When Link came too, she could tell Ghirahim was irritated horribly. she bit the inside of her cheek as she moved herself away from him.

"w-what happened? " she said quietly , worried she did something to anger the demon. He sighed and smiled sadly at her. " I'm glad your back. We have some work to do Dearest one." Ghirahim said as he stood up from the bed and and offered a hand to the former hero, who had little to no hesitation to take it. Link looked at Ghirahim with questioning eyes as he snapped his fingers and They disappeared into a sea of diamonds. Link blinked and saw that they were now in the forest temple in faron woods, in the exact room they had met in. She smiled softly, thanking whatever god that was out there that that memory had not been tampered with.

" What are you thinking about Skychild? " Ghirahim's voice was low and curious. As he stood over her as he had done before, half tempted to lick her ear as he had done when they first met. Link looked over her shoulder at him.

" You already know…" She whispered harshly " don't act like you don't." Ghirahim laughed a little as she elbowed him in the stomach gently.

" I need you to open the door to the goddess spring Link, this concerns that voice in your head. " Link widened her eyes and turned her head towards his direction. " Yes sky child I know of the voices, but we will discuss this at a later time, now please open the door." Link rolled her eyes.

" It's already open Ghira." Ghirahim blushed at the nickname, causing the blond to smile softly. " It's been open since our first fight. " she whispered as she went to open the door once again. Ghirahim smirked as he then snapped his fingers and appeared in from of Link, causing her to jump.

" You know I quite like the new look you have. " Link rose an eyebrow.

" What do you mean? " Ghirahim smiled and ruffled her blond hair.

" Running around barefoot and in a black dress, I dare say it suits you. You really do look like a child of the sky. " Link rolled her eyes and opened the door.

" Flattery will get you nowhere Ghirahim." she smiled as she poked his stomach, tickling the demon lord slightly.

" Don't do that " Ghirahim pouted as he walked ahead of the girl. Link giggled.

" What is the great demon lord Ghirahim ticklish?" he looked at her with an unamused face, causing the blond to burst out laughing. " You are aren't you!?"

"Skychild now is not the time to be discussing this matter. "He said with a sour tone. "We need to get this settled dear. " Link frowned as she looked up to him.

¨ Yeah I know, Iḿ just trying to lighten the mood a little." She said as she walked ahead into the goddess spring " Are you coming?" She asked with an innocent look on her face . Ghirahim smiled as he followed her in.

(A/N : Hey guys I know This is short but as some of you know I've been battling Colorado's child services since the middle of November and I haven't really had time to update since I have to take care of my Jazzy. updates are coming I promise, thank you for being so kind to me with this :3 )