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Full Moon High M.O.N. : Invasion of the Space Pumpkins

Late at Night

Everett, Washington


Farmer Jones Pumpkin Farm

It was late at night, as it was deep in the forest region of Everett in the month of October. It was a virtual sea of fog in a rural area that was local farm land, in which was a house and farmhouse, with a field of countless pumpkins. The whole field was covered in a low sea of fog; ants could get fairly lost through it because the fog was so thick, it even made it hard to see the ground. And the uneasiness of the fog brought out because no one could know what else could be in it or where it was coming from that made it apparent. As well as hide something in the fog.

At the moment, soaring downward towards the earth at hurdling speed, a massive green meteor was rocketing down towards the farm grounds. But as it descended through the atmosphere, it started to break up into a tinier version of itself, until it embedded directly into the center of the pumpkin farm. It erupted in a small quake, nearly shaking the area up. Once the shaking stopped, the green energy from the meteor seemed to seep all around in the ground, traveling through the roots and vines of the pumpkins, irradiating it in the same glow. Until finally, the glowing died down, as if what the meteor brought finally went away and died in the soil.

At that moment, someone shifted out of the house near the barn. He was a man in his fifties, scrawny, thinning brownish gray hair, a twitchy right eye, and a gimp in his left leg, and dressed in usual farming attire, along with a farmer's hat. He held up a lamp, as he shifted his way through the pumpkin field. He was Farmer Jones, local country folk coot, and owner of the Pumpkin Farm.

He was pretty miffed about something, as he stopped in the middle of the field, as he called out, "Darn teenagers. You'd better not be in my fields making out! NOT IN FRONT OF MY PUMPKINS!"

But no one called back, as he sighed, "Darn teenagers. Bringin' their Peace and hippie love." He then hobbled back to his house, as he passed a rather large pumpkin; one he had been growing for a county fair prize. "Back in my day, we actually had respect for another man's vegetables."

As he walked back to his house, strange noises were heard as he approached his home. They sounded like little pit pat of footsteps, scurrying towards him. Jones heard them as well, as he whipped around, shining his lamp out to the field. "Who's there?! I told ya teens ta git on outta here!"

But still no sign of teenagers, or the sound of footsteps. Just the pumpkins in the field… the pumpkins that had strangely bunched up and seemed closer to the farm, with the county fair prized one in the lead.

The farmer didn't notice it, as he shrugged again, and went for the door. But stopped, as the pitter patter of the little feet came back out again, as he whipped around, and saw the sight of nothing but night, the foggy grounds, and the pumpkins. But this time, Farmer Jones took notice of the sight better now.

The pumpkins had come closer to the house, nearly at the patio. A few of them bunched up into piles, big enough for a person. And the prize winning one was still in the center. It was almost as if the pumpkins were preparing to gang up on him.

Farmer Jones arched an eyebrow, as he stated to assure himself, "Hey, you shouldn't be here. How did…?"

Suddenly, a wave of vines shot at him, tying and cocooning him up slowly, as he cried out in fear. He fell to the ground, as he tried to free himself, but no such luck, as the vines got thicker, everything went black, and all that was heard was the sound of mischievous laughter echoing in the night.

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