The hospital wing was full of students and the various Healers were quickly making sure that everyone was settled and having no adverse effects to their treatment or delayed shock. The thought that it could have been worse was felt, and many of the trainees were feeling run down. They never thought that they would have this many patients in a school, and definitely not because of acromantula. Very few people came into St. Mungo's because of acromantula poisoning and the people in charge of acromantula farms usually have a team of Healers.

But right now, everyone was hoping the recovery of the students, especially the two that were sent to St. Mungo's. One student had lost a lot of blood, while the other student was having a bad reaction to the venom and needed special treatment. Thankfully, and with the help of Professor Snape, they were able to stabilize the two students enough to send them to St. Mungo's. it wasn't until later that they discovered that one of the Regulation workers used his emergency portkey to St. Mungo's after staying behind to complete the containment ward.

Thankfully, they didn't have to worry about anymore acromantula attacking the school. The centaurs, warders, creature regulators, and some students were able to kill those attacking the school. Then there were the centaur hunting parties that are taking care of the few remaining acromantula that are thankfully deeper in the Forbidden Forest.

It also helped the Mind-Healers were able to show up early today to help deal with the students and their trauma. The students attacked yesterday, and those students suffering from abuse, would keep the five Mind-Healers busy. Hopefully nothing else dangerous will happen again, or Professor Snape will be brewing an even bigger batch of Dreamless Sleep and Calming Draughts.


It was 10am and Headmistress Doris was dealing with hundreds of worried adults. Not that she can blame them. XXXXX creatures attacking a school of children would give anyone a heart attack and it was only by the grace of a higher power that none of the children were killed. But right now, she had to reassure the parents and guardians of the students, so they didn't withdraw their children.

"Everyone, please! I know that you are worried about the attack yesterday, and you have every right to be. You sent your children here to receive an education in a safe and nurturing environment. To receive an emergency letter about acromantulas and then read the Daily Profit would cause serious doubt of the safety to our students, but I can assure you that student safety is our highest priority."

"Then why is my daughter in the hospital wing having her ankle bone regrown and anti-venom given to her?! If it weren't for one of her friends killing the beast and dragging her into a greenhouse, she would have been eaten alive by those monsters!"

"My second-year son is in St. Mungo's because of your safety! If it weren't for one of the Ward Masters, I would be burying him!" Another woman wailed before falling into the embrace of her husband who sent a glare at the Headmistress. Others were murmuring and getting even more agitated. Doris pulled out her wand and released a small blast to get everyone's attention.

"Your children are getting treatment, both physically and mentally. The acromantulas that were dispatched have been removed from the grounds, while the others that are still alive are contained behind a powerful ward. We have insured that no other dangerous creatures or beings are freely roaming thanks to Albus Dumbledore's inaction.

"The acromantulas are going to be removed to farms we have already contacted. They are no longer a threat to your children. So please, take a breath, because we are all here because we care about the safety and wellbeing of these children.

"I am sorry that the containment didn't go as planned and the children experienced something that even we as adults would be terrified to even think about, let alone experience. And you have every right to pull your children if you think it's the best for them, but before you do that, talk to them. See if they are willing to stay and continue their education with their friends. With the knowledge that many of their family members walked these halls before them and became great adults. And that their own children could one day walk these hallow halls and create lasting friendships and connections.

"I employ you to make this decision with clear heads. I give you my word that we are doing everything in our power to make sure nothing like this happens again." With that passionate speak, some of the adults calmed down, although Doris could tell that some students will be leaving today.

Going over new safety procedures, the removal of the contained acromantulas, and the temporary wards going around the Forbidden Forest to prevent the students from exploring – something Doris thought they wouldn't do in the next century – calmed many adults before Doris allowed the children to come inside and lead the rest to the infirmary to visit those still healing. And if she could get something for her headache before meeting with the professors to figure out where they were, Doris would be thankful.


Severus Snape was seriously thinking about opening an old scotch bottle and drinking the entire thing. Not that anyone would blame him. While he was referring the last of the Prince and Princess battles, the school was under attack. Thankfully, he could say he was brewing some lengthy potions, which was true, and not covering up the duels.

With the potions needing a long time to simmer, seep and set, he could easily finish the potions in between the battles. Now he just had to figure out a way to explain why none of his Slytherins were outside enjoying the weather, Merlin knows some of them couldn't lie worth a knut on a good day. He just had to hope that nobody asked until he came up with something believable.

Letting out a breath, Severus walked into his quarters and thankfully sank into one of his new chairs by the fireplace. He was thankful that classes were canceled for today, otherwise he would be dead on his feet. Not something one wanted when teaching kids with explosive compounds.

Making several batches of Anti-venom, Dreamless Sleep, and Calming Draught with-in the last twenty-four hours would make any Potion Master tired. He'll have to make some more Skel-et-Grow some time over the next few days as well, considering they only kept a small store for Quidditch games and practices. With the amount used for those bitten to the bone, they would need more before the next Quidditch practice to be safe. The number of times someone thought that they could do a move like the Wronski Feint and break something in three places stills astounds him to no end.

Hearing a knock on his door, Severus couldn't withhold his groan before sitting up properly and allowing entrance to whoever was disrupting him. The door open and Draco walked in with a disgruntled expression and Severus almost groaned again. He loved his godson, but Draco could be a pain in the ass like his father. Severus blamed the copious amounts of hair products they both use.

"Draco, what can I help you with?" Draco came over to him and sat in the chair across from him.

"Could you get Potter kicked out. He's already lording it over everybody."

"And how exactly is he lording it over everyone? It's barely been a day since he's been crowned Prince. Not to mention the acromantula we've been dealing with yesterday." Draco flushed an ugly shade of red, weather in anger or embarrassment Severus was too tired to figure out.

"He just is. Couldn't you do something so that I'm named Prince instead?" Severus let out a small sigh, closed his eyes and counted to ten. He could not snap at him. Dealing with Draco was better than dealing with Lucius, even though both of them could be childish.

"Draco, not only were you defeated in front of the entire Slytherin house, you were defeated in front of various Lords, Ladies and other high ranking individuals. They saw you get defeated soundly. There is nothing that I can do that wouldn't cause backlash for the both of us.

"You are a Slytherin, Draco. You need to learn how to deal with issues yourself if you want to make it. I'll help you when I can, but I will not give you preferential treatment."

"Why noy?! You're my godfather. And my father said that Malfoys are always on top."

"Draco, just because I'm your godfather doesn't mean I can, or will, do everything for you. I could lose my job, and truthfully, your family name only gets you so far. There are many who still see the Malfoys as French upstarts. The only reason your family is so powerful is because your grandfather arranged for the marriage between your parents. And if your father hadn't bribed his way out of a trial, the Malfoy name would be trashed.

"If you want to be on top, then you need to prove that you can be on top. Otherwise, your time here will not be as nice as you, or your father, expected.

"Lucius isn't here, Draco, and he won't be able to drop everything to help you with every little issue you may have. And before you say anything else, yes, I'll protect you, but my protection can only go so far. I have other things to worry about that means I can't watch over you all day.

"So, tell me, Draco, what are you going to do to come out on top. Because you have a month before you can challenge Mr. Potter for the Prince position. And you having a repeat of your defeat will not do you any favors." Draco looked shocked that Severus would say what he did. Balling his fist, Draco jumped up from his chair.

"I can't believe that you wouldn't help me! And to say that the Malfoy name means nothing…your just jealous! If you won't help, I'll find some other way." Draco ran out of the room. Severus pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration before going to his writing desk. Maybe Narcissa could talk some since into the boy, he was to sleep deprived to even try. And Severus didn't want it known that Harry Potter might be placed with him. The Daily Profits even had a poll about the two possible Hogwarts' professors that might be his future guardian.

He wasn't the top pick of course, but he wasn't daft enough not to realize the headache that would cause when it came to light. The number of Howlers alone would be a hazard. Not to mention the number of people thinking that they would be helping Harry by injuring, or killing, him so he couldn't raise the Savior to be a future Death Eater. It was times like these that he truly hated the drama of the magical world.

OOOOOOO Ministry of Magic, Minister's Office OOOOOOO

Minister Fudge, like Headmistress Doris, was calming a horde of angry adults over the safety breach caused by the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Never mind that it was just bad luck considering numerous acromantula hunting parties came across the Regulation Team setting up the ward. Cornelius doubted that an extra team or twelve would have made a difference. Rubbing his forehand, Cornelius wondered if he should retire at the end of the year or not.

His office door opening without warning almost made him fall out of his chair in surprise. Without even thinking, he snapped at the person who entered his office.

"Dolores, what in Merlin's name do you think you're doing?! How many times have I told you to knock before entering?"

"I…I'm s-sorry, Cornelius."

"Sorry doesn't cut it, Dolores. The next time you barge into this office like that again you better be telling me about a family emergency, another minister needing my immediate attention, or you are in danger of losing your life. If you aren't, you will be fired!" Dolores was shocked and hurt that the man she loves is talking to her like some common rift-raft that she was rooted to her spot.

"Dolores, unless you have something important to give me, and it better not be that tea, get out of my office before I demote you to your previous department." Cornelius almost growled in frustration.

"S-sorry for in-interrupting you, Minister." Dolores scuttled out of the office so fast that she almost spilled the tea all over herself. Not that she noticed much when she noticed that the junior secretary was suppressing a smile, adding shame to her hurt and anger.

Nearly throwing the tea tray on her desk, Dolores quickly cleared her misty eyes and sent a glare at the junior secretary. Thankfully, she had enough sense to realize the danger she might be in and decided to deliver some paperwork that needed to be sent to the Regulation and Control Department. Some acromantula that they were rendering down and sold were technically property of the students and Ward Masters that killed them, and the department could only claim forty percent of the profits. The rest was sent to the person who killed it under 'conquer rights'.

With a quick glance behind her, she saw a defeated looking Dolores. Smirking to herself, she thought about how everyone that knew Dolores would react to the news that she wasn't as well liked by the Minister now. Hopefully, she'll be fired, and everyone could breathe a sigh of relief. It didn't matter if you were strait laced or in someone's pocket, everyone could agree on their dislike of one Dolores Umbridge.

OOOOOOO Slytherin Common Room OOOOOOO

Harry, Theo and Blaise sat in the common room writing letters, something a lot of other students were doing if their family wasn't already at the school.

Blaise's mother was in Italy, and it will take her a while to get an international portkey back. Theo's grandfather wasn't out of the country, but he knew that he wouldn't come today, not wanted to join the hoard of 'commoners'. Harry on the other hand was writing to both Sirius and Remus so they would know that he was doing okay.

All three claimed that they were practicing some spells in an abandoned classroom, something almost every student did at one point. They hoped that it would calm them down, although Theo knew his grandfather wouldn't be worried about him as a person but as the possible heir.

Shaking that thought away, Theo finished his short letter home and prepared it to be sent when Harry and Blaise were done. It allowed Theo to think about Harry being their Prince for the year, or however long he managed to keep the position. He knew that it didn't mean much now. The first and second year royalty were usually buffers for the upper years, but this year was different.

This year Harry Potter was sorted into Slytherin, and despite all odds the first year Prince. That his duel with the Malfoy heir was so one sided, an understatement that very few would deny, caused Draco to lose some of his power. The power of the Malfoy family could be attributed to Abraxas Malfoy's business mind and managing the marriage between his son and a daughter of House Black. And while Lucius wasn't as business savvy, or cunning in general, as his father, Lucius was still smart enough to know public opinion can protect you better than actual innocence. Having a bribe and charity fund managed by the goblins protected Lucius from prison time, even with the amount of evidence against him.

But Draco Malfoy seemed to have none of that and rode the coat-tells of his forefathers without a care, or basic cunning. The number of times he yelled "Wait until my father hears of this!", or any variant, was pushing 20. There were already bets on the number of times he would utter those words throughout the year.

The quiet of the common room was disturbed by Draco stomping into the common room. He ignored the looks he received and made his way over to their table. Harry and Blaise were still writing their letters while Theo watched Draco come over.

The fact that none of them had their wands out, or seemed to be paying that much attention to Draco, seemed to make him even angrier. The red flush of his face was not attractive and caused many to pause to see what drama was about to unfold. The whispered bets were ignored by the four first-years.

"Potter! I demand a rematch! There is no way that you should have won against me."

"And yet I did, or did you miss going headfirst into my spells?" Harry said with the smallest of glances before finishing his letter to Sirius and started on the one to Remus. Nobody would know if Harry knew the level of insult he showed, but it did add a level of drama that would cause those not in the common room to pout. Ignoring someone like that showed that they weren't even worth the barest of attention or even considered a plausible threat. Draco almost shouted in rage at the insult.

"Somehow, and I don't know how, you cheated. You've only been in the Wizarding world for a month. So, I'll show everyone that you are beneath me." The superior look Draco adopted wasn't as impressive as he thought and quickly dropped when he realized that his 'adversary' wasn't paying any attention to him. Draco tried to reach for the letter Harry was writing, but quickly crumpled to the floor thanks to a well-placed, and whispered, stunner. Blaise and Theo turned their heads to Harry, who put away his wand with a thoughtful look.

"I should probably learn a spell so his head doesn't hit the ground so hard. I have a feeling the head trauma isn't good for him." Harry ignored the snorts from his table mates, and cackles from some of his housemates, and went back to his letter. Blaise and Theo looked at Draco again before Theo turned thoughtful.

"Do you think we should move him. His neck will defiantly not like being left in that position." Blaise looked like he was going to refuse giving the thought of helping the Malfoy heir, but Harry stopped his retort with his next words.

"It would be kind of us, especially since we aren't as petty as him." Blaise looked like he was willing to be that petty, but the look Harry and Theo gave him made that thought mute. With a put-upon sigh, Blaise levitated Draco up to his room. Blaise returned shortly afterwards with a smug look that Theo immediately noticed.

"What did you do?" Harry turned his attention away from his letter to see what Theo was talking about. And he could see that Blaise looked like a cat, or kneezle in this case, that got the cream.

"I might have left dear Malfoy a note to start acting with some cunning. I'm sure he will notice it right away." Both Theo and Harry had a feeling the Malfoy wouldn't appreciate Blaise's 'note', and both wondered if they should investigate further. "Don't worry, you'll see it when he comes down and it'll dissipate by the time he leaves the common room." With one last glance toward the rooms, all three first years returned to their previous activities. The rest of the common room seemed to follow their example after they realized the entertainment was over.

0000000 Tuesday Morning, Remus Lupin 0000000

The headache Remus was suffering from made him rethink his new career as a Regent. Going through decades of business deals for a The House of Black was something nobody should do without three other people helping and some good alcohol afterwards.

Remus' eyes hurt from reading all the contracts, not to mention his hand from all the letters he had to write to various business owners and Lords. If that wasn't enough, reading the Daily Profit about acromantula attacking Hogwarts almost caused him to have a stroke. If the full moon wasn't in two days Remus would be at the school to see what happened. But Remus didn't trust himself so close to the full moon, so he sent a message to the Headmistress to get some answers. And if he was using his position as Regent to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black, well, no one could really blame him.

And speaking of the House of Black, Andromeda and Sirius were both apocalyptic over the fact that both of their children were put into danger because Dumbledore didn't do the right thing when he found out that XXXXX creatures were near their children. The punishments towards the former Headmaster were both brilliant and terrifying. Making sure that neither broke Dumbledore out of prison to in-act their revenge was a tiring thing to do. Especially when you would happily join in on some of the plans.

Thankfully, Harry's letters reached himself and Sirius. It calmed them both down enough to not rush to Hogwarts. It seemed Andromeda received a similar letter from her daughter since she stopped muttering about the safety spells she was planning to weave over Dora, when she wasn't planning homicide with Sirius. Remus shook his head before finishing his response to Harry. He was glad that Harry was nowhere near the attack. Remus also warned Harry that Sirius might send some protections and that he didn't have to wear all of them, just one or two would be good. Closing out his letter and sealing it, Remus put it into his out tray to send out with the rest when he was done. His attic was beginning to look like the Hogwarts' owlery with the number of owls he had to buy because of his new job. He was even considering getting a house-elf to help with cleaning considering the time he spent running around and writing letters.

Letting out a sigh, Remus took another sheaf of parchment and began writing a bid for some of the acromantula to the correct Ministry department. The doxy farm he set up would be perfect for the acromantula. The wards were already up to keep poisonous creatures in, and there was enough room so that neither doxies or acromantula were a threat to each other.

Thankfully, Remus thought ahead and had the area rated for XXXXX containment. A little bit of paperwork to the Ministry, and warders to activate the proper wards over the proper area, and the 'farm' would make even more galleons. He would need to get more Handlers to see to the acromantula, and hope that the accommodations would be finished on time. Remus was hopeful that everything would go well and nothing else would happen because of Dumbledore. Otherwise, he would be joining the House of Black in their planned retribution.

And considering he had hope that Dumbledore will survive his new accommodations he threw Sirius into, Remus was okay with planning for the long haul.

OOOOOOO Professor's Lounge OOOOOOO

All the professors were meeting together to go over the last couple of days and to welcome the Mind Healers. The Board of Governors were also there to see what was going on and to see what would be done. The number of Howlers everyone received was numerous and truly frightening if they were truthful with themselves.

Headmistress Doris came into the room with a pinched expression that everyone could sympathize with. With a sigh, she sat at the head of the table and looked at everyone with a serious expression.

"I am sure you all know the bare bones of why we are here. I will go over everything that I know so we are on the same page and move on from there. Please keep your questions until I open the floor. I only say this so the meeting can move quickly, and we ensure that the students return to a safe, scheduled school day." Everyone nodded in understanding.

"Good. To begin, on Sunday afternoon a team from the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures started the containment process of the acromantula colony that was introduced into the Forbidden Forest almost five decades ago.

"They picked the time since it is noted that acromantula usually hunt during twilight and at night. Unfortunately, this colony did not follow the usual hunting time. Many hunting parties were returning and came across the Regulation Team when they were finishing the containment wards.

"Because of this, the Regulation Team, and the centaurs that decided to help, were attacked. Despite this, they were able to activate the containment ward with no loss of life. One Regulation Team member used his emergency portkey to St. Mungo's with minor wounds. It seems that he only went to St. Mungo's because he grabbed the wrong portkey. They were able to release him after ensuring the head wound he received was only minor. Unfortunately, none of the others needing medical attention are so lucky.

"During the final stages of the containment ward, the leader of the acromantula ordered the attack on Hogwarts to distract us so the colony could escape. The main colony was unable to escape before the containment ward came down, but twenty-seven acromantula managed to get out and attack Hogwarts' students." Doris paused before looking at the teachers and staff.

"The students closest to the Forbidden Forest were overrun, and if it wasn't for their classmate, they would have perished. Except for Professor Snape, Professor Sinistra, Professor Flitwick, Caretaker Flinch and Madam Pomfrey, none of the other staff members have a reason why they were unable to help the students. We will be going over why the students were left to fend for themselves." Calming herself, and wished she and Tiffany weren't in a meeting with the Board of Governors and the goblins at Gringotts during the short period this all happened. But Doris couldn't think about that, and focused on the meeting going on now.

"The students nearest the forest managed to protect one another and make it to the greenhouses that house the more benign plants, so are usually left open during the day. This allowed many of the students farther away from the Forbidden Forest to make it to Hagrid's hut or the castle. This also allowed the centaurs, the warding and the regulation team to cover the students and finish off any acromantula that wasn't taken out by the students enjoying the weather or those in the castle providing cover fire." Many of the professors looked horrified that they didn't investigate what was going on. To their embarrassment, they thought that the Weasley Twins were pulling another prank and that the screams were a part of it.

"Dumbledore knew about the acromantula colony from the beginning, but did nothing to insure the protection of the forest or castle inhabitants. Because of this, he is being charged for not contacting the Regulation Department, inaction in securing a XXXXX species, and various child endangerment times the number of students over the last fifty years." Doris paused to see how everyone was taking the information. Most of the adults seemed shocked that the colony was there for so long. Hagrid was the only one who wasn't shocked, but he was trying to disappear into his chair. The only reason no one else noticed was because he was placed in the back so he wouldn't hamper anyone's view.

"Because Dumbledore disregarded the law and the Hogwarts' Charter, we can claim financial penalty and wages. This is separate from any penalties the Ministry might enforce or civil suits that Dumbledore will probably face.

"And considering that forty-three students were injured, with two needing to go to St. Mungo's, Dumbledore will be facing a lot of suits. Twelve students' injuries were caused by the acromantula, while the rest were injured from running away or being trampled before someone got them to safety.

"These numbers do not include those that needed Calming Draughts because of panic attacks, shock, and the like. There were also those that suffered from slight magical exhaustion. Thankfully, Professor Snape stocks the medical wing with Calming Draught for those that have anxieties being away from home and Skeleton Grow for those that ignore their parents' safety requirements while on brooms. Because of this, Professor Snape was able to focus on making antivenom and stabilizing the two students for transport to St. Mungo's.

"Those were the only students that needed to be transported to St. Mungo's. Thankfully, the injuries suffered by the Warders and Regulation teams were minor and able to be healed by themselves.

"That everyone, brings us too now. As of today, nine students have been withdrawn by their parents. They are either being home schooled or attending another school. We have returned school fees and released the appropriate paperwork so they can continue their education. Also, all but three students have been released from the Hospital Wing. The three still in the Hospital Wing should be released on the marrow, if the report I received is correct." Madam Pomfrey stood up and answered.

"Yes, Headmistress Doris. We are just making sure that the last of the acromantula venom is out of their system and as well as any delayed reactions that might happen. Thankfully, the Healers and trainees were here, for I doubt that with only myself, Professor Snape and the few students interested in Healing would have been able to handle everything as smoothly." Sitting down, Madam Pomfrey was thankful that everything worked out and that Severus was so good at making potions. Otherwise, things could have been much worse.

"We are glad that one thing went right, but the Board of Governors would like to cover a number of points that the Headmistress went over. The first, and most important in my opinion, was why the professors and staff weren't there for the students." Augusta Longbottom said with authority. The other governors agreed with her statement, as well as the Warders, Regulation Team, and Healers.

"Professor Snape was brewing potions, one in which takes hours of constant watching. The Slytherin Perfects knew this and created activities to ensure the younger years were distracted. And I'm sure that many remember the projects the sixth and seventh years start early, while many of the fifth years catch up with the amount of homework they receive compared to previous years." Many nodded at this and Doris continued.

"Professor Sinistra was on hand to just in case any of the Slytherins needed anything while also charming her new classroom with Professor Flitwick, so the students no longer needed to stay up late for the class. Considering that the dungeons hold the biggest classrooms, neither professors would have been able to hear the commotion.

"Caretaker Flinch, as many of you know, is a squib and wouldn't have been able to help. Beyond that, he was also repairing some of the magical paintings in his workshop, and again, could not hear the commotion. Because of this, we have hired Caretaker Flinch to repair, clean and maintain the paintings here at Hogwarts, with the house-elves taking over some of his previous duties.

"And lastly, Madam Pomfrey and the other Healers in the Hospital Wing were continuing with the student health checks. By the time they knew anything was wrong, they were preparing the Hospital Wing for injuries. And Tiffany and I were meeting with the school governors and the goblins at Gringotts for half an hour to go over the finances of the school, which the Head of Houses knew. Beyond that, I would also like to know the answer to that very question." Everyone turned their attention to the remaining professors, who had uncomfortable looks on their faces. It was Professor McGonagall that answered.

"I hate to say this, but myself, and others, thought that the Weasley twins were doing another prank and the noise was a by-product of it. Just last year one of their pranks cause those caught up to scream out in surprise like a banshee. By the time we realized that something was going on, we were unable to get to the front of the castle." The silence that followed spoke volumes, as well as the embarrassed looks of the professors in question.

"Next time, you all will investigate a commotion and if it is the Weasley twins, make sure to send them to me so they know not to do something like that again. Understood?" The professors nodded their heads before Doris continued.

"Good. Unfortunately for ignoring the situation for so long, a fine will be levied against you and a notation will be put into your files to be reviewed at the end of the year for your performance review. It will be looked at along with your performance for the school year to see if you will be staying for the new school year, not to mention tenure when you qualify. Professors McGonagall, since you already have tenor with Professor Flitwick, any notations will be looked at to see about your year end bonus." McGonagall nodded in understanding and relief. She and the other professors felt guilty about how they handled the situation and didn't want any of the students to suffer for their inaction.

"Moving on, we will also go over safety and emergency procedures so we all know what to do if another situation comes up. This way, there will be no repeat of the previous day."

000000 Quirrell & Voldemort 000000

After the meeting, Quirrell went to his quarters with an angry Voldemort causing pain without care. The thought that the acromantula were no longer an option when he eventually took over Hogwarts was infuriating to his future plans. If Voldemort didn't need Quirrell, his ire would be fully felt.

"We musst get the Sstone sssoon. The sscool is getting too much attention, not to mention the Wardersss. If you fail, Quirrell, you will not like what I'll do to you."

"I'm trying, Master."

"Try harder then. We do not have the time to wait. The Wardersss are activating old protectionsss that will expel me from the sscool. I will not leave while thiss clossse to the Philossopher Sstone only to fail again! Bring the troll here in two daysss, then get the sstone. Kill anyone who getss in the way."

"Yes, Master. Please, Master." The pain that Quirrell was feeling eased somewhat, but not completely. He knew that Voldemort would not accept another failure, especially with the different threats to themselves and their plans, so he had to tread carefully. "Thank you, Master. I will try to get the troll here soon, but it might take till the end of the week to insure we are not discovered."

"Fine, but not fail me again."

"Yes, Master. You are most merciful, Master." Quirrell felt relief before another thought came to him. "What shall we do about Harry Potter, Master?"

"Nothing. He will get hisss due in time, but only after I have my body back. Then he will pay for what he did to me."