2. And I Will Bleed For You: Part 1.

Notes: I really don't have much to say in these notes sooooo from now on, I'm only going to write notes when I have something of importance to say since it's such a hassle to write basically the same thing for every chapter. I also forgot to mention previous chapter but for every prompt, there will be three parts and each part is posted as a separate chapter so no, I will not be leaving any story without a proper ending.

Summary: Shinichi is worried, beyond worried in fact. He's regularly in and out of the hospital, but not because there's anything wrong with him, but because there's something wrong with his soulmate. Bullet wounds, knife wounds, even burn scars. Inexplicably he wakes up with paralyzing pain shooting up his spine and shadows of serious wounds marring the otherwise flawless skin and he knows, knows that somewhere, his soulmate is getting hurt. Shinichi is less than pleased.


It's happening again.

Shinichi rolls out of his bed, fingers gripping so tightly on his arm that his knuckles are going deathly white. His gaze is blurry, there's sweat beading on his forehead and his breath is coming out in pants. The throbbing pain in his arm worsens as he fully regains his motor functions, going from a throbbing aches to a full-blown burning. His lungs are on fire as he gasps for air, unable to breathe properly due to the pain and he clenches his teeth even harder to avoid screaming. He knows that his soulmate is dealing with the same pain and just as he's always done before, Shinichi feels the source of the pain, a tiny little ball of agony lying in his soulmate's body and pulls. Suddenly, the pain doubles and he cannot refrain himself from screaming, a shrill sound full of unbearable pain that leaves his throat raw and his voice hoarse. A door slams open, footsteps pounding towards his room and his room's door is virtually broken down, his parents rushing in and staring at him with such worry and heart wrenching helplessness he just wants to reassure them that he's fine, that he can handle it but all that comes out is another scream, softer this time but just as full of emotion that dims down to a hoarse croak. His father gently gathers him in his arms and redeposits him in his bed while his mother tenderly wipes away the sweat on his brown with featherlight fingers and a comforting hand. 'It will be over soon', he tells himself and the last thing he sees before he falls back into unconsciousness is his parents' pained and worried faces and the bright roundness of the full moon.

When Shinichi next wakes up, he feels a soothing warmth in his arm and stares, shocked. As usual, there is a mark of whatever wound his soulmate has endured - a bullet wound, seemingly a bullet fired from an M90 or a rifle roughly that size from the black shadow under his skin and one that exploded in his arm, no wonder there was so much pain - but the pain is gone and it should not be that way. True, the pain would be mostly gone the next day but there should be remnants, not just this pleasant numbness. As he thinks further, he comes to a horrifying conclusion, his soulmate knows how to do the Transfer too.

The Transfer is a process that all soulmates can do wherein one senses deep within themselves, finds the bond and the source of whatever pain is ailing their other half and takes it all onto themself. Not many are aware of such a process and it is only by pure luck that Shinichi chanced upon the method for it. Since two years ago, his soulmate has been getting hurt a lot and Shinichi, for some odd and unexplainable reason, just can't bear the thought that his soulmate, whoever the person, is in such agony and has taken to bearing the pain of the injuries all by himself - that is to say, feeling twice the amount of pain - so that his soulmate wouldn't have to suffer beyond whatever harmful effects said wound has on his or her body.

"A natural protectiveness," his father says, "perfectly normal to feel such a way though maybe not for such serious injuries, humans are still deathly afraid of pain after all. It is simply in our nature to be so." Shinichi hasn't ever really believed him until he has the chance to experience it for himself, a burning hot feeling of wanting to safeguard his soulmate from any harm.

He mulls, thinks and muses to himself. Finally, Shinichi throws his head back and laughs, a light but maybe just the tad unhinged chuckle and his parents are suddenly standing by his bed. He ignores them in favour of grinning wildly to himself. It seems as if his soulmate is much like him, self-sacrificing to the point of stupidity as Ran would call it and for the first time ever, he finds himself really wanting to know the person with the other half of his soul. What is this person like, this crazy person who gets themself injured so often but seemingly throws themself back into whatever hurt them previously. This person that is growing ever more interesting.