Things have changed. Three years have passed since the Teen Titans had disbanded and left Jump City. They didn't separate because of a falling out, there was no shouting matches, no screaming curses, no slammed doors and echoed halls. The Titans were no longer needed Jump City was quiet for almost a year. Most criminals had grown tired of having their plans stopped so they gave up or were in prison. Slade Wilson had vanished for good, leaving no traces for anyone to follow. Even the H.I.V.E had crumbled. Jump City no longer needed guardians to stand watch. Having no attacks to stop the Titans said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. Leaving only Titans Tower as a reminder that if the city was ever threatened again, the Titans would return.

Beast Boy reunited with Terra and are now living together in Midway City as founding members of the New Doom Patrol. Garfield and Terra helped form the team when a mass explosion attracted the attention of all heroes in Midway.

Starfire left her friends and returned to Tameran to help the rebels fight in a civil war that had erupted due to Starfire's sister Blackfire demanding herself crowned empress and declaring martial law throughout Tameran. Koriand'r imprisoned Blackfire and became queen. She would never be able to return to Earth or see her friends again.

Victor Stone; Cyborg was now twenty three. He was always the eldest of the Titans but none of that mattered now. Cyborg had been invited to join the Justice League to which he accepted. Cyborg now worked side by side with the big seven and all the other Leaguers.

Rachel Roth; Raven had finally broken the hold that her father Trigon had on her throughout her entire life. For the first time in her life she was her own person, no longer looking over her shoulder waiting Trigon's influence. Raven moved from city to city, never staying in one place for too long. She wasn't running, just searching for something but she herself didn't know she was searching.

Richard Grayson, Robin the leader of the Teen Titans had moved out of the shadow of the bat. He was no longer Robin the boy wonder he was something bigger, something darker. He is now Nightwing. Grayson had gotten multiple invitations to join the League but refused them all because he wanted to distance himself from Batman after his failure; his biggest regret. Nightwing left Titans Tower and Jump City and now called Bludhaven his home. A city where the scum that was too vile for Gotham ended up.

Now as Nightwing watches over Bludhaven after midnight he sees a familiar sight, flying over the streets, a former team mate and probably his closest friend. One who has seen the death of his parents and the one he still shares the telekinetic bond with. Raven.

Snow began to fall onto the city streets, winter almost over but the cold doesn't leave as easily as winter. Nightwing kneeling on the rooftop in the shadows watching the figure. Almost instantly he recognized who she was.

Thinking to himself "Rachel, what the hell are you doing here?"

Silently he followed her not making himself known, yet…. Just then, it was subtle but he caught it four armed men heading from the alley heading towards Raven. Nightwing was ready for them, escrima already in hand. They were Black Masks men, he was kicked out of Gotham by Red Hood. Batman had interfered before Jason could kill him, Batman told Sionis to leave Gotham for good before he let Red Hood finish the job so he wound up in Bludhaven with his entire organization.

Mobsters surrounded Raven but before she could react smoke encased the area, Nightwing had thrown a smoke pellet. He landed inches away from her and took out two of the mobsters before the smoke could clear. The last two he forced into the alley, the smoke had cleared but Raven could not see what happened or where the men were now. She heard gunfire from the alley, as she turned she saw the muzzle flashes from an assault rifle then it silenced.

Raven turned to see a figure emerging from the alley, she spread her feet out and encased her hands with magic ready to defend herself.

"Raven, it's good to see you again." He stepped from the shadows, if not for his voice Raven would have never recognized him. The new costume caught her off guard, all black with a blue V shape on the chest and along the back. Blue streaks extended from the shoulders down to the gauntlet across two fingers. The mask was more angular with a built in communicator.

Rachel stared in disbelief then felt the psylink that bonded the two friends together, the bond that allowed her to see the death of his parents and able to feel his emotions and hear his thoughts.

"Dick is that you?" Raven whispered barely able to form the words. The smirk on his face was now visible.

"It's been a long time Raven. What are you doing here?" Before she could answer there was a gun shot and a round stuck the ground between them. Nightwing grabbed Raven and pushed her down behind a dumpster in one of the alleys getting her into cover he took position to her left.

"Did you see where the shot came from?" Nightwing asked as he was looking over himself and Raven for wounds. She looked out over the dumpster almost getting hit by the next round but Nightwing pulled her back to cover in time.

"What the hell are you doing? Keep your damn head down!"

"I saw the shooter, He is on the building directly across the street from the alley. What are we going to do this guy has the whole street pinned down?" Almost at the point of panic.

"I'm out of smoke pellets so I need you to make a barrier, I'll take to the shadows and get behind him. Move down the alley and put up a barrier between shots."

"Got it. On my go." Raven said looking over at him. Nightwing pulled out a wing ding and got ready to move to the rooftops.

"Oh and it's not Robin anymore, I'm Nightwing"

"Three, Two, One. Now!" Raven moved out into the open and put up a barrier, the sniper fired and hit the barrier. Nightwing had moved over the rooftops and was behind the shooter after his third shot. Raven could see the the masked man turn and fire as Nightwing got close. The shooter was quickly bested in a straight fight. As Raven approached she could hear Nightwing interrogating the mobster.

"Where is Sionis! Tell me where damn it or I'll break your other shoulder!"

Nightwing tied up the mobster and lowered him down to street level. Raven watched as he came down to street level.

"Now, before we get interrupted again I need to ask what are you doing in Bludhaven?" He asked.

Raven was about to answer but then she noticed the skin exposed on his left arm. "You're hurt."

He looked at the the same spot she had noticed "It's nothing. He noticed you were looking over his shoulder so he knew I was behind him. The bullet just grazed my arm, nothing that won't heal. Now, back to my original question." Almost sounding impatient.

"Just passing through the city. I've just been wandering around since we all went our separate ways three years ago. I just didn't know where to go after we all split. I've never stayed in one place for more than a week"

"Do you have a place to stay at least?" He said wiping some of the blood off of his arm.

"No. I just move from city to city don't really stay anywhere"

Nightwing looked down and sighed "I have an apartment on Woolrich Avenue it's not too far from here. You can stay with me"

"I'm not staying Nightwing, I'm just going to wander to the next city"

"I'm not telling you to stay. I'm letting you stay the night at my place so you can sleep, get cleaned up, dry off and get a decent meal. If you want to leave tomorrow I won't try to stop you."

"That… sounds nice thanks" When Raven said it she almost sounded embarassed.

"just let me swing by and get my bike and we can head back there"

"you're bike? You still have that old thing?" almost laughing as she said it.

"Relax Raven, it's not the same bike. I got rid of the old one when I quit being Robin."

She could tell by his voice that the fact that he used to Robin was uncomfortable so she decided not to ask what she had been thinking since she saw him.

They had both started walking down the street towards highway 61 where his bike was parked in an alley.

Raven followed as he walked down an alley and uncovered his bike. He climbed on and pulled out his helmet. It was black with a blue V shaped visor.

"Want a ride, there's room for two?" He asked putting on the helmet.

"No thanks, I'll fly" Raven was almost confused on why he had asked for a ride.

"Suit yourself, okay stay close it's not far"

Raven stayed above him while he rode to his apartment. He pulled into an alley with no lights and put his bike in a small garage. Then he grappled up to the roof with raven close behind to an elevator that took him down into the apartment. She followed him through the apartment.

" You can have the guest bedroom. There should be extra blankets in the closet if you get cold." He said while taking off his mask. They turned the corner and he showed Rachel his room.

"Thanks Dick. You know you don't have to do this"

"No problem Rachel, make yourself at home" He said walking down the hall of the apartment. A couple of minutes later he knocked on the door.

"Hey can I get you something to eat?" He was back into regular clothes and was eating a cold piece of pizza.

"No thanks I'm fine" She was already half asleep in her room.

"Okay I'll see you tomorrow" With still a half a piece of pizza he went to his room ready for whatever the morning had in store.