Hey everyone! It's me, neobendium, bringing you a series of oneshots about the Avengers and various fandoms! (This is not AoU, as I have not seen it yet.)

This is how it works: I pick a fandom to hack into the Avenger's "unhackable" chatroom. If you have a fandom you want to be in this, please tell me in a review or PM. If I know the fandom, I will put it in. Feel free to do book fandoms, it's more likley I'll know a book than a movie. I will not do ROTG or Brave, or anything rated R. Thanks!

This oneshot's fandom is TLC (The Lunar Chronicles). I don't know if any of you know this fandom, it is pretty small, but I love these books. Please read it even if you don't know TLC, it's really funny (in my opinion, anyway).

Here are the Avenger's usernames. Tony made them:

Tony- IronAwesomeDude

Thor- PointBreak

Captain America- Spangles

Clint- I_Love_Arrows

Bruce- BigGreenRageMonster

Natasha- BlackWidowKillerLady

These are the TLC character's usernames:

Cinder- RevolutionaryCyborg

Emperor Kai- RoyaltyIsThePits

Scarlet- FighterPilot

Wolf- Give_Me_Tomatoes

Thorne- CharismaHandsomeAwesomeness

Cress- HackerGirl101010

Jacin- Lunar_Guard

Winter- I'mGoingCrazy


Chapter 1: The Lunar Chronicles

IronAwesomeDude joined the chatroom

PointBreak joined the chatroom

Spangles joined the chatroom

I_Love_Arrows joined the chatroom

BigGreenRageMonster joined the chatroom

BlackWidowKillerLady joined the chatroom

IronAwesomeDude:Hey, guys!

BlackWidowKillerLady: What do you want, Stark?

IronAwesomeDude:This is a special chatroom for just the Avengers, it's unhackable.

RevolutionaryCyborg joined the chatroom

RoyaltyIsThePits joined the chatroom

FighterPilot joined the chatroom

Give_Me_Tomatoes joined the chatroom

CharismaHandsomeAwesomeness joined the chatroom

HackerGirl101010 joined the chatroom

Lunar_Guard joined the chatroom

I'mGoingCrazy joined the chatroom

I'M_A_ROBOT_ joined the chatroom

Spangles: Um... then who are these people?

IronAwesomeDude:I have no idea.

RevolutionaryCyborg: Cress hacked you.

IronAwesomeDude: You do know that's impossible, right?

HackerGirl101010:It's actually not impossible, considering I have better electronics than you and that your firewalls are terrible.

IronAwesomeDude: You did NOT just say that.

RoyaltyIsThePits:Can we talk about this peacefully?

IronAwesomeDude: I'm done here.

IronAwesomeDude left the chatroom

Give_Me_Tomatoes: SCARLET!

FighterPilot: Yes?

Give_Me_Tomatoes: I'M SCARED, SCARLET!

FighterPilot: Why?


FighterPilot: Okay, I am stuck on Luna in a zoo-

I'mGoingCrazy: Menangerie.

FighterPilot: Whatever, as I was saying, I am stuck here with one less finger, and all you are concerned about is that you ate an apple and didn't know what it was?

Give_Me_Tomatoes: ...Yes?

CharismaHandsomeAwesomeness: Wrong answer.

FighterPilot: Shut up, Thorne.

I_Love_Arrows: I sense relationship troubles.

BigGreenRageMonster: Leave them alone, Clint.

Lunar_Guard: Winter, are you okay?

I'mGoingCrazy: What do you think, Jacin?

Lunar_Guard: Just answer me.

I'mGoingCrazy: The hallucinations are getting worse.

Lunar_Guard: We're gonna help you, don't worry.

BlackWidowKillerLady: Can someone please tell us what's going on?

I'M_A_ROBOT_: Ummmm, well, in short, Cinder's a Lunar cyborg fugitive of the law, and we kidnapped Kai. Scarlet got abducted to Luna and is apparently in a cage in a menangerie, and Winter is going insane, and Jacin is going on trial, Thorne's blind, and everything is crazy and I'm a robot and Wolf got mind controlled and ripped my throat open, but that's okay, 'cause I'm a robot and can't die. :) That pretty much sums up our life.

I_Love_Arrows: How can anyone type that fast?

CharismaHandsomeAwesomeness: Waiiiiit, I AM blind. How am I typing and reading? WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?

Give_Me_Tomatoes: Oh yeah, sorry about ripping your throat open, Iko.

CharismaHandsomeAwesomeness: Is no one going to adress the fact that I'm blind and typing? I could be a celebrity!

HackerGirl101010: You already are, technically.

CharismaHandsomeAwesomeness: Being a wanted criminal across the entire world doesn't count.

Spangles: So should we be tracking you down... or what?

RevolutionaryCyborg: If you do, you'll end up dead, tranquilized, or joining the Lunar revolution, so... probably not.

FighterPilot: SPEAKING OF WHICH... shouldn't you guys be trying to get to Luna, instead of hacking into chatrooms?

RoyaltyIsThePits: Oh, yeah.

RevolutionaryCyborg: Right.

RevolutionaryCyborg disbanded the chatroom

I hope you all liked it! Remember to R&R, and if you want to see a fandom, want one repeated, or have an idea, leave it in a review or PM me! :)