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It had been about a week since Hiccup and Toothless had left Berk. They had spent their time well, having found a small, uninhabited island outside of the archipelago. There they had settled within a cave and made a temporary base of operations. The cave wasn't exactly homey; the inside was pretty bare, housing only the supplies that they had taken on their trip. It wasn't meant to really be a home for them so much as a place from which they could set out to find different villages so as to better understand the local people and their relation to dragons. The island was near three other inhabited islands that each had a village. Fortunately for Hiccup and Toothless though the island they found for themselves remained devoid of human settlements, as the terrain was too rocky and harsh to sustain crops. Hiccup had already visited one of the three neighboring islands and intended to set out to one of the two neighboring islands in order to find some traders so that he could stock up on any supplies that he might need. As for goods to trade, Hiccup brought some axes that he had forged back in Berk. He knew that he was a good blacksmith among Vikings, and was also curious as to how his products compared to foreign ones. Unfortunately, during his survey of the surrounding villages he found that they were less prone to creating conflict than the Vikings that resided in the archipelago and thus didn't have forges for Hiccup to work in. Both the villages' weapons were imported by traders, and as Hiccup didn't have a means to create more goods to sell, he needed to figure out something else that he could do to get tradable goods.

"Well bud, seems like my luck has hit us once again. Here we are, without work, in a cave, and not even a forge to work with." Hiccup sighed as he scratched Toothless' head.

Toothless trilled an unhappy acknowledgment.

"I thought we'd have been able to use a forge in the area, but there isn't one. We could try making one, but we would somehow need to make a whole bunch of things, and well… I don't think I have enough strength in these," Hiccup grumbled, gesturing at his arms, "to get the job done."

Toothless warbled and postured as if to say, "I have all the strength we need right here!"

"Sorry bud," Hiccup comforted apologetically as he patted Toothless' head, "but our lack of supplies is the bigger problem keeping us from making our own forge, besides while you're certainly strong, dragons aren't exactly good with finesse, no offense."

Toothless trilled an unhappy agreement before nudging Hiccup with his head in an attempt to cheer him up.

Hiccup acknowledged Toothless' efforts with a pat to the head but quickly turned back to his thoughts.

He sighed at the situation in general. In all honesty, blacksmithing and dragon-riding were really the only things he knew how to do. Without a proper forge though, he had limited his usable skills to one and frankly these islands weren't exactly dragon friendly. Granted, they didn't attack on sight, choosing the whole 'live and let live' approach. It wasn't foolish idealism though, as they knew full well how a dragon raid would go and were still reluctant to let the dragons too close due to that fear.

Hiccup couldn't help but sigh.

"I really wasn't prepared for this at all," He muttered to himself.

For a moment he wondered if his quest of self-discovery was pointless, if the more he looked the more he would find himself to be Hiccup the screw-up.

'No,' Hiccup thought, as he shook his head, 'No, I became a dragon rider in spite of two hundred years of Viking history, and I saved my entire village because I was different, not in spite of it. I have to be more than just a screw-up.'

"Bud, we'll figure things out upon doing a more thorough survey of the surrounding villages. There's no sense in panicking until we know we're out of options," He said as he turned back to Toothless.

Toothless flashed his signature gummy smile and warbled in agreement.

Despite what some vikings on Berk thought, Toothless wasn't merely Hiccups pet. He was Intelligent, more so than most dragons, and this intelligence allowed for a relationship of equals between the pair. Perhaps more interesting was how well they understood each other. Most vikings assumed that Hiccup guessed the meaning behind Toothless' warbling and cooing, but that was incorrect. If one asked Hiccup he would say that it began the moment Toothless had allowed him to place his hand on his snout. If Toothless could talk he would've likely said that their bond truly began when Hiccup and he first flew as one. Regardless the trust between these two lonely souls forged a bond that transcended words, a bond of instinct. Because of this Toothless knew just what Hiccup was thinking whenever he looked into his eyes.

His human had a look of determination in his eyes. This wasn't the same boy who had confronted him in the forest after a lucky bola shot. No, these were the eyes of the hero who had the courage to defy his entire village and their way of life to save his best friend, the eyes that had gazed upon the Dragon Queen and selfishly decided to challenge her for the freedom of every dragon under her reign.

They held no doubt or reprehension now; they spoke of only tenacity and courage.

Some would find such a look of determination out of place of a hiccup, but Toothless knew better. When Hiccup got this look there was little to nothing that could stop him from reaching his goals, which was something that made Toothless proud. He knew that Hiccup was fairly small and weak as far as humans were concerned, but he stood out because of his intelligence, and when combined with his own draconic speed and power there was little they couldn't accomplish.

If they could kill a giant dragon many times the size of Berk's largest sailing ships, they could definitely find a way to survive outside of berk.

Just then Toothless' ears perked up and he turned his head towards the ocean.

"What is it bud? Do you hear something?" Hiccup asked, trusting Toothless' superior senses as he'd learned to do in the few situations when danger had already confronted them.

Toothless grumbled and began pulling Hiccup back inside the cave.

Hiccup complied but turned to get one last look at the ocean.

There in the distance he saw a ship, but it wasn't anything like the trading ships he'd seen docked at the nearby islands. No this one was far large and it had a black sail with a skull emblazoned on it.

"Pirates!" He breathed.

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