Full Moon High M.O.N. : Invasion of the Space Pumpkins

Chapter 2: Trick-r-Treat; They Choose Trick

Harris Household

It was dark outside the house of Mr. Maxwell Harris, Johnny and Rebecca's father. However, a spark of light erupted, lighting up the house with a dazzling display of Halloween decorations that littered around the lawn, as well as on various parts of the sides and top. There were two figures standing on the porch as the older figure held the two plugs in hand. The first one was a Caucasian man in his forties, with brown gray hair, glasses that hid his brown eyes, and a slim figure for a man who rigorously worked out to keep in shape. He was dressed as a mad scientist all in all. This was Maxwell Harris, father of Johnny and Rebecca Harris.

The second figure was a young African American/Indian mix young man of seventeen years of age. He was of slim frame, with shaggy blackish brown hair, with brown eyes hidden behind glasses. He was dressed in black pants, black combat boots, and was wearing a white and blue winter coat with goggles. His name was Arthur Nesia, a college student and genius working for Bio-Tech on a scholarship, part of the science team for the MONSters, and also… Rebecca's boyfriend.

Mr. Harris chuckled, as he seemed proud of his accomplishment, "When the Harris Family celebrates Halloween, we pull all the stops out." He then turned to Artie, as he patted him on the shoulder, "Hey, thanks for helping out with the electronics, Artie. This would have been like Christmas all over again if you weren't waiting here."

Artie pulled the hood off, as he smirked, "Yeah, Rebecca told me about the infamous Light Rigging of 2009."

"Oh yeah, ehehehe," Mr. Harris chuckled awkwardly at the memory, "Yeah, that was um… that was quite a Christmas that year."

The air around the front yard seemed to blow in the center, as it drew the attention of the two males' attention to it. The winds circled around in the center, nearly pulling in the decorations into the center of it. Finally, the wind shoved it all a bit, as an orange puff of smoke blew up in the patio walkway, as it nearly engulfed the yard. Suddenly, the smoke disappeared, to reveal the MONSters team, all suited up and rarin' to go on anything at this point.

Zack was dressed in the exact uniform as Vincent was. Except there were a few differences, instead of one holstered gun, he had two at his sides, no kneepads, fingerless black gloves, and a holster backpack with two samurai swords, and a shotgun on his back, and his collar undone, along with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

Tanya's uniform was cobalt blue and black as well. She wore a turtleneck cobalt blue shirt that was tight around her chest, doing its best to hold itself from popping, and a black belt corset around her waist, designed for combat, not fashion. Her shoulders had heavy armor shoulder plates, and a pair of silver and black armor shield gloves that went from hand to elbows, and a black holster on her back, carrying a big and heavy Warhammer on it of RPG design. She had cobalt blue pants with three belts around her thighs, and thick and strong boots with steel toes and heels, with a duster around her waist that went down to her ankles, and a black utility belt.

Irene wore her uniform as well, similar to Vincent's and Zack's uniforms. But she had shoulder armor padding, with the sleeves hugging on her arms, rolled down to her wrists, with black elbow pads, and black gloves with the fingers. Two holsters on both her thighs, and the black utility belt. But on her back was a black metallic backpack of unknown function.

Dru wore a baggy cobalt blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows and end in black trim with a buckle on the outside, included with a hood. He also wore blue cobalt pants with the same buckles and trim on the end of the pants, which were above the knees, with a black utility belt.

Polly wore a cobalt one-piece suit, with her cleavage exposed, a black belt choker around her neck, a blue arm band on her right bicep, with fingerless black gloves. She also had a black utility belt around her waist as well, a black thigh pack on her right thigh, and the same toeless and heelless sneakers on her feet.

Zahir's uniform was more of a Chinese sorcerer's gown, colored cobalt blue, with cuts down the sides as the skirt reached down to his ankles, and exposed his legs, and the sleeves open at the elbows, exposing his forearms. The forearms were covered in black sleeves that also covered his hands but allowed his fingers and thumbs free. He also wore gray pants that reached down to his feet with no toes or ankles, black kneepads sewn into it, and black bands around his ankles. He also had a black utility belt and his trademark scarf dangling around his neck, as well as his black mouth guard still there.

Raptor's uniform allowed free range movement for her. She wore a sleeveless cobalt blue turtleneck one piece, with a black utility belt, and two black thigh packs around her thighs, but had a black pack on her back.

Rebecca and Johnny ran over to their father, as he got them both in a hug, "Hey, Becky! Johnny! You two made it!"

"Daddy," Rebecca hugged her dad fiercely, but then pulled away, as she hugged Artie. "Artie! You made it too."

"Wouldn't miss this for the world, Rebecca," he said, as they both embraced in a hug that lasted five seconds, but still held onto one another as they pulled back, the two lovebirds enjoying each other as much as they could without the craziness they underwent.

At that moment, Kirk walked up, as he had a strange antennae device in the shape of a NERF gun, as he casually stepped towards Artie and Mr. Harris, as he chimed, "Yes, it is good to see you both, Arthur and Maxwell…" And then heled the device at htem like a gun, as he cried out in hysterical lunacy, "IF THAT IS WHO YOU REALLY ARE!" He pulled the trigger as the two were scanned by a blue light, much to their confusion. But once it stopped, Kirk looked at the screen, and sighed in relief, "They're clear."

Jaqueline stepped up, as she stated, "Clear-ly ready to celebrate the holidays!"

But Artie looked confused as well as disappointed, as he asked Rebecca, "Hey, how come you're not dressed up as Spider-Gwen? You said you were looking forward to the costume tonight."

Rebecca shrugged, "Well, I was a little held back due to work, so I never had the chance to get the fitting." But she smiled, "'Sides, you said I looked pretty in an exoskeletal body. Don't tell me you're gonna be disappointed if I go Fly-Girl now."

Artie shook his head, as he blushed, "N-No, not at all."

"Wait, wait! Hold up," Zack interrupted their little lovers' moment, as he interrogated, "She was going to go as Spider-Gwen; I get that. She's stuck reading the comics every once in a while." But then pointed to Arthur, as he asked, "But what are you supposed to be?"

Artie frowned, as he pointed out, "I'm supposed to be Captain Cold." But Zack still looked clueless, as Artie gave more info, "DC supervillain?" Zack was still confused. Artie huffed in annoyance, as he pointed out, "From the Flash? You practically watch the 2014 version of it because iZombie's after that."

Zack nodded, as he replied. "Yeah, I don't see it. You look more like Cuba Gooding Jr. from Snow Dogs; an African American Eskimo."

Johnny pulled away from his hugging, as he smiled at his dad, "I'm just glad we made it to the Halloween party this time before it started."

"Oh Yeah," Mr. Harris chuckled. "I mean, ah, I was starting to think Everett would have to be invaded by aliens for my kids to drop by from their little bunk apartment home away from home. Eh?"

Boht Johnny and Rebecca chuckled, nervously at that, as they looked weary to one another, as they tried their best to seem casual about it. But Rebecca's awkward tone almost blew it, "Aliens? Ha! What a crazy… yet possible scenario you came up with…"

"Well, this year, I managed to bring out all the favs when you guys showed up," Mr. Harris stated, as he showcased what appeared to be candy showcases for the whole lawn, "Hangman Trees with Licorice nooses and sugar skeletons. Poison Candy Apples of Witches Peak. Invasion of the Nerd Snatchers. In the Chocolate Mountain of Malty Madness. And my personal favorite: Stephen King's Children of the Candy Cornfields."

Everyone seemed rather impressed by all that, except for Raptor, who simply sighed, "Yeah, well you let me know when it's real candy."

Dru shook his head, as he groaned, "I am Dru."

Raptor arched an eyebrow, "It's Feel Randy? Who the heck is Randy?"

Zack slapped his forehead, as he corrected the situation, "Raptor. He said, it is real candy."

Raptor went wide eye on that truth, as she turned to look at all the candy. She gasped in astonishment, as well as gluttonous hunger. She pulled her wings out, and was preparing to charge straight on through at the candy, preparing to devour it all herself. But luckily Tanya grabbed her and pulled her back, even with her wings and talons flinging about to get to it.

Everyone just seemed ot get weirded out by Raptor's attempt to eat the candy. But Mr. Harris didn't mind, as he went for the car, "Well, you guys eh, have fun with trick r' treating and party down. Meantime, I'm gonna go get some more pumpkins. They're sellin' like hotcakes. Which is a bit weird since Farmer Jones is particularly possessive of having them and not selling them…"

Rebecca zoomed over to her dad's car, blocking the driver door, as she screamed out, "NO! DON'T!"

Mr. Harris blinked. "Huh?"

Johnny ran over, as he pulled his dad away, as he stated, "Yeah, you still need to get some stuff done. The candy and all; Artie and I can help with that, while the guys are all trick or treating. I mean, it's been ages since they had a good scare."

"Yeah," Rebecca smiled, as she pointed to the others, "Jaqueline, Vincent, Polly, Claudia, and I can go over and get the pumpkins and be back for the party."

Mr. Harris blinked, "You sure you wanna do that? I mean, I ah… I thought you and Arthur were gonna have a date?"

"Oh, what's another hour; we have the whole party to get all lovey dovey, and you all trying to break us up from doing something we'll probably do on our wedding day, Rebecca rambled. But then snapped back, as she shook her head, "If we ever get that far."

Mr. Harris backed away from the car, taking Johnny with him, "Alright. Just be back soon." He then patted Johnny's back, as they both made their way back to the house, "Looks like we can set up everything inside right now."

"Cool." Johnny smirked, and looked back at Suu winking for her and the others.

As they made their way inside, Artie asked, but whispered to his girlfriend's brother, as he asked, "Okay, what's going on?"

"Haven't a clue. At least not yet," Johnny replied, as they all went inside.

As soon as the trio entered inside, Vincent looked to the others, as his serious face was shown, "Alright guys, Team A will go to the pumpkin farm first; that's where the center of the disturbance started. Team B, do a sweep around the area. See if anything's gone bump in the night aside from us."

As Team B, which was Zack, Raptor, Tanya, Zahir, Dru, Suu, Irene, and Morbius were on their way, Zack stopped to Vincent as he asked, "Hey, V. How'd Alice take it when she heard you couldn't go frolicking in the forest with her this night?" His reply was an embarrassed frown, as well as annoyance. Zack got the picture, as he sighed, "Well, looks like I'm not the only one disappointed tonight. Although, I'm not the one being put in the dog house." And then walked off with the others.

Vincent shook his head, as he groaned, "I really hate it when he hits the nail on the board like that."

Later On

The Streets

The B Team was making their way around the neighborhood, but awaited as Morbius was getting ready himself. At the moment, the streets were littered with kids in costumes, running from house to house. Trick or treaters were getting their fill on candy, while the streets and patios were lit up with the jack o'lanterns they had gotten from old Farmer Jones. Currently, the MONSters were bored out of their minds waiting.

Zack looked at his watch, and asked, "How long is this gonna take? I do wanna get some scaring done before the day's over and we're stuck with boring old Thanksgiving. If I want to stuff myself silly with food, I'd go to a barbecue."

"If you did, you'd want all the meat raw," Zahir shot back.

"Sorry I'm late."

They all turned to see Kirk Morbius in his transformed state. He was a seven foot tall now, with medium muscle build, and his whole body was now covered in dark silver fur, with a few silver patches shown on his forearms. He now had red eyes, with his teeth grown and sharpen into fangs, with two longer ones protruding from the lower jaw. His hair was still combed back, but now he had long bat-like ears pointing back and a bat-like nose. His forearms were still the same build for his medium body, but on them were sharp black claws on his hands. His feet had become elongated with only three toes used for grasping, and they too had become black and sharp with claws. But the amazing transformation was what was sprouting out of his back. Out of his back were two wings with a 15 foot wingspan, and they were long enough to be gorilla arms. Which they were, as they helped him keep balance, with two poseable finger claws sticking out of them.

Zack huffed, "Finally. Let's get a move on now."

Kirk sighed as he replied, "I'm not sure I feel comfortable about this."

"Well, at least this way, if we find danger, we'll all be at the ready," Tanya stated, as she walked off to one of the houses.

Kirk walked over to both Suu and Raptor, since this was their first time trick or treating on Halloween. The two seemed rather anxious to do so, since Suu snuck with her a pillowcase to use as a sack. And since Raptor was gonna go nuts on the candy at the Harris house, it would have been best to advise the two on patrol.

"Alright, it's quite simple, Suu. Raptor," Kirk started to explain, as they walked along the sidewalk. "You ring the doorbell, then repeat the following phrase, 'Trick or Treat'. Afterwards, they offer you candy, usually one piece or two. If it's a slow night, a handful."

Suu went wide eye, "What?"

"I'm gonna go check with Tanya; she'll need some backup," Irene stated, as she ran after to where Tanya went. "And mostly to make sure she won't cry if people make fun of her."

Kirk shook his head, as he went back to the girls, "Remember, girls. If they offer you candy, they're most likely human. Though if they offer to strip and probe you in the most embarrassing ways, they're mostly likely from beyond the stars."

"No way," Raptor nearly gaped. "They actually give you free candy?"

"ARGH! I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" Zack shouted, grabbing his head. "I've been in a lab for too long. I gotta do some scaring, or I'll lose my mind."

Zahir raised an eyebrow, as he asked, "How's how you are now any different?"

"I'll catch you later," Zack said, as he ran off. "Don't worry, I'll do a makeup mission later."

"No wait," Kirk protested. But then he spotted Dru and Zahir taking off. "Where are you two going?"

"Make sure he doesn't do anything stupid," Zahir stated. But Kirk and the others looked at him in disbelief, as he sighed, "Alright, I'm going to go help him with his scaring. We're missing our night!" And then poofed after him.

Dru shrugged, "I am Dru." And then sprinted after them.

Kirk sighed, as he turned to the girls, "Well, I guess it's just…" and then frowned, as he saw the girls were gone as well. "Fine, I'll do it myself."

Later On

Everyone was at the post of attack; a door and a doorbell. They all rang them all together, with each gearing up for whatever would happen or what would pop out and lay eggs in their chests. Suu and Raptor were ready, as they chanted to make sure they would remember what to say, "Trick or treat. Trick or treat. Trick or treat. Trick or treat. Trick or treat. Trick or treat. Trick or treat. Trick or treat."

The door opened, as a kind old grandma stepped out, with the biggest bowl of candy you'd ever seen. The two girls looked to it, smiling like birthday girls. They looked to the old lady, as Raptor was about to start first… but then froze, as a look of complete cluelessness was on there. Suu looked to her, and then did the same, obviously mimicking her friend, as they both stared at the old lady in the same spaced out clueless look.

A man opened the door of his house, as he smiled, "Hey, Happy Hallow…" but stopped, as he paled at the creature that Morbius was.

He lumbered forward, with his human arms and hands pointing the device at him, "Relax. This won't hurt one. Little. Bit." He pulled the trigger, as the beam scanned him. Once it was done, he looked at the results, and shrugged, "Eh. All clear." And then lumbered away, leaving the poor freaked out man behind.

At another house, a woman opened her door, only to come face-to-face with Zahir, floating in the air Indian style, as he was about to scare the woman. But she beat him to it, as she screamed… in delight, "Oh my goodness, Honey. It's Naruto!"

Zahir looked confused, as he asked, "Naruto? Do I look like that anime, Lady?"

At antoher house, the door opened to reveal two Japanese exchange students dressed up as Sailor Scouts Mercury and Mars… to come face-to-face with Irene and Tanya. The two screamed, to which Tanya and Irene were about to run away, but the girls gushed out, "Look, Sister. It's an Oni and Monoeye!"

The two girls' fear washed away, as they looked to each other, and then to the huamns, asking, "Huh?" But suddenly were pulled into the hosue.

Back with Suu and Raptor… they were still staring blankly at the old woman, who seemed not to budge from her spot.

Dru knocked on the door, as an elderly bunch… WWII veterans, looked at Dru who waved back, "I am Dru…"

They stared at him for a moment, unitl they finally roared out, "IT'S THE WAR OF THE WORLDS! IT'S BEGUN!"

"BURN THE ALIEN!" another shouted, as they grabbed pitchforks and shotguns.

"I am Dru…" Dru gulped in a squeak.

Elsewhere, a door opened, as Zack pulled out both his katanas, as he made a raspy roar of sorts. But stopped, as he looked down to see three boys, dressed as zombies as well as makeup and fake blood. Zack put his swords away, as he smirked at them, "Hey, little geniuses. You're all dressed like me."

The kid, who was unamused at the moment, pointed out, "Uh, no. I'm dressed as one of the Walking Dead, mostly a zombie. You're dressed as Frankenstein of the Howling Commandos of SHIELD."

"Huh?" Zack arched an eyebrow.

One of the other zombie kids walked up to him, as he spat out, "Yeah, since when does a zombie look all fresh and sweet smelling?" And then kicked him in the shins, as he stumbled a bit. The kids laughed, as they closed the door, leaving Zack to limp a little.

Zack limped away, as he grumbled, "Rotten kids."

Meanwhile, Suu and Raptor were looking blankly at the old lady for what felt like thirty minutes. Finally, Raptor leaned over to her, as she whispered, "What is happening right now?"

At that moment, Kirk tromped behind them, and got in front, ready to scan the old lady, "I believe what my gelatinous gal and plumaged petite were about to say was, Trick or Treat."

But before he scanned her, the old lady smiled, "Oh, what an ingenious costume. Truly terrifying. That deserves something very special." She pulled back to the door and presented for Kirk… a yellow and red swirly pop to him.

Kirk's red eyes were widened with surprise, as he blinked, "A swirly pop? For me?" His human hands gently reached out to take it, and pulled back, as he looked down at it, cradling it as if he had found something truly precious. His face then grew determined, as he declared, "And this time… no pimply hooligans will deprive me of my lickable loot!" he then turned to both Suu and Raptor, as he made an announcement, as he held the swirly pop out, "Come, girls! We have a new prime directive for the evening: Candy." And then he trampled off.

Suu lit up, as she stretched her arms out to the door, holding the sac, "Trick or treat!" The kind lady grabbed a handful and put it in her sack. Once rewarded, she ran off after Kirk.

Raptor finally remembered the lines, as she looked back and cried out, "OH! TRICK OR…!" But the door closed on her, as she was too late, as she slumped and groaned in defeat, going after the two.


Dru was on the sidewalk, sitting with a disgruntled Zack, as the plant man told him everything of what happened. After he had managed to get away, he had jumped into a haunted house, where everyone freaked out around him. And if that made things worse, a crazy family of lumberjacks spotted him, and chased after him. So far, Dru's first Halloween was becoming a bust.

Zack patted him on the back, as he sighed, "Man, how come you're getting all the scares? You weren't even trying. And that lumberjack family… yeesh. Least they weren't rainforest fanatics; they wouldn't leave you alone for a second."

Dru sighed, "I am Dru…"

"I know, Buddy. I know," Zack tried to reassure his friend, as he continued to pat him on the back. But then two lumbering shadows were in front of them, as Zack groaned, "Hey, can you give us some space? We're…" But then he blinked as he saw it was Tanya and Irene, and shrugged, "Oh, it's you guys. How're you guys?"

Tanya smiled brightly, "Oh, it was great. There were these foreign exchange students from japan, who invited us in for a Halloween party. It was mostly anime since they thought of us as an Oni and a Monoeye."

Dru blinked, as he asked, "I am Dru?"

"Yeah, but aren't you both an Ogre and a Cyclops," Zack asked.

Dru blinked as he looked at Irene, and asked, "I am Dru?"

Zack looked at Irene, and aksed, "Yeah, what's with the getup, Eye-Gal?"

In truth, the cyclops was dressed in a very beautiful yukata with her hair done in a clip in the back, as well as pale paint and lipstick. Irene looked away in embarrassment, as she confessed, "They took me in their bedroom, and dressed me up as a Geisha."

Tanya then commented, "At least they let you keep your boots and rifle."

"I am Dru," Dru complimented.

Knowing what tone that was, Irene quickly hid behind a folding fan she was given, to hide her blushing and embarrassed face.

However, that moment was cut short, as Kirk was trompling through, with Suu and Raptor following after him, the latter flying after the two, "Come on, everyone! This is going to be the best Halloween ever!"

Everyone just saw him run off and scream it out, even with Zahir poofing there, as he blinked, "What's he so excited about?"

"Look, mommy," a kid cried out, as they saw Zahir. "A ninja!"

Zahir sighed, as he groaned, "Why does everyone think I'm a ninja? It's so annoying."

Not Far

In a house across the street from where the MONSters were, the family from the pumpkin sale were readying for the upcoming night. In the kitchen, the father hefted the big pumpkin onto the table, "Biggest. One. In the patch…" and then placed it in front of his son, as he sighed, and looked cool to him, "Because that's how our family rolls."

The son thought about it for a moment, and then declared to the pumpkin, "I'm gonna call you… the Pumpkin King."

"Thatta boy, son. Now, let's gut this sucker," his dad smirked.

"Yeah," the son cheered on.

He then took a jack o'lantern carving tool and began working on the face. After he was done, the face was perfectly carved; two scary sharp eyes, with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, eyebrows over the eyes, and to complete it, a skeleton nose in the center of it. But before they could open the top and gut it out, the inside started to glow an eerie green, as the features became more living. Both father and son were a bit surprised at this, but didn't say anything until the mother popped up with a bowl of candy.

"Wow," the wife complimented on her son's work. "That almost looks real, hon."

Suddenly… the pumpkin spoke up with its mouth moving, "Ga gala da ganga!" The family just stared at it in disbelief, until it finally spoke up again, "Boo!"

The wife screamed out, dropping the bowl of candy… only for a vine hand to grab it, and then the pumpkin guzzled it down. As it did this, the husband gasped, "You can talk? That's. Not. Possible!"

Suddenly, as if it had some kind of reaction to the candy it ate, the pumpkin's body sprouted vines that wrapped around themselves and took shape. Once it was done, standing on the table was the Pumpkin, five feet with a body with the vines wrapped around to form arms and legs, as well as a torso, with dried up brown plates on the chest, back, shoulders, forearms, and graeves, making him a full body.

He then crouched on the table, as it looked to the family, declaring, "Moogit. Roogit. Rockalockalocka!" And then poucned at them, laughing, "AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!"

Next Chapter: The Invasion Begins; MONSters vs Space Pumpkins

Author's note: Oh, also for those who are wondering, I modeled Rebecca and Johnny's dad after Jeff Goldblum's character, Seth Brundle from the 1986 version of the Fly.