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Well it finally happened, I'm writing an Monster Musume story. Since the female characters of this series are all different than my usual subjects I decided that our Main Character Futa could be an OC.

So in this story instead of living with Darling all the girls will be having their adventure with Desirae Hanafuda. (According to Wikipedia Desirae is a French name meaning Desired)

I hope you like it! I'm trying something a little different with the writing style at the start, let me know what you think.

Narrorator's POV

My name is Desirae Hanafuda, I'm just an normal Japanese girl…rats, we haven't even gotten a line in to this story and I'm already lying to you, sorry about that.

I am Japanese, that parts true, but the rest about me being normal…not so much. Family life is complicated, Dad left Mom before I was born, Mom is always off on business, so I mostly take care of myself.

In terms of my appearance, I'm about 5'5, have cute blue eyes, long silky black hair that falls to my waist, compared to other girls I would be considered quiet attractive, I have a beautiful face, DD-cup breasts and in my opinion I've got a great ass too.

Now than on to what makes me so special, you see I'm not like most girls…I…I'll just be blunt, I've got a penis. I know what you might be thinking, how can I be a girl iff I have a penis, am I just a man who identifies as female. No it's nothing like that, I'm what you call a Futanari, That mean I have both Male and Female parts, I normally describe it as I have the body of a girl, I just have a little extra tacked on.

Personality wise I really didn't get along with the other girls in high school. They were always so prim and proper, I was a bit more rambunctious. I was into checking out guys and girls, occasional friendly fondling, magazines and the occasional lewd fan service manga… the other girls used to call me a pervert, I just liked to say I was sexually outgoing. I mean, I had been around the block a few times so to speak, I was pretty frequent in my excurions but…nothing special.

Other than all that junk though my life was simple, simple as it can be for a girl who's got a penis. But that all changed one day, flipped on the news, and everything changed. There was a story about how the government was announcing that there were other species on the planet, not like monkeys and birds and stuff…like whole other cultures and species. The things that go bump in the night or are only supposed to exist in fairy tales were actually real, and the government was opening up to introducing them into our world via exchange programs and such.

At first I was weirded out, but then I started seeing the pics. These other species really got me going, a bunch of them were all female, my kind of thing. Before long I was interested in them, what would it be like to be with a Monster girl? Would they understand what it was like for me to be different, I just had to know.

Unfortunately I wasn't really old enough to apply to be a transfer home, especially with Mom always out of town they'd never accept us.

But one day there was a knock on my door, and everything changed…

I'm Desirae and this is the story of me and my life with a harem of Monster Girls.

Desirae's POV

"Ehh?" I grumbled rolling out of bed at around eleven.

I was awoken by the sound of knocking on my door. I stumbled into my slippers, adjusted my tank top and dragged myself out to the front door.

"Hello?" I slurred opening the door "Huh?"

There were two people on my doorstep, a human woman in a suit, and a cute girl with long reddish hair…and a huge snake tail.

"Can I help you?" I asked rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

"I'm Smith, This is Miia, and she'll be stay with you for a while."

"Uhhh…what?" I said confused.

I looked behind me and there were suddenly men with toolboxes and heavy machinery walking into my house.

"Hey, wiat, don't touch that! What the hell is going on!" I yelled.

"Please take care of me." The snake girl bowed her head.

"Uhh…okay?" I said confused "I…I guess you can stay, but I'm not registered to."

"Sign here, here and here." The government woman said holding out a clipboard.

This is all moving very fast…but this Miia girl, she's cute, I bet we'll get along great.

"Why are you rubbing your hands together menacingly like that?" Miia asked.

"Nothing." I smiled "Come on in and get comfortable."

In just a few hours you'll be all mine.

"Ahem." Smith cleared her throat "Here's is a guidebook to other species, a hand book on rules and regulations, I point you to the aritlce on one sexual relation."

"Rats…" I mumbled "Does a friendly squeeze count?"

"Yes…" Smith sighed "Oh and Miss Hanafuda."

"You know my name."

"I know a lot about you." She said leaning in close "I know how old you are, who your parents are, the fact that you almost failed algebra your freshman year…and I also know about that…I expect you to be on you best behavior with Miia…I'll be back to check on you soon!"

She jumped in her car and ran off.

She was quick to split, well better go check on my new guest.

I walked back into my house and gulped, all my furniture had been moved around and in a matter of minutes the workers had changed the interior to be accessible and usable by my new roommate.

"Umm…hi." The Snake girl said "I'm Miia, a Lamia, it's great to be staying with you."

"Desirae." I smiled "I hope we can get along, do you need anything?"

"I'm okay, I'm just going to take a look around." She said slithering off.

"Okay be careful." I said "I'll be in my room getting changed."

I headed to my room and started to undress.

"There it is again." I sighed "The ole morning wood."

My dick was standing up, hard and begging for stimulation. I laid back on my bed, wrapped my hand around myself and started going to work. I was filled with idea about all the naughty thigns I wanted to do to Miia.

"OH…yeah…" I moaned "I'm so close…Oh baby!"

"OHHH!" I moaned as I orgasmed and shoot cum all over my chest.

"Desirae…you are a man?"

"Huh?" I looked to the door and saw Miia was there "Well this is awkward, give me a sec to get changed and I'll explain."

I threw on a t-shirt and some jeans before heading downstairs, I started making myself some lunch while Miia sat and waited, she was staring at me a lot.

I made my sandwich and say down with Miia to eat, I answered all her questions.

"I see…this is perfect!" she said leaning across the table and hugging me "You'll be perfect for me Baby."


"I was hoping to meet a cute guy, but girls are great too, I'm gonna love staying here with you." She smiled.

"Miia you can't be doing that stuff with me." I told her throwing my plate out "It's illegal."

"What they don't know can't hurt them." She pouted.

"You just moved here." I said "Let's not cause problems already."

The next couple of days Miia and I hung out, I read up on the rules I had to follow with Miia, no assault, I wasn't supposed to hurt the extra-species and they couldn't hurt us. If Miia wanted to go out into town I had to go with her. Other than that she lived with me just like any other roommate, well accept that hugs from her nearly broke my spine. The problem with Miia was that she didn't know her own strength.

A few days later.

"Hmmm…" I groaned as I stirred awake.

I opened my eyes and realized I was face to face with Miia.

"Huh…Miia?" I poked her "Miia wake up."

"In a few minutes." She mumbled "Or a few degrees…"

Miia was laying on top of me, hugging me with her whole body. her head was nuzzled into my neck and her one hand was on my chest.

"I'd like to get out of bed and your making this difficult." I groaned "What are you even doing in here?"

"I was cold and needed something to warm me up." She smiled "and Baby is perfect for that."

We should just buy her a heater…

"Then let me up and I'll turn on the bath for you." I said trying to sit up.

"Nope!" she said pulling me back down and shoving my head into her chest.

So soft…me like.

"You warm me up." She whined.

"Well if you insist." I smiled hugging her and lowering my hands down her tail.

I really should calm down before "it" gets any harder.

"Ohh…Baby…" Miia cooed as I rubbed my hands over her hips.

What Smith doesn't know won't hurt her.

Miia and I started hugging each other more aggressively.

"I'm getting so warm of you." Miia whispered "I feel a lot of heat coming from…you know where."

"HA!" Miia gasped as I inadvertently thrusted my hips.

"GAH!" I groaned as her grip suddenly got tighter.

Too tight…can't breathe!

I started pounding on Miia's back, trying to get her to free me.

"Baby…I'm not into it like that." She giggled as her tail snaked into my shorts.

The tip of her tail started tickling you know where and making me more eager to break the rules…or it would have had I not been getting strangled.

"M-Miia…" I hissed gasping for air.

Her tail was diddling with the tip of me penis.

"Baby…your squirming is making me feel so good."

In my attempts to gasp for air I had accidentally started to motorboat Miia's large bust.

Oh…I can't take it…

"Ha…Baby…" Miia moaned "Stop moving so much…you're gonna make me…"

Miia you're about to…UGH!

"OHHHH!" Miia and I both suddenly moaned, my penis twitching and making me jizz in my pants.

"HAA!" I gasped as Miia finally loosened her grip on my torso.

"That was mean Baby!" Miia cried "Taking advantage of me like that!"

"Oh don't even!" I groaned "You the one who shoved her tail down my shorts, now look at them, I need to do a load of wash just for them."

"I'm sorry." She pouted.

"I'm going to run you a bath." I grumbled walking off.

I went into my now huge bathroom and warmed up some water for my reptilian roommate.

"Everything in this house is so spaced out now…" I hummed "I guess it has to be if Miia is gonna get around though."

"How's the water?"

"Good to go-OH!" I gasped when I turned around and came face to face with naked Miia.

"Haaaaa~" I gulped "I-I-I-I gotta go."

If I stay much longer I'll end up taking her here and now.

"Ahh it's nice and warm." Miia sighed slithering in "Thank you Baby~"

"Not a problem." I gulped as I scanned her long body with my eyes "I'm gonna go make breakfast."

"WAH!" I yelled as Miia pulled me into the water.

"Do you have to go, stay and wash me…all over."

"NO!" I yelled turning on the showerhead and blasting her with cold water.

"COLD! B-B-B-But girls bathe together all the time." The Lamia shivered.

"Well I'm only half girl so no." I said firmly "I'm going to cook I'll be back in a bit.'

"Ugh dammit." I said shaking my hair loose and spraying water all over as I walked to the living room "Now I'm soaked…should have just bathed while I was in there…I could get a sweet look and Miia's sweet body. Getting to live with a cute girl like her is great!"

"You shouldn't just focus on her looks." A voice said.

"Miss Smith!" I yelled "What are you doing here?!"

"I'm checking in to make sure you haven't been trying anything that violates the rules."

"What kind of girl do you think I am?" I gasped.

"According to my research you had relations with six different woman last month alone, you tried peeping in a changing booth and "Accidentally" fell on top of a few woman, your hands and face falling onto the soft cushions of their bosom."

"Oh that stuff…You know if your so worried about me doing it with Miia why even bother letting her stay here?"

She only shrugged.

This bitch is the worst!

"Whatever…" I grumbled.

"Miss Hanafuda." Smith said standing up "I know Miia may be difficult to resist, she not only has that kind of personality but she also has a glorious figure and curves."

"You're not really helping." I sighed.

"I know it may be difficult to control yourself around her." Smith said grabbing my chin "Just remember, if she gives you any…problems, I'm only a phone call away, I don't mind…remedying the situation…"

I just smirked "Are you suggesting what I think you are?"

"Perhaps." She said with a sly smile, her hands gently brushing against my crotch.

"Oh Miss Smith." I giggled "Right in the kitchen like this…"

"I'm only trying to help." She smirked pulling my shorts down and shoving her hand into my underwear.

"HA!" I gasped.

"It's quiet sticky…" she smirked "Did you perhaps have a naughty dream?"

"Something like that." I groaned as she stroked my dick to an erection.

Smith dropped to her knees, my dick just inches from her mouth.

"AHH!" I gasped as Smith opened her mouth and started going down on me.

The older woman didn't say anything as she started bobbing her head, slowly but powerfully sucking on my length.

"Oh yeah…that's great." I moaned as Smith gave me a blowjob.

"Happy to assist." She said rolling her tongue over the tip.

"So close already!" I moaned.

Dammit seeing Miia in the bath is breaking me already!

Smith pushed her nose all the way against my skin as she deep throated my cock, pushing me to an unbearable point.

"Oh…Oh Smith….I'm…OHHHH!"

Miss Smith gunked and gagged as I started cumming down her throat, I was amazed that she was able to drink it all down.

"BAH!" I yelled as I was suddenly smacked in the face.

"What are you doing with Baby Miss Smith!" Miia cried slithering over to me.

"Only helping poor Desirae with some private matters." The woman said wiping her lips on her arm.

"Oww…" I groaned "That hurt…"

"I'm so sorry!" Miia cried.

"In the future perhaps you should keep your pants on." Smith winked as she walked out.

"Screw you…" I moaned in pain.

I noticed that Miia was still dripping wet "Hey if you don't dry off you'll get sick." I told her.

"What Smith did…you wanted it didn't you?"

"Well…I did enjoy it." I frowned a bit "Sorry Miia, I'd love to do that with you but…it's just not possible."

"No one has to know." She whispered, her hand slipping into my pants.

"Trust me Miia." I said pulling her hand away "Miss Smith always knows."

"But I don't care what she thinks." Miia said grabbing me.

"AHHH!" I groaned "Oh…OH Miia…you can't go grabbing there…that's a sensitive spot!"

"Baby…" she pouted, her tongue tickling my neck.

"STOP!" I said pulling away "I'm sorry Miia just…oh fuck it!"

I don't care if I spend time in jail, if it means one time with Miia I don't give a damn.

I pushed the girl down and started to make out with her. Miia only giggled as her sexy forked tongue swirled around my mouth.

"Oh Baby!" Miia moaned as I reached my hand up her shirt and started grabbing her breasts.

I leaned up, my chest smashing against Miia's soon we were both naked on the floor, our bodies tightly pressed against each other.

I saw the she had a vagina just like me, I couldn't wait to get at it.

"Are you ready Miia?" I said kissing her cheek, I could feel her warmth against my own crotch.

"Of course Baby." She whispered.

"Here I go…UGH!"

I let out a grunt as I slowly slid into Miia, her walls were a little tighter and rougher than I expected, and her tail was slightly irritating my thighs but it was worth it to get inside of her.

"Baby." Miia cooed "It feels so good."

I started rolling my hips, my cock sliding in and out of Miia. She was so tight, but that only made it so pleasurable, hearing her moan my name only made me thrust harder and faster.

"Baby!" the Lamia moaned "I'm so close!"

"I am too Miia." I said feeling my breasts shake as I grinded into her "I'm gonna cum any second."

"Not…inside." She begged.

I pulled out and started to stroke myself above her breasts.

"Yes…yes…OH YESSSSS! MIIAAAAAA!" I screamed as I started to shoot out ropes of cum, covering Miia's breasts with my warm jizz.

"Baby." Miia said hugging me "That was wonderful, I'm so happy."

"Hmm…" I looked around "Seems we're safe for now…"

"I leave for two minutes and look what happened."

"AHHH!" Miia and I both yelled realizing Smith was there.

"I should drag you both off right now." She said lowering her glasses.

"We're sorry!" we both bowed.

"Well you did give me breakfast…provided you do it every so often…I may be persuaded to look the other way, but only this once." She said.

"Thank you!"


Thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated. Feel free to message me any questions or concerns.

So I finally did it, a MonMusu story, people have been asking for this for a while now. This will be the first time the M in one of my Futa Fics is an OC. This story will take place of Futa Tactician and update every FRIDAY from here on.

Suggest who you want to see in the future.

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