Kaito, still clutching KID's jacket, said "Well first things first let's find somewhere privet." As he tugged KID down the hall.

KID then proceeded to take them to a room, probably rented it out, once inside he locked the door. When the door was locked Kaito pushed KID against the door and kissed him hooking his left leg over KID's hip and wrapping his arms around KID's neck. KID not expecting that merely groaned and wrapped his arm around Kaito's waist his right hand going up Kaito's skirt.

Kaito moaned pushing against KID, Toichi he reminded himself. Toichi raised his hand grabbing Kaito's ass making him moan, he then squeaked when his underwear disappeared without him moving. Toichi pulled back still in his white suit his hat, shoes, and gloves gone, Kaito's shoes were gone as well he noticed. "K-kaito, what was that for." said Toichi gasping for breath, hot damn can Kaito kiss.

"Toichi~ just take me already" Kaito moaned pressing against him. "But Kaito ar-" Kaito pulled Toichi into a kiss when he pulled back he said, "fuck me or I'll impale myself on your dick."

Toichi gulped as his dick twitched suddenly making him aware of his ... um ... problem. Kaito apparently felt it to as he moaned grinded himself down making them both moan. "Well then why don't you do that." said Toichi as he laid down on the bed discarding his cape, jacket, and tie pulling Kaito on him.

"O-okay." Said Kaito as he brought his hand up licking his fingers he then reached down lifting his skirt up and spreading his legs in front of Toichi, he then wiggled his finger into his hole and gasped. He rolled his head to the side, as he fucked himself with his finger. He quickly added a second, then a third, groaning in pleasure and slight pain.

As this happened Toichi unbuttoned his pants pushing them off as Kaito used his other hand to unbutton Toichi shirt and pushed that off leaving him in his red boxers. Kaito pulled his fingers out and pushed off Toichi's boxers. Sliding down he licked his lips, swallowing for a moment as he stroked taking a breath, he wrapped his mouth around Toichi's length, sucking gently, trying to fit as much as the hard organ into his mouth as he could, as the erection hit the back of his throat he backed up and started bobbing his head as he hummed smirking as the action caused Toichi to gasp. He started humming Cotton eyed Joe, stroking and sucking in time with the melody, gagging again when Toichi's hips snapped up. Kaito pulled away, glaring up at the thief who looked appalagetic. Kaito returned to the task at hand, humming again, adding a stroke to his twist as he watched Toichi's face.

Toichi hissed pulling away from Kaito after a moment, lifting the teen and kissing him hungrily. Kaito then sat up shifting his legs on either side of Toichi lining his length with his entrance, he then slowly slid down groaning at the pain.

Panting Kaito put his hands on Toichi chest and started to go up and down."Toichi~ nnmm ohhh" Toichi sat up and put his hands on Kaito's thighs helping him move, as well as taking Kaito's maid dress off. "Kaito..." Toichi then pushed Kaito on his back and started thrusting in him, moving with Kaito's commands of...




He kissed Kaito's neck sucking at a few places while Kaito mewling under him. "AHHH~ there, more, harder!" Kaito screamed clutching at Toichi's shoulders "heh, it seems I... found... it" he said panting he then grabbed under Kaito's thighs and hooked 'em on his shoulders.

"I-I'm c-coming.." said Kaito, he then reach under him and started jerking himself off. "I'm close ...as well" said Toichi as he pounded into Kaito.

Moaning Kaito said "almost there." Kaito then screamed as he came white streaks landing on his chest. This caused his passage to tighten sending Toichi to climax when he pulled out cum started to drip out. Toichi then laid back pulling Kaito to his chest, "are you alright" he asked.

"I'm fine." Was the reply as he snuggled into Toichi's chest wrapping his legs around Toichi's.
Ta-Da my first lemon so how'd it go.

Anyways I may continue if asked, not sure or you can take this.