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Desirae's POV

"Wait a second…What the hell are we doing here?!" Loba snapped.

"A friend of mine needed help, thought you three might enjoy it." I smiled.

"If this isn't worth my time…" Ai grumbled a bi

"Don't act bratty." Maribelle chuckled "You're getting a free trip to a real Japanese hot spring you know."

"Baby~" Miia waved "Yuki is waiting for you; says she'll explain what we need to do."

"Come on you'll basically be security it's fine." I told Loba "Let's go!"

Inside the snowy resort we found Yuki.

"I apologize for the sudden request, and thank you for bringing additional assistance." She bowed.

"I've never met a Yuki-Onna before, so beautiful." Maribelle smiled.

"Thank you." She bowed again "Now your task will be to act as lifeguards."

"Lifeguards?" Loba asked.

Yuki presented us with robes to wear around the inn.

"I shall explain, the inn is prospering and prides itself on being a prime location for Extra species activities, in particular our mixed bath." She explained.

"So, you want us to prevent accidents, this is trivial and beneath me." Ai told her.

"Well yes but, as you all known female Extra species are a bit…excitable, I was hoping you could..." She sighed

She mumbled.

"What?" Loba growled.

"Well…assist them." She blushed "You four have legal immunity from those sorts of things and it will make my customers so happy."

"I'm not a hooker!" Loba snapped.

"Ara-Ara sounds interesting." Maribelle giggled.

"It's not out of the ordinary for me." I laughed.

"Well, it's to help a fellow business woman…" Ai sighed.

"You three…" Loba growled.

"Just think, you might meet other cute extra species girls." I winked "You asked about me trying different things, you should to."

"Hmph." Loba pouted a bit "Fine, only cause I'm already here though."

"Wonderful." Yuki smiled "Please just keep such activities out of the bath itself, it tends to cause filtration issues. Good Luck."

"This is so stupid." Loba grumbled wandering around the Onsen "I ain't some piece of meat, I'll show that Yuki-Onna how much of a mistake it is to push me around."

All the ladies had to do was hang out around the baths and be glorified arm candy for the patrons. For now, she decided to soak a bit, maybe distract her troubles away.

"Hey there." A lizard girl slid over "Fancy meeting you here."

"Hmm?" the amazon looked at her a bit "Yeah I guess."

"So, what's your name" she leaned in.

"Loba." The girl continued being short with her.

"Exotic I like it." She smiled "Such a great body, you must work out a lot."

Loba looked at her, this girl was kinda cute, not too curvy but a good size bust.

"I do." She nodded as the girl traced her abs.

"Maybe this place won't be so bad…" Loba thought

Elsewhere the other Futanari were dealing with clients at the inn.

"Aren't you rather bold." Maribelle smiled as a Kitsune sat in her lap.

"I can't help it you're just so…interesting." The fox smiled as her tails flicked some water around "Seems my tails are quite a hinderance."

"Not at all their fluff is lovely." Maribelle stroked them "My daughters would love these."

"You're a mother, interesting." She smirked.

"Are you interested in having children?" the southern belle smiled.

Not too far off Desirae was dealing with two bickering reptilian girls, a lizardman and a dragonewt.

"What's your problem I saw her first." The dragonewt huffed.

"No, I was talking to her first." The lizard said.

"Umm girls calm down." She laughed.

"Well, I'm a better match, clearly she likes big breasts." The newt said pushing her bust out.

"Mine are bigger than yours." The lizard whined.

"Well, this should be an interesting trip." Desirae laughed trying to calm both girls down.


Desirae's POV

"Phew talking up all these girls is exhausting." I sighed.

"Wait you were just talking with them?" Loba said.

I chuckled a bit "The reptilian girls were a bit too aggressive for me."

"I'm quite enjoying myself." Maribelle said "Say, where is Ai, the poor darling is missing out."

"I was assisting miss Yukino with some negotiations with new clientele." The business woman appeared while adjusting her robe "Though to be frank they are rather demanding; it will require the four of us working together to keep them satisfied with their stay."

"I'm sure they can't be that bad." I smiled.

"What's the hold up, I didn't pay for this trip for us to be left sitting around." Someone said.

"That voice…" I paused.

I heard clacking heels as a tall dark skinned demon woman walked in.

"Oh, I wasn't aware you were here Bitch-chan." The woman smiled.

"Miss Lilith's Mom!" I yelped.

The busty elder devil laughed a bit "How expected."

"You know her?" Maribelle asked.

"She's the devil, and the mother of one of the girls that stays with me." I explained "She tried to have her daughter marry some demon prince and I had to break the thing up by proving myself to her."

"As yes those were interesting times." The older woman said "Say where is my little skank, she might want to join in on this little trip with some of her friends."

"Lilith is in town helping with something." I spoke.

"Well, that shall be fine, you four will suffice for assistance with this matter." She smirked "You see I've come with a field trip of Devils to show them the human world, do keep them occupied please and show them a good time."

We peered into the baths were there were a horde of hot and rather aroused looking demon girls.

"I should clarify." Lilith's Mom smiled "These are students at the local succubus school, in other words…"

"These girls are uber sluts."

"You really are the devil." I said.

"You should have seen her negotiate her rate down." Ai shivered "She's practically Satan."

"You flatter me." The older woman laughed pushing the four of us in "Enjoy the graduation present girls! I'm off to say hello to my little harlot of a daughter try not to kill them."

"So cute!"

"So Cool!"

"So Mature!"

"So Sexy!"

They all cheered before swarming us.

"God protect me!"

It didn't take long for us to get our robes ripped off and our bodies accosted by the Succubi.

"Oh, fuck that's good." I shivered a bit as one of the busty demons sucked on my cock.

"So big." One of the bimbo like demons giggled stroking Loba's cock.

"Hmm, damn you've got good hands." She grunted back.

"Still not enjoying the trip?" I asked as a tongue slapped my balls around.

"It ain't so bad." She blushed "You're certainly enjoying yourself."

"You are too." I leaned closer.

The Latina and I met in a hot kiss, our tongue slipping into each other's mouths as we started making out while getting some lip service from the demons.

All four Futanari were enjoying themselves with their new demon pals, sucking, licking and kissing all over, more and more aggressive as the proceeded.

"Haa that's it girls suck away." Maribelle moaned as two smaller demon were forcefully shoved against her breasts while a more mature succubus was riding her cock.

"HMPH!" The demon moaned feeling the thick shaft spreading her hot innards "So big!"

"You're the one that made it so big, so you need to take care of it." The young MILF said slapping her ass.

"AAAAA!" the demon yelped with orgasmic bliss.

"Oh, guess I pushed her a bit too hard." The southerner smirked "Oh well."

Not too far off Ai had one of the demons bent over the edge of the baths as she took her from behind, her J-cups shaking softly with each pump of her hips.

"Acceptable, a good tight pussy is what I like." She groaned feeling her ass clap against her crotch "I can feel it shifting, Succubi are no joke but you won't make me cum that easily."

The bath was filled with moans as the four women attempted to show the patrons of the inn a good time.

"Hmm, I wonder how things are going." Lilith's Mother smirked walking by the baths a few hours later.

Peering in she smirked a bit, there were four good looking Succubi bent over with the four Futanari behind them thrusting their hips, the lineup looked rather erotic, their big breasts shifted, their rock-hard penises pumped into their tight snatches as the demons, masters of sex in their own right, seemed to be in a state of pure bliss.

"Moans like that, you better not be about to cum." Ai smirked putting her hands on her hips as she thrusted.

"You look ready to blow yourself old timer." Desirae smirked pushing herself balls deep.

"Oh, my she brought out an age remark." Maribelle chuckled as her boobs shook "You two are younger than Ai and I."

"Come on we're 19." Loba said pulling the hair of one succubus while slapping her ass a bit "Maribelle you're only 25 and Ai is 29, you're not that old."

The four dropped the age talk as they were approaching a release, Lilith's mother hummed as she watched the four pull out, they stood shoulder to shoulder stroking their cocks before blasting a load over the four supple demon asses before them.

"Hmm, how interesting." She snickered "This generation is something else."


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