Darkness surrounded Link. All she knew was that she was in emance pain. She could smell blood, she could feel it driping down her chin. All she knew that she was in pain.

"sky child" a voice called out to her, it was soothing, calm, and familar. "wake up" she could feel a soft warm hand crease her check , but it hurt. Link let out a soft whimper, and flinched away from the touch. "Link, It's time to wake up my sky child." the voice was crystal clear now. slowly , agonizingly slow, she opened her sky blue irises.

Ghirahim knew there was something wrong with the sky child named Link when she faced him in their supposed final battle. she was wary, exhasted, and it seemed as though she was emotionally breaking down as they fought, he noticed that through out their battle, she had tear stains on her delicate pale cheeks. When he got close enough to kill her, she fell, barely missing the ground before the demon caught her.

"Ghirahim," Demise called out to his servant, " what are you waiting for? KILL HER! " Ghirahim had to think of something, somehow this girl in his arms capitvated him, he wanting to keep her.

"Master, May I request to keep her? you've already won. She wont be an issue any longer. " he pleaded. Demise took a few steps towards his servent and the fallen hero in his arms.

"I suppose, but if she steps out of line once, This deal will be terramatied." The demon king said as he placed one of his large hands over Link's face, looking into her memories to understand just what had happen to make the girl so careless during her last battle. what he saw shocked him, He was speechless. The Goddess Hylia turned her back on the girl, told her she was a nusesence that Link was no hero.

It had broken the girl, He could see that. Link felt as though she had no other purpose in life now that her best friend completely rejected her.

"Ghirahim. You are to teach this girl that we are her new family , do you understand?" Demise would never tell a soul, that he had a soft spot for those who lost everything, and they're living for those around them, not for themselves.

Ghirahim nodded, as he turned to leave. Taking Link with him, they vanished into a sea of red and gold diamonds.

When Link awoke, all she saw was a red canopy above her. Of course she was confused, the last thing she remembered was fighting with Ghirahim, then blackness. Her head hurt, and there where black spots in her vision.

"You're awake." Ghirahim said with a gentle voice, but she still jumped. She looked like a scared kitten, with how her eyes widened at the sight of the demon lord. Ghirahim sighed, as he stood up and started towards the blond. She backed away quickly. "Sky child, I will not hurt you, if anything, I'd protect you." He said as he took a seat on the silk comforter. Link still looked at him with wide scared eyes. Ghirahim sighed, and reached out for her; she just stared at him, confused beyond belief. Why was her enemy reaching out to comfort her, when her supposed best friend was supposed to be there doing the exact same thing? "Sky child, please don't make me lose my temper around you, Come here please. "He pleaded, not wanting to scare her any more then she already was.

Link thought for a moment, not wanting to see the demon lord angry again, she slowly scooted towards him. That didn't be she trusted him, Not at all, but she didn't want to anger him, like their first encounter. Ghirahim smiled softly, as link crawled towards him. Quietly, he picked her up, carrying her like a rag doll, surprised at how light she was, Link clung to him, terrified that he'd drop her, like when she told Zelda that her loftwing wasn't responding to her calls. When Zelda pushed her off of Sky Loft. This didn't go unnoticed by the Demon lord. He was worried about the hero.

Yes, worried. Ever since their first battle, he's been worried about her. With how thin she was, it was a wonder how she "won" the fight. Yes, the Demon Lord Ghirahim had a soft spot for the girl, because he knew the spirt madden named Zelda was only using the young Hero. It pained him to watch their reunion when the time gate was reviled. Zelda not only broke Link, She took everything away from her. Her hope. Her happiness. All Zelda left her was a red hand print on her cheek and a terrible disease known as depression. He was furious at the spirt Madden. How could she treat the one person who was fighting for her sake like that?! Even Demise Never treated him like that! The terrified girl in him arms, he swore he'd protect her from that Damn Zelda!

"Sky child, I must look at your wounds, will you allow me to do so?" Ghirahim said as he carried her towards his personal wash room. Link nodded but kept her head buried in the crook of Ghirahim neck. She was shaking terribly, as small hiccups escaped her mouth. Ghirahim knew she was crying. Once in the wash room, He placed her on the edge of his huge tub. "What is wrong, Link?" he asked as he wiped her tears away. She didn't say anything, which was expected, But Ghirahim still wanted an answer. "Is it because of that spirt madden, Zelda?" He hissed making Link look to the titled floor, with her bangs covering her eyes.

"...Don't..." she said in a hoarse quiet voice. This surprised Ghirahim. He knew Link could talk, but he also knew she didn't talk unless it was absolutely necessary. "Don't please..." tears started pouring down her cheeks. As soon as he saw this, Ghirahim wrapped his arms around her tightly. Link widened her eyes. Why was he comforting her! He was supposed to hate her, to kill her! "W-why!? Why are you D-doing this! J-just kill me already! "She screamed into Ghirahim's chest. He looked at her with surprised, yet saddened eyes.

"Link I- "

"NO!" she yelled, as she grabbed the top of his jump suit," WHY ARE YOU KEEPING ME HERE!? WHY ARE YOU ACTING LIKE YOU FUCKING CARE ABOUT ME!?" she cried. Ghirahim tightened his hold on her, before kissing the top of her head.

"Link, I do care about you, I've been worried about you since we first met." Ghirahim explained, link widened her eyes, surprised at his answer. "That Zelda you tried so hard to protect and prove yourself to, used you. You know this, due to the incident that occurred when the time gate was found." Link's breathing hitched for a moment, that day, was the worst in her entire life so far. She hated that day, and hated the fact that he HAD to bring that up. "When you fought my true form, I knew you were breaking down, thinking 'what's the point? Zelda wouldn't care even I do this, I want to die.' Sky child, nobody should think that, my master agrees with me on this. You should be thinking those kinds of things at this age. You shouldn't have to suffer that kind of abuse from the one person that's supposed to give one hope." Ghirahim said, as she broke down in his arms, clinging to him as if he were her life line.

"I-I'm sorry." She cried, not letting go of the demon lord. Ghirahim smiled as he began to rub her back in attempt calm her down. The two stayed like that for a while, as link cried her heart out.