switched all the way to Maxima. She had been still tender, and he pushed deeper and deeper inside of her. Maxima's ear.

"Aren't you glad you belong to me? Every time I want you to cum, you will."

"Yes, my King!" Maxima moaned.

"Like now! Cum for me!"

Maxima understood Harry. Harry's hips moved like a blur. She could feel those balls loaded and thick with cum. But no matter what, Maxima knew who the cum belonged to and it was not her. She knew it and understood it more than anyone else.

A smile crossed Harry's face while he rode the clutching pussy of Maxima. Maxima released her juices all over the place and flooded Harry's organ.

Now, five down, and Kara once again returned. She deep throated Harry's cock and enjoyed the tastes of all five women he just ravished. The Girl of Steel made sure to lick his cock clean. The thick, veiny organ throbbed.

Then, Kara rose up, and dropped herself down onto Harry. Her strong legs pulled him up into the sky. The two went at it hard.

"Always funny how everything ends with us," Harry said.

"Well, I am your number one girl."

Kara winked at no one in particular, but then, Harry pushed her down and rode her. He was about ready to burst after enjoying so many beautiful women tonight. All of them still twitched on the bed. Their minds still had been locked together. All of the ladies in the room, along with those from afar, could feel what Harry was doing to Kara and they loved every minute of it.

Oh, the faster Harry's prick drove deeper and deeper inside of her pussy, and she clamped down onto him. Kara looked Harry deep into his eyes, with lust and demanded his seed. She pushed down and milked him. Harry edged closer and closer to the breaking point.

One moment in time, Harry drove into Kara. The load which had been worked into her had been deposited into her pussy. So much cum flooded into her that it started to spill out. And it rained down from Kara's pussy as they fucked in mid-air. Grail, Barda, Maxima, Faora, and Karen all scrambled through. One more flick brought intense pleasure and they all moved to grope each other.

Kara ensured she did not waste a single drop. Harry brought her down in the midst of a circle of women.

"I hope you brought enough for anyone," Karen teased her younger counterpart.

Oh, Kara smiled. She certainly did.

Harry pulled out of Kara, and allowed the other women to sample his gift. Tonight's induction ceremony had been fruitful so far, and there was more to come.

The fruitful Breeding Ground of women Harry collected throughout the multiverse would only grow. Now, forever, and always.