Brandon sighed as he fell back onto his bed and rubbed his hands over his face and thought about what he was going to do. He couldn't keep acting like this someone was bound to find out what he'd done, Sky is his best friend and being a peeping tom around his girlfriend would definitely put a big strain on their friendship and he was … is in love with Stella and having fantasies about her best friend would surely get him an earful.

He closed his eyes and got comfortable, he might as well take a nap. Maybe then he'd stop obsessing about his bestfriend's girl.


Brandon was walking into his girlfriend and her best friends dorm room a few weeks ago. He was trying to find Bloom as he needed some help coming up with a gift for his girlfriend, Stella. Bloom was Stella's best friend, they shared everything with one another and he needed help coming up with a new idea of what to get Stella and he knew Bloom could help him.

He stopped outside Bloom`s door and was going to knock when he heard a noise, a moan or something. Being as quiet as possible he slowly opened the door and looked in, what he saw made his eyes widen.

Bloom was on her bed laying down flat on her back with her legs bent and opened wide and she was naked. Slowly his eyes travelled up her impossibly long legs to her flat, toned stomach and her big, bountiful breasts & nipples that were clearly. His eyes back down to her wet pussy as her right hand spread herself open and started to lightly stroke her clit. He got hard as he watched his best friends girlfriend (and his girlfriend best friend) start to pleasure herself. He watched fascinated as she used her left hand to squeeze and stroke her nipples and so, subconsciously, he reached down and started to stroke himself first on top his clothing but as things started to escalated with Bloom he pulled out his big, hard cock.

He stroked his cock, in tune with Bloom's hand that was stroking her hard clit, she reached down and dipped her finger slightly in her tight hole and used her wetness to rub her throbbing clit. She moaned out as she started to grind her pussy down onto her fingers and as she got wetter she eased a single finger inside her pussy. Brandon gripped his cock tighter as the sounds of her moans and the light wet sound caused a delicious tingle to go down his spine and his hips started to hump his closed fist as he watched Bloom add another finger inside her.

Faster now Bloom thrusted her finger inside her and continued to play with her nipples, first lightly stroking them then pinching and pulling them as she felt her orgasm approach.

In time both of them stroked and together both came, Bloom all over her fingers her juices leaking out to cool beneath her on the bed and Brandon used his hand to stop his cum from going everywhere.

Brandon closed the door quietly, not disturbing the beautifully spent women on the bed and walked out.