Official Spaceport on Coruscant, 8th May 3238, 12:30 pm

The transport ship's engines roared like a thousand nexus as it began its descent towards its designated landing area, a large crowd already beginning to form at the sight of it. Mothers with children, elderly parents, and a plethora of other species waiting for family members to arrive.

Within the transport ship, three hooded men sat huddled together in the dining area. Two of whom looked older than twenty, while the third was barely sixteen. The older two shared similar haircuts, and facial structure, but that was where the similarities ended, as one had a long scar running from the left of his forehead down to the line of his jaw, while the other was much more so, with a scar running from a similar position on the other older person's head, but went by a different trajectory, with this scar running right though the left eye of the individual, and across his nose, ending just over his upper lip, along with another crossing the top of his forehead, and another cutting through both lips.

The sixteen year old had no facial scars to show, but was very handsome, with wild and unkempt black hair that fell about his face, but didn't cover his harsh grey eyes. His alert eyes danced around the room, seeing anyone but his two allies as a threat. For underneath his jacket were concealed two blaster pistols, and two lightsabers. The jacket he wore was sleeveless but with a cowl that hid his face from most, zipped up so that none would spot his armaments. For he knew that were he discovered on Coruscant, he and the person he sook would be hounded and killed. And that was not something the young adolescent planned to do. At least right now, anyways. With his coat, he wore black spacer pants and a dark blue sleeveless shirt, exposing his lean athletic muscles. He was muscular, but not too stocky, instead having trained himself for agility rather than strength. He was driven from thought when one of his friends tapped him on the shoulder, saying:

"Seth, we're almost there."

Seth Kerran looked out to the vast cityscape that was the planet Coruscant, knowing that out there in the city, his beloved was somewhere, waiting for him. He let out a sigh at this. He'd pined for her ever since he'd left Mobius several days ago, and now he was so close yet she was so far away. It was almost torture for him.

One of his friends, the more heavily scarred of the two, leaned forward and gestured towards a woman giving Seth a look. "I'd re-adjust that hood, Seth. We don't want to be discovered before we even touch down on Coruscant."

"A fact I'm well aware of, Tusk." Seth said as he complied. Turning to the other, he said: "Keep an eye on that dude, Shatter."

"Will do, Seth." Shatter replied as his eyes settled on the individual, clearly a bounty hunter or assassin, judging from the armaments on her. The individual was a Twi'lek female, with pale blue skin and amber eyes. She was wearing a small jacket over a sleeveless tank top that exposed her impressive midriff, which unsurprisingly, was mesmerising to most of the males in the room. On top of that, she was wearing extremely tight black pants that hugged her legs, with small slits cut into the fabric, as to entice any male that came near her further. As with any of her species, the Twi'lek was extremely beautiful, with the type of face that would catch the attention of any male in the room. In short, she was your typical femme fatale.

Shatter's eyes scanned over her, deducing her armaments: Dual LL-30 Blaster Pistols that hung in shoulder holsters, much like Seth's blaster pistols, A long Machete that hung from her left hip, a combat knife protruding from her right boot, two tonfa shaped blades with handles protruding from the main hilts at a ninety degree angle sheathed underneath her blaster pistols, a sniper rifle slung over her shoulder behind her back, and finally, a T-6 Thunderer Heavy Blaster pistol, holstered on her right hip.

The thud of the ship finally touching down drew the two parties' attention, and Seth, Shatter and Tusk stood up, walking away, with Seth feeling the Twi'lek's eyes burning a hole through his back the entire time.

Outside the transport ship…

Seth stepped off of the transport ship with an audible sigh, taking in the sights of Coruscant once more. He prayed that after he had found his girlfriend, he would never have to look upon them again.

"Seth, let's keep moving." Shatter said as he ushered Seth on.

Seth continued walking, followed by Shatter and Tusk. Yet again, he felt the burning gaze of the Twi'lek bounty hunter he and the clones had noticed earlier, turning his head ever so slightly so that she wouldn't notice, eyeing her in his peripheral vision. He was only stopped when he heard a fierce voice call out:

"You there!"

Seth tensed as he turned in the direction of the voice, spotting an entire squad of Shock Troopers headed his way, with a clone he knew all too well at their head: Commander Fox. Seth scowled when he saw Fox. Ever since the business with his girlfriend that led to her leaving the Jedi, he'd nurtured a deep hatred for the clone commander. Keeping his cool, Seth walked over to Fox and asked: "Something wrong, trooper?" Making sure to hide his voice, as Fox would certainly recognise it.

"Your travel passes." Fox demanded.

Seth reached under his jacket and drew his pass out, as did Shatter and Tusk as they handed them to Commander Fox.

Fox checked them a bit before handing them back, saying: "Have a good day, citizens." At this, he and his squad continued on their way.

Seth turned to Shatter and whispered: "That was too close."

Both clones nodded agreement. "What's the plan?" Tusk asked.

"Find an apartment, rent it, and then separate to find Ahsoka. We keep in contact via our communicators. Got it?" Seth whispered.

"Yes sir." Shatter and Tusk replied as the trio continued on their way.

A seedy hotel near the Imperial Palace, 15:30 pm

Seth and the clones stepped into the hotel where a morbidly obese Rodian stood.

"What do you want?" The Rodian demanded in barely understandable Huttese.

"A room for three if you have one." Seth asked. "For three days at least."

The Rodian scowled as he turned to his datapad, typing in a few commands before looking up. "One room left. Ninety credits." The Rodian replied.

Seth sighed as he got the money and paid the clerk.

The Rodian handed him and the other clones a room key. "Number 203. Second floor."

"No shit." Seth replied as he and the clones headed up the stairs until they reached the second floor. Finding their room, they entered it to find a fairly pleasant looking room with a kitchen, a living space, and doors leading to the bathroom, and one room with two beds in it, and one room with a king-sized double bed.

"Well, we can tell who's getting the king-sized bed, Seth." Shatter said jokingly, lightly punching Seth's shoulder.

Seth smirked before saying: "Why don't you two take the big bed, and I take one of the beds in the two bedroom part?"

Shatter and Tusk looked at each other, then back at him. "I don't think that's a good idea, Seth." The two clones said in unison.

"And why not?" Seth asked. "You guys should have the best stuff for a change."

"Didn't your master once tell you that the best people don't get the best things, but make the best of what they have?" Tusk asked.

Seth sighed. He hadn't heard from his master since he and Roman had left for Mobius, and that had been a month ago. "I guess he's right. So I'll take the king-sized bed then."

"Besides, when you do find your girl, I wouldn't be surprised if she wanted a bit of alone time with you, if you know what I mean." Shatter said with a suggestive grin.

A blush quickly appeared on Seth's face. "Where the fuck did that come from? We've… We've never even talked about that yet!"

"Well, might be a good time, Seth." Tusk said as he walked off. "Anyway, I call first shower."

Both Seth and Shatter rolled their eyes as Tusk walked into the bathroom. After that, they went about unpacking.

Several hours later, 18:15 pm

Seth checked his watch for the time as his eyes scanned the area, looking for anything that resembled his favourite female Togruta. This had been their favoured meeting place, due to it being isolated and out of the way of prying eyes. After a half an hour of fruitless waiting, he contacted Shatter: "Anything?" Seth asked.

"Not a bit, Seth." The former clone captain replied. "You didn't expect to find her on the first day, did you?"

"No, but it doesn't hurt to have a bit of hope." Seth answered.

"Right." Shatter said. "I'll keep searching."

"All I'm asking, Shatter." Seth responded as he quickly contacted Tusk: "Tusk, you seen anything?"

"Not a single trace, Seth. One thing's for sure, she knows how to hide when she doesn't want to be found." Tusk remarked.

"Of course. How'd you think she managed to escape capture for a couple of days during the time she was on the run?" Seth answered.

"Fair point." Tusk replied.

"Exactly." Seth added. "Keep searching, and then we'll meet at the cantina I singled out. After that, we'll head to bed and catch some shut-eye."

"Sounds like a plan." Tusk replied as he ended the conversation.

Seth let out a small grunt of frustration as he looked about. Where the fuck are you, 'Soka? Seth thought. She was aware he was coming for her. He'd said so the moment he'd left Mobius. Guess she's just laying low right now, Seth thought.

With this thought, Seth turned and continued searching, unawares that he was being watched from the shadows.

This figure stepped out from the shadows, revealing itself to be the Twi'lek bounty hunter from earlier. Her mouth opened in an unpleasant smile, revealing teeth sharpened to points, a feature normally attributed to the male side of her kind. "Gotcha." The Twi'lek said before walking after him. Little did the Twi'lek realise, she was also being watched from up high.

This figure jumped down from the spot she occupied and removed her hood, revealing a young female Togruta about Seth's age, with orange coloured skin and blue eyes. Underneath the cloak she was wearing was a reddish brown dress that went to about mid-thigh, with a diamond shaped cut in the chest area, exposing some cleavage. Over her legs were black leggings, also with diamond shapes cut into the fabric. Over her feet were brown boots. Hanging from her belt, albeit invisible, were lightsabers, one on either hip. Determination to not let Seth get hurt blazing in her mind, the Togruta followed them, reaching out with the Force to keep track of them.

With Seth…

Adjusting his head ever so slightly as so to keep an eye on the bounty hunter pursuing him, Seth felt underneath his cloak for one of his blasters, knowing that things could escalate rather quickly if the Twi'lek behind him brandished a weapon. But somewhere behind the Twi'lek was a familiar presence, one he hadn't sensed in a long time. At sensing the person behind him and the Twi'lek, Seth smiled. Ahsoka. As the name came to mind, he forced down a wave of emotions. Now was not the time for an emotional reunion. Once the bounty-hunter was dealt with, then they could focus on their reunion. But for now, Seth had to lead the bounty hunter into a dead end, so that she would think he was trapped. He only hoped Ahsoka realised his plan. He couldn't contact Shatter or Tusk, that would only make the Twi'lek bounty hunter realise he had spotted her, make her panic, and possibly cause a large firefight, something Seth was not too keen on.

With Ahsoka…

Seth Kerran, where are you going? Ahsoka thought to herself as she continued to tail him and his bounty hunter friend. Noticing that he was looking around, it clicked in her head. He's looking for somewhere unpopulated, so he and I can deal with whomsoever this bitch is without being spotted. Ahsoka smiled warmly at her boyfriend. You are one sly dog, Seth, she thought as she decided to call for backup. "Rex, are you there?"

"I hear you loud and clear, Ahsoka." Came the voice of the former clone captain.

"I've found Seth." Ahsoka said. Just saying his name out loud made her want to run past the bounty hunter, throw her arms around him and kiss him. "The problem is, he's being tailed by a bounty hunter. You in the area?"

"No. I'm close though. Just keep tailing them and see what happens. I'll join you shortly." With this, Rex finished speaking.

Ahsoka lowered her arm and said to no-one in particular: "Okay. Let's do this." With this, she continued following Seth and the bounty hunter, hoping that they could find somewhere to dispose of this threat quickly and efficiently.

With Rex…

Upon finishing his conversation with Ahsoka, Rex checked the location of her transponder and nodded. He was close. Turning in the direction he'd been going, Rex readied himself to draw his pistols at any moment. They may have taken away his rank and position within what had been the Republic Army, but he'd kept his guns. And he practiced with them whenever he could. Looking again at the portable sensor he'd calibrated to just detect Ahsoka and some of his friends, Rex deduced that they were headed his way. Smirking, the clone captain looked about him to check if there was anybody around which there wasn't, and then walked over to a part of the alleyway he was in, hiding behind a wall, and just waiting for the action to start. Force knew how much he'd been deprived of such.

Back to Seth…

Upon looking to his right slightly, Seth smirked. He'd found a place where he and Ahsoka could deal with the bounty hunter currently tailing him, and was being tailed by Ahsoka in turn, stealthily, and without attracting attention. Not that it would anyway. They were of course in the lower levels of Coruscant, where crime and street fights were nothing short of common. They just had to make sure they could do it before police forces and clones loyal to the Empire arrived. If that happened, things would get rather hairy. Suddenly, another familiar presence sprung to his senses through the Force. Deciding to instead ensure that the Twi'lek fell into the trap he and Ahsoka would likely spring onto her, Seth continued walking, turning his head ever so slightly to ensure the bounty hunter was still following him. Doing so was crucial, otherwise, he wouldn't have the reunion with Ahsoka that he so gravely desired. As he approached the alleyway, Seth took one last look to make sure she was still following him, and then walked into the alleyway, his senses turning briefly to the familiar presence he sensed in the alleyway, recognising the presence with a smile as he continued walking, until he heard a heavily accented voice behind him growl:

"That's far enough."

Seth tensed as he readied himself. He just prayed this bounty didn't have as good a draw as most bounty hunters he had the misfortune of meeting. Whirling around, he drew his pistols to find her having done the same.

"You've already made one mistake, Jedi." The Twi'lek snarled. "The next one will be your last."

Seth raised an eyebrow. He could sense that Ahsoka was nearby, but was waiting outside. Deciding to play for time, he asked: "How do you even know I'm a Jedi? For all you know, I could just be a bystander whose suffering as a result of a mistaken identity."

"I know your face, Seth Kerran. And when I see a face, I never forget that face." The bounty hunter growled.

Seth mentally kicked himself. She knew his name already. Now, he asked: "Who are you anyway? If you're gonna kill me, at least let me know who made me meet my demise."

The Twi'lek scoffed. "Well, if you insist, my name is Kalya Ven."

Seth nodded. "I don't seem to have dealt with you before during my time as a Jedi."

"Of course not!" Kalya spat. "Before, I was a nobody, working odd jobs to earn money to provide for my family. But with bounty hunters beginning to flourish once again, I am now a true bounty hunter. And now that I have you in my clutches, I will make my reputation as one of the best bounty hunters this galaxy has!"

Seth tilted his head to one side, smirking. "That's easier said then done." At this, he shouted: "Rex!"

The moment his name was called, Rex leapt out of cover, pistols drawn and pointed at Kalya, who had now pointed one of her guns at Rex.

"Clever." The Twi'lek bounty hunter said. "Concealing an ally for later use." She smiled flirtatiously. "But we now find ourselves at an impasse. I shoot, both of you will die, and if you shoot, I will die. Then none of us will live to tell the tale."

Seth smirked. "A fate I'd gladly take over being handed over to the Empire in chains and then executed."

Kalya smiled. "So that is how it is going to be then?"

"If necessary, yes." Rex said.

"I have a better proposition. Weapons down." Kalya demanded.

"You first, bitch." Seth said from where he was.

"You don't trust me then?" Kalya asked.

"No." Seth and Rex said at the same time, both remembering a time during the Clone Wars that they had made the mistake of dropping their weapons first, only to be shot by the bounty they were pursuing, Cad Bane.

Slowly but surely, Kalya began to lower her weapons to the ground, making sure that as she did so, both Seth and Rex got a good view of her shapely buttocks.

Seth watched her do this, his eyes on her ass the whole time before snapping out of it, remembering he had Ahsoka.

Kalya got up and looked at them both saying: "Now, you do the same."

Seth and Rex sighed and began to lower their weapons to the ground, but just as they did, they both were rendered stunned as Kalya rapidly kicked both of them to the floor.

"Big mistake." Kalya said. "Now it's time to pay for underestimating Kalya Ven!"

Seth and Rex got up and looked at one another, nodded, and both attacked at the same time.

Kalya turned to Rex first and floored the former clone commander with a right hand to the jaw whilst kicking Seth backwards with a back-kick to the gut. Turning now to Seth she began a series of punches and kicks that Seth found hard to block before finishing by tripping him up. She made to draw one of her knives to finish him, but was grabbed from behind by Rex.

Rex dragged her back a few paces and made to get her into a sleeper hold, but soon felt her wrath by way of a headbutt right to the nose, grunting as he felt it break and blood begin to flow.

Kalya broke into a handspring and grabbed Seth's head with her shins, flipping so that he was thrown to the floor and she got back to her feet.

Seth shook his head to clear the cobwebs as he made to get up, but found his head driven into the floor as Kalya engaged Rex again.

Rex, by now having guessed her style, and also getting angry, dodged the blows she threw before landing a punch to the face that split open Kalya's lip and drew blood.

Kalya toppled to the floor as Rex moved in on her, but used her feet to push him away before leaping to her feet. As she got to a vertical base, she pressed two fingers to the bleeding area, seeing her fingers come away bloody. Snarling, she made to go on the attack, but felt somebody dropkick her into a uppercut from Rex. Turning to the culprit, which she guessed correctly to be Seth, she kicked him away and rolled sideways, waiting on the two men as they converged on her. Dodging a kick from Seth and pushing him away with an open palm thrust, she turned to Rex and kicked him in the side of the leg, where the thigh and shin met at the knee, making him drop to that knee, finally kicking him full in the face and knocking him down, then turning to Seth.

Seth looked down at the dazed Rex, and knew that he was in trouble, stepping away and readying himself.

Kalya smirked as she moved away from Rex and readied herself. This was going to be fun.

Seth let out a deep breath before attacking, launching a series of punches and kicks, some of which landed, but most of which were blocked.

Kalya went for a left hand punch, but Seth caught it and dragged her to him, doubling her over with a knee to the gut that left her gasping for breath.

Not finished yet, Seth used her predicament to his advantage and placed one leg over her back, using the motion to push her onto her back, him now having manoeuvred her into an armbar. Letting out a grunt of anger, Seth pulled back on the arm he had in his grasp, until he suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his shin. Letting go, he got to his feet, seeing that Kalya had done the same, wiping a bit of blood from her lips, revealing her bloody teeth. "Motherfucker!" Seth bellowed as he charged and throwing a punch.

Kalya caught it however, manoeuvred around to his back and hitting him in the small of the back with her forearm, sending him staggering away, before finally dropping to her knees and slamming her forearm in-between the legs, catching him square in the crotch.

Letting out a violated groan, Seth fell to his knees, where he soon saw a knee hurtling towards his face, catching him full force there and sending him to the floor, his nose broken.

Kalya smiled and placed a knee on his solar plexus, leaving him gasping for breath as she drew a knife, placing it over his chest. "And now," she declared, "Kalya Ven secures her legacy!" At this, she raised the knife, only for it to be seized and thrown away. Getting to her feet, Kalya turned around to find someone else there. "Who're you?" Kalya demanded.

"Your worst nightmare, bitch." Ahsoka growled as she landed a massive right hand to Kalya, knocking her down and out.

Turning away, Ahsoka turned to Seth, shaking her head in disbelief as she helped him to his feet. "Now here's a story: the great Seth Kerran gets beaten by a girl."

"A fucking tough girl, at that." Seth remarked while holding his nose to stem the torrent of blood currently flowing from it. "Where the fuck were you anyway?"

"Watching the entire thing." Ahsoka replied with a smirk.

Seth made to say something, before thinking better of it and saying: "Come here, you!" At this, the two lovers embraced, long suppressed tears finally falling down their cheeks.

"I was so worried after that last call you made." Ahsoka said tearfully. "I was genuinely scared you wouldn't make it."

Seth chuckled. "Ahsoka Tano. Roman did say I'm too stubborn to die, remember?"

"I know." Ahsoka said. "But it didn't stop me from being worried." With this, she pulled him back into her arms. "I'm just glad you're okay."

"Same here." Seth said. Breaking away, Seth asked: "Has Obi-Wan talked to you at all?"

Ahsoka nodded. "He came not too long after the attack on the Temple. It… seemed like he had something to tell me, but couldn't bring himself to say it. He also asked whether I had heard from you at all. So I told him about our conversations the night this whole thing began."

Seth sighed. "Right." He made to say something else, but was interrupted by the sound of a certain former clone captain clearing his throat.

"As much as I'm feeling the emotion of this reunion, we should get going. The enemy's bound to have heard the commotion." Rex said.

Both nodded and the three scarpered.

Ahsoka's apartment…

The three entered the apartment, Rex removing his weapons; as did Seth and Ahsoka, save for their lightsabers.

Rex looked at Seth's blasters, dual WESTAR-35 blaster pistols. "Chose these for the heritage factor, huh?"

Seth nodded. "I'm a Mandalorian, so I might as well carry Mandalorian weapons around."

Rex nodded and saw that Seth had turned to Ahsoka. Realising they wanted some time alone, Rex declared: "I'll leave you two alone." At this, he headed into the bedroom he had just exited.

Seth turned to Ahsoka and asked: "Have you heard from Anakin yet?"

Ahsoka shook her head. "No. Padmé said she had, but since then, I've heard next to nothing about him." She sighed. "It's gotten me really worried about him."

Seth nodded and wrapped an arm around his girlfriend's shoulder. "Don't worry, 'Soka. Anakin's likely cooped up somewhere safe with Padmé, with his kid."

Ahsoka fought back tears. "Then you haven't heard then?"

Seth tensed. This didn't sound good. With words that sounded forced, he managed to ask: "Heard what?"

Ahsoka choked as she held her head in her hands, sobs beginning to be heard. "Padmé's… Padmé's…"

Suspicion was beginning to form in the back of Seth's mind, despite how much he prayed he was wrong. "Ahsoka, what happened to Padmé?"

Ahsoka looked up at Seth, and her expression told him everything.

"No…" Seth muttered, staggering back. "She… She can't be…" Falling to his knees, Seth began to shake with emotion. Padmé was dead. Finally, he got to his feet and seized Ahsoka, both beginning to cry at the fate of their friend.

After what seemed like hours, they broke apart, still raw with emotion.

"What happened?" Seth managed to ask.

"I… I don't know." Ahsoka said. "Sources claim the Jedi killed her."

"That's bullshit!" Seth suddenly snapped. "It was the Emperor. He had to have killed her. That's the only thing that makes sense."

Ahsoka nodded. "I agree." Looking up at Seth, she gazed once more into his grey eyes, the eyes that so encapsulated her.

Seth did the same, before he suddenly felt an almost magnetic force drawing him closer to Ahsoka.

Ahsoka felt it too, their heads drifting ever so closer together, until their lips met once again in a passionate kiss. The feeling was immense, almost overwhelming their hearts with joy at finally kissing one another again.

Once the kiss was broken, both looked at each other, seeing the love they shared. Rapidly however, their lips met again, this time in a more fevered manner, as Ahsoka found herself being lifted up by the legs and hoisted onto the kitchen worktop, her lips still pressed firmly against Seth's as she felt his warm and gentle hands caress her body. Seth's lips broke from hers, but soon found their way onto the orange skin on her neck as he layered kiss after kiss upon the spot.

Ahsoka soon found herself heating up, and so could Seth, so thus, he lifted her up, and this time carried her to the couch, where he continued making out with her. Before anything else could happen though, they both heard a clone clearing his throat again.

"I know you two have just got back together, but please, could you get a room?"

Seth and Ahsoka groaned as they got off the couch. "Talk about a mood-killer." Seth muttered.

Rex heard and shrugged. "Tell you what: I'll get out of here and leave you two alone."

Seth shook his head. "Rex, we couldn't do that to you."

"Relax, kid. I don't want to keep you two from re-connecting. Besides, I've got to meet some people tonight." Rex said.

Seth sensed via Rex's tone that Rex meant other clones that had switched sides. To their side. "Okay then. Well, see you later." Seth said.

Rex nodded, retrieved his weapons, and headed out the door.

Once the door had closed, Ahsoka turned to Seth, a seductive glint in her eyes. "Now, where were we, Mr. Kerran?"

Seth smiled and kissed her again, surprising her by lifting her up bridal style and carrying her into the main bedroom, with only the moonlit shadows bearing witness to what happened next.

Several hours later…

Ahsoka snuggled up close to Seth and laid her head on his chest, completely out of breath. Soon, she found herself falling asleep.

Seth watched as she did, leaning forward and kissing her on the forehead. "Goodnight, 'Soka. I love you." Soon, he felt himself drifting off into sleep, but not before he heard a soft voice say:

"I love you more, Seth. A whole lot more."

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