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It was in the middle of a cold foggy night in Brooklyn, and the sounds of boots hitting the pavement, splashing against puddles occasionally. Her panting grew louder and louder as she ran faster and faster, her blue eyes darting wildly from side to side.

She couldn't stop now. They were after her. She had to get away, she had to.

She let out a scream as she tripped over a brick, and landed on her side. She moved her leg and yelped as a sharp jolt of pain emitted from her ankle.

Goddamn it…

She struggled to get up, using the walls of the surrounding buildings for support, and limped away as she could. Sure, she used magic, but she was still an apprentice. She didn't get to learn much.

She had to hide, there was no way she could out run them. She went down another dark alley and approached a dark colored dumpster.

There's no time now…

She struggled to get into the dumpster, and fell right to the bottom.


She dared not to let out a whimper of pain, she dared not to even move. She was in no condition to fight them off. She heard their low growls, she felt the way the dumpster shook with each one of their steps. She bit down on her lip until she tasted blood.

As they came closer, she conjured any remaining energy she had left, into a small brilliant blue ball. She wasn't going down without a fight.

But as suddenly as they came after her, the dumpster was lifted off the ground and thrown down the alleyway.

She bit down a scream as garbage and many other foul-smelling items were being tossed around, as if they were a salad.

The dumpster landed with a loud thud as her head collided with the bottom of the dumpster. She groaned in pain and laid there.

Goddamn ankle, goddamned demons…

She slowly sat up and peeked out of the dumpster, slowly opening the lid incase the demons were still there.

She fell to the bottom as she heard a roar full of pain, not wanting to be seen.

Wait, pain?

She peeked out again and saw what was causing the demons pain. The three that were hunting for her, even with their deformed figures and bright yellow eyes piercing through the fog, she could see the silhouette of a man, one with a bow, firing arrows into the larger of the two demons. As the demon lunged at him, he slid from underneath him and stabbed the smallest with his Seraph blades.

He was a pale young man, about as pale as her, the moonlight shining off of his skin. His rune-cladded skin at that.


She whispered so low, no one could hear her. Even though Downworlders and Shadowhunters started to get along, there were still quite a few who still went against the idea.

A painful shriek from the second demon as the Shadowhunter killed him and the largest collapsed to the ground, his Seraph blade hitting the concrete as the demon turned to dust.

The Shadowhunter picked up his blade and wiped it off. He looked around and flipped open his cellphone, and held it up to his ear.

"Hey. Yes, I know what time it is. Demons. Yes, I'm fine. Just a few scratches. I'm coming over if that's ok. See you soon." He snapped it shut and walked away. She waited until the man walked away and then carefully lowered herself down to the ground.

She limped around the corner and saw the young man walk into a huge building and shut the door behind him. She walked up to the door and saw the door handle.

As if whoever they are would let me in...

She looked up and saw multiple windows.

Maybe…I could climb up there…

She cursed her ankle, sucked up the pain, and felt for edges in the bricks and started to climb. She whimpered and cried out a bit from the pain. She dragged herself over the balcony of the building and approached a closed glass window. She tried to move the window up, but it was blocked by some kind of spell.

A witch? Or even a warlock? But why would the Shadowhunter come here then?

She shrugged it off and grabbed a spare stone that laid on the floor of the balcony and broke the window. Oh well, it's not like anyone would see. She just needed to get in and get out. Maybe find a book on healing spells, fix her damn ankle. She carefully walked over the jagged edges of glass and found herself in a bedroom.

Silk sheets laid perfectly on the twin-sized bed, the floors were polished and the walls were the color of silver. She admired the room for a minute and walked out the door to the hallway.

There were many doors on each side of the hallway, no doubt guestrooms and such. She peeked into each room, looking for anyone that would remotely look like a library.

She finally came across the room and dragged her twisted ankle behind her, trying not to wake up anyone in the house. The bookshelves were about 8 feet tall, too tall for her. She groaned at the hundreds upon hundreds books that were stacked next and on top of each other.

Gotta look for that fuckin' book now.

She looked at the lower shelf first, only finding transformation spells and runes. She checked higher shelfs, grabbing the ladder that was sitting in the corner and climbing up it, mentally cursing her ankle and the ladder. She filed through the other books. No luck.

God fuckin' dammit! Where is the damn book?!

The pain was starting to burn in her ankle, she slammed one of the books back into place, tears starting to well up in her eyes. "Fuck! Where is it?!" She yelled out loud at this point, frustrated.

She didn't notice the sound of the door knob turning.

"Looking for something?" The rich masculine voice said, sounding quite amused.

She quickly turned around in fright, looking at the tall man. His skin was as dark as caramel, his eyes were like hers. Cat-like eyes, but they were green instead of her beautiful blue ones. His hair as black as fresh ink, he was wearing a royal purple bathrobe, the same color that was strewed through the edges of his somewhat wild mess of hair. And holding the book of healing spells.

Magnus Bane.

The most known warlock of Downworlders and of all houses, she broke into his.

She was so lost in her thoughts she forgot his was on the ladder, and lost her footing and started to fall eight feet to the floor with a scream.

At least she thought she would.

Magnus flicked his fingers towards her, blue sparks emitting from them and a wind of blue light surrounded her and lowered the girl to the ground.

She bowed her head down silently and whispered, "I am so sorry, High Warlock of Brooklyn. Mr. Bane, I-I was running away from demons, I-I didn't know where to go or what to do a-and I saw a Shadowhunter-"

"Magnus, it's probably Chairman Meow. Come back to bed-" The dark haired Shadowhunter said tiredly, but his sleepy eyes popped open as he saw the girl on the ground.

"Alexander, darling, it appears we have a guest. Followed you home apparently." Magnus said, walking over to the girl, kneeling next to her ankle.
"It's twisted, I tripped over something while running from the demons…"

"Now, why were demons chasing after you?" Magnus said, stretching out his hand to her ankle, his cat eyes glowing a bright gold and blue wind sparking up from his hand. "I'm just healing you, but I believe a warlock like you would already know that."

"One, I got in trouble…with the wrong kind of people…They sent those…hideous beasts after me….I rather not explain…" She winced at bit in pain.

Magnus nodded a bit, still concentrated on her ankle. "And two, how do you know that?"

"Your eyes and what? No Shadowhunter unless it's my Alexander, would be in search of a book like that."

"Oh...yeah..." She whispered and the blue wind ceased.

"Now stand up." She stood and walked around a bit. Magnus nodded in approval and asked, "Now, Miss..?"

"Alice. Alice Waline." She said, her voice a little stronger at this point.

"Well, Alice, Alice Waline," Magnus grinned a bit, running his hand through his black and bluish-purple mess of hair, "Do you have any place to stay at this moment?"


"Oh, how rude of me," Magnus interrupted, "I haven't given you a proper introduction to us, and," He wrinkled his nose a bit, "Maybe, a change of fresh clothes?"

She sighed a bit and looked down at her dark purple shirt and black jeans, he was right. She smelled like shit alright.

She nodded a bit. He smiled, "Wonderful! Alexander dear, could you please find her some clothes to wear for now in my room?" Alec was still a bit shocked by the girl following him home. That's what Magnus' house was to him. Home.

He nodded and walked back to their room, leaving the two alone.

"I'll make some coffee. If that's fine by you." Magnus said to Alice, who shook her head eagerly. "Yes, please."

Once Alec came back with the set of clothes for Alice, she went into Magnus' personal bathroom to change. She looked at the clothes Alec carelessly tossed her way. An overgrown black sweater that hung off her shoulder and a pair of bright blue cargo pants. She shrugged a bit and threw them on herself. The sweater was comfy, and the pants were a bit big, but, other than that it was fine.

Magnus yawned a bit and waited as the coffee dripped into the coffeepot. Alec walked up behind his loved one and wrapped his arms around his waist.

"What's bothering you Alexander?" Magnus asked quietly and Alec let go of him.

"I don't trust her. I'm kinda skeptical of her…she wouldn't say anything about her story and really? Why were demons chasing her and, "Got in trouble with the wrong people?"?" Magnus nodded a bit, "True. But still, I can tell she's not lying. She's terrified out of her wits." He turned around and smushed Alec's cheeks together, "Besides, I have my wittle Shadowwunter to save me anyway." He talked in a baby face and Alec cut him a glare.

"Magnus," Alec said between 'fish lips', "Can I have my face back?" He groaned a bit. Magnus laughed and kissed him softly.


Magnus let go of Alec and Alec fell face-first on the ground. Magnus looked at Alice who was in the hallway and laughed a bit.

"I'm sorry if I was disturbing-"

"No, no, it's fine." Magnus said, bringing out with mugs with a blue smoke surrounding the mugs and the coffee pot as he helped his lover off the ground.

He rested the mugs on the small table that was surrounded by tables. The trio sat in a circle, Alec and Alice staring at each other as Magnus poured the coffee into each mug.

"So, Alice," Magnus started out, "I said I would give you a proper introduction to the two of us. " His eyes glowed a bit and he flashed a grin at her. A booming voice came out of nowhere, but his lips did not move, "I AM THE GREAT WARLOCK OF BROOKLYN, MAGNUS BANE." The voice went away and then Magnus said pointing to Alec, who was sipping on his coffee, "And this is my Shadowhunter boyfriend with thankfully, a stamina rune."

Alec choked on his hot coffee and spat it out over the table. His face red from embarrassment. "Alexander, what has gotten into you? Are you okay?" Magnus seemed worried.

Alec sent a glare at Magnus and wiped off his mouth. "Yes, perfectly."

"Sorry dear, but it's true." Magnus grabbed some napkins and wiped up the spat out coffee. Alice snickered a bit but stopped when Alec glared at her.

"Alexander, dear be nice. You don't want to scare away our guest do you?" Magnus said, clicking his tongue.

"Guest?" Alice questioned, raising an eyebrow. "Yes, guest. If you indeed have no place to stay, how about you stay here for a while." Alec choked a bit and Magnus' eyes lit up. "You could be the daughter I never had! I mean, you look like Alexander but have some attributes of me!"

Alec stared at him dead in the face, "You're not serious are you? She just broke into your house!"

"With a twisted ankle and barely made any noise. She could be a great help to your team as well, darling."

"Wait, there's more Shadowhunters?" Alice asked, quite nervous at this point.

"Yes, and there's even two girls that would be delighted to have you! What do you say, Alice?" Magnus as on his toes at this point, his eyes filled with excitement.

This was a lot for her to take in at this point. The Shadowhunter, Alexander, she believed his name was, seemed to not want her around. But, maybe he was always like that.

"Um…I guess?" She spoke quietly and Magnus jumped up. "YAY!"

Alec groaned a bit at the noise and put down his coffee mug, "I'm heading back to bed."

"But Alexander," Magnus begged, "We have an adopted daughter now, we need to show her around-"

"In the morning. I need sleep."
"Technically it is morning. It's 5:30 AM" Alice said, a sarcastic tone, lacing her voice.

"Whatever, smartass." Alec snapped. "I am going to bed." And with that, he went upstairs.

Magnus looked at Alice, "I apologize. He's just…uneasy of people. He was the same way with one of our friends that you'll meet."

"It's fine. I can understand where he's coming from." She smiled softly, "It's great that you guys care so much about each other." She yawned a bit and rubbed her eyes. She usually wasn't much of a sleeper, but she was worn out.

Magnus ended up guiding her to a spare bedroom and she turned on the light. It was the same one she broke into, which was alright by her. She let herself fall to the bed into a deep sleep.

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