Part 2


James: Hey there gorgeous what's your problem

Lily: Don;t call me gorgeous and my problem is you

James: Ow Lily flower that hurt right here * puts hand over heart*

Lily: Do you think I care now leave me alone

James: Err let me think how about nope

Lily *growls*

James *throws hands into the air* Alright I will on one condition you go out with me

Lily Are asking me to hex you Potter because you know I will

Remus: Drop it James

Sirius: Go out with me instead I'm way more awesome than James

Lily: Bloody hell Black not even of I were paid a 1'000 galleons

Sirius: I hate you... Lily date me please *begs*

Lily punches Sirius

Sirius: Owwww why you do that you got me eye

Lily: That was for asking me me out when I told you no * stalks back to the Gryffindor common room

Sirius: Man she's got a heart of stone

James your telling me she's rejected me 1'501 times

Remus: You kept a count

James: Yep,time and place aswell in a notebook

Sirius: where is it?

James: On my bed oh shit Lily went to get the notes from Remus


James: The lady calls


Lily: James back away I'm not going to kill you I want to tell you something important

James: Okay what did I do know

Lily: It's of something I didn't do actually

James: Alright *comes closer* What haven't you done

Lily: Given you a chance *kisses* his cheek, see you in Hogsmeade next weekend.