Hot for Teacher(Glynda Goodwitch(Scarlett Johansson) from RWBY))

"Mmm, Mr. Potter…you might be skilled with your hands…but this is highly…mmm…inapproriate."

Harry bent the gorgeous Glynda Goodwitch back, leaning her against her desk. The stunning blonde combat instructor smiled when Harry's lips edged against her neck, and then his hands moved, undoing her blouse. Harry reached underneath Glynda's skirt and skillfully worked his fingers down between her legs. Glynda's hips edged up and she gasped, enjoying what Harry was doing with her…to her even. Harry's fingers slipped down between her legs and made Glynda just hunger for him.

"H-Harry," Glynda purred for him. "Please."

Glynda could feel her panties get pulled down. Harry teased every inch of her legs with kisses. To do such a thing with a student, it was forbidden, and yet excited. Harry had been popular with all of the girls and Glynda heard plots about how to get him into their beds.

Well, Harry obviously favored a more mature taste, or so it seemed. The tongue of the young student pressed against Glynda's hot snatch. Harry devoured her and brought Glynda's hips up and down. Harry devoured her and made Glynda just cry out in pleasure.

Glynda Goodwitch tasted divine and Harry could not wait to sample her. Harry's fingers slipped down Glynda's entire body. Harry kissed and licked her. Glynda slipped her hand against the back of Harry's head, and he pused down inside of her. Harry's tongue licked up the sweet nectar from the beautiful huntress's pussy.

Glynda made such delightful sounds, to register her appreciation of Harry's tongue. Most women appreciated the oral abilities Harry brought to the table. Harry slipped his tongue inside of her. He vibrated against Glynda's clit for a moment and then dove back inside of her.

The stunner of a woman came hard. Harry devoured her pussy, and sent a hot pulse down through her body. Harry's tongue danced back and forth, driving deeper inside of her. That tongue slipped deeper inside of her, and made her cry out in pleasure. Harry slipped his mouth down into her and sucked her pussy juices up making her cum for him.

The moment Harry pulled up, Glynda kicked her shoes off, and brushed her stocking clad feet against Harry's erect crotch.

"Your oral presentation gets solid marks, Mr. Potter," Glynda said while teasing Harry with her feet. "However, I think we should see…what your spear control is like."

Glynda pulled down Harry's pants and revealed his impressive cock. The blonde huntress licked her lips, moistening them when she eyed him. Oh, yes, it felt like, she had to have this cock into her mouth. She had to have it, now. Glynda's fingers slipped against Harry's pole.

"Let me see how you do, Miss Goodwitch."

Glynda inspected the merchandise and then drove her tongue down onto it. She lightly, hungrily sucked him down. Glynda's lips worked down Harry's cock and pressed against him. Harry unclipped her hair and let it flow free, also while driving his manhood down into her throat. Glynda rocked her lips down onto his manhood and sucked him. Glynda's hot lips worked down onto his cock and made her moan in pleasure. Harry's cock slipped down inside of her and made her cry out when he fucked her throat. Glynda leaned in and bobbed up and down on Harry's throbbing hard pole, slipping it between her lips as she sucked on Harry, long, hard, and fast.


"Glynda," Harry groaned. "Oooh, yes."

Glynda bobbed those lips down onto Harry's thick prick, and allowed him to jam into her throat. Glynda's tongue snaked around Harry's cock. She leaned in and devoured every inch of Harry's big fat log, humming loudly when this prick drove into the back of her throat. Glynda drove down, slurping on Harry extremely hard. Harry edged his prick deeper into the back of her throat and made Glynda hunger for him.

The skilled sorcerer brought his cock down into her mouth. He never saw a woman looked as slutty and yet as classy, as Glynda Goodwitch. She edged down onto his manhood, driving that big fat cock down into her throat. Harry edged down inside of her and pounded her throat, making her gasp hungrily for him with pleasure. Harry popped his cock down into her throat and face-fucked Glynda until she was devouring his cock all the way. Glynda looked up, eyes widened when Harry kept slamming down into her throat. Glynda hummed loudly.

"Almost there, Ms. Goodwitch."

Glynda stroked Harry's balls and looked forward to a nice, powerful load just spurting down her throat. With one more thrust, Glynda drove her lips down onto Harry. Harry sank his big fat cock into her throat and with one more glorious plunge, he emptied his nut down her throat. Glynda held back and sucked Harry, enjoying the seed spurting down into her throat. Harry held back and fired, load after load of hot, sticky seed just poured into Glynda's hot throat from above. Harry pushed her face down and kept emptying his seed inside of her. Glynda's face edged down onto him and enjoyed Harry's thick seed pumping inside of her mouth. Glynda let out another cry, with Harry filling her throat up with all of the seed he could manage, pumping his batter down into her mouth.

The moment Harry finished up with Glynda, she pulled away and gave his cock a few more loving sucks, enjoying the cum when it ran off into her throat. Glynda smiled and slurped Harry's prick, edging her mouth over him.

"Delicious," Glynda said.

"Get on the desk."

Glynda just smiled and got on all fours on the desk to present herself for her gifted student. Harry climbed on her and kissed down Glynda's back. He stripped off the rest of the clothes, leaving in Glynda nothing but her glasses. Which made her look so fuckable. Harry's hands slipped down her body and kept toying with Glynda, making her just cry in pleasure when he touched her.

"Harry," Glynda begged him. "Please. Fuck me."

Harry smiled and spread Glynda's legs. Glynda's entire pussy heated up with Harry pushing against her slit. He edged closer towards her. Harry grabbed her generous tits and squeezed them. Glynda's entire body heated up when Harry touched her. His manhood slipped deeper inside of her. Harry's big fat cock edged against Glynda's hot slit and she spread those legs for him.

"Oooh, Harry," Glynda moaned. "Oooh, so close."

"Yes, I'm so close," Harry said. "So close to fucking you. Are you ready for me?"

Glynda bit down on her lip and nodded. Yes, she was ready to be taken. Harry's hands groped Glynda, very lightly stroking her tits and bringing her closer towards him. Harry edged into her and pushed against her pussy. Glynda's wet slit prepared to gobble up Harry's glorious length. He brushed up against her.

"Harry," Glynda gasped for him. "Show me how good this feels."

"It's been too long for you, hasn't it?"

Glynda bit down on her lip and nodded furiously. Harry's hands combed Glynda's soft, and supple rear, before he edged down inside of her. Glynda's tight pussy gobbled up Harry's prick. Inch by inch, Harry slid into her snatch, until Harry filled her up. It was too long, and Harry groped her tits, sending powerful magic just cascading through her body.

Glynda Goodwitch was on all fours, plowed into the desk. Harry's balls slapped down onto her thighs and made her gasp when he pushed into her. Glynda's hot walls gobbled up around Harry's impressively long prick. He jammed himself inside of her and pushed down into her. Glynda's wet walls closed and released Harry, sending him closer to the edge. Harry pressed against her.

Those soft velvety walls hugged around Harry's cock. Harry turned Glynda, and pushed his hands down her body. He cradled her breasts and played with them like toys. Glynda surrendered and submitted, to the tender touch of her student. Harry slipped his hands against her and made Glynda's entire body just lose it. Fire spread through her loins.

Harry turned Glynda and spread her legs while looking into her eyes.

"I want to see the look in your eyes when I breed you."

Logically, Glynda should push Harry away. She did the opposite, sliding those legs around Harry's strong waist and making sure his cock buried into her to get access to her insides. Glynda's hips rocked up and down. Harry's length pressed down into Glynda and kept plunging into her. Glynda let out another hungry cry, with Harry's manhood driving deeper inside of her. Glynda tightened around Harry and pushed into her. Glynda's hot, succulent walls wrapped tightly around Harry and with another plunge, rocked him inside of her. Harry held on tight and with another hot plunge, slammed himself deeper inside of her.

"Breed me," Glynda moaned. "Oooh, breed me….yes!"

Harry pressed down into Glynda and with another push, he slipped his cock inside of her body. Glynda tightened her walls around him and Harry obliged her. His thrusting got deeper until he finally reached the end. He allowed Glynda to cum first.

Glynda prepared for a thick fat load of Harry's batter. Harry rubbed her breasts and made her body reduce to jelly. Then his hands were just all over her. His hands were magical and made Glynda succumb to what was going to happen next.

"Put a baby in me," Glynda breathed in his ear.

Harry groaned and released his hot batter into the gorgeous combat teacher. Glynda's walls slipped around him and edged into her. Glynda let out another cry as Harry erupted and sent blast after blast of hot sticky seed into her appreciative body.

These two lovers came together, with Harry's seed emptying out inside of Glynda's hot and hungry snatch.

The end resulted in Glynda's head tilting back, and a big smile spreading over her face. Tonight would be a night neither would forget.