James: Hey there I'm James Potter, I'm 17, head boy and Quiditch captain. By my friends I'm known as Prongs No1 most handsome Hogwarts bachelor...

Sirius: No you're not the most handsome I am. My name is Sirius Lee Black ladies. To my friends though I'm Padfoot and Prongsie is hopelessy in luuuuuurve with-Ouch prongs that hurt

James: yeah well I don't need you spouting of my love life

Remus: Guys shut up your giving me a migraine, sorry these idiots just don't shut it I'm Remus or Moony and a werewolf *Lovely isn't it just what every wizard or normal person want to be*

Peter: I'm Peter or Wormtail and OUCH Padfoot

Sirius: Sorry Wormtail didn't see you there anyway James Evans alert and she looks pissed.

James: Shit * dives behind armchair in the common room*

Lily: Hi guys and girls, I'm Lily head girl and incredibly pissed off at our *dearest* head boy

Remus: Hey Lily quite a bruise you have there

Lily: I know courstesy of you good friend where is he?

Remus: Behind Sirius' armchair

Lily: Thanks Remus

James: Soo Evans what can I do for you?

Lily: *Tosses a ball to him* Hmmmmm maybe explain why you threw cricket ball at me and it hit me on the head.

James: Hey Lily dear nice bruise *catches the ball*

Lily: Don't you Lily dear me you show know better than to throw a cricket ball at my head.

James: It wasn't aimed at you it was aimed at Snivellus

Peter oooh this looks good Hey everyone Head boy and girl fight

Remus: I'll keep score lets see Lily 1 James 1 only cus I feel sorry for him about what's coming

James: Lily ouch that stings like a...#

Lily: Don;t dare finish that sentence ion front first years and also the answer is No I will not go out with you

Remus: Lily 3 for being so scary James 2 because he did so well bearing that slap.