"Wow! I can't believe we're in bedrock, sis!" Popo exclaimed happily to Nana as the Ice Climbers made their way towards the Flintstones household.

"Yeah! It seems like a cool trip into history!" Nana remarked as they approached the front door of the Flintstones' house, with both of them being slammed into the pavement as Fred Flintstones and Wilma Flintstones walked out, taking off as they both shouted "yabba dabba doo!", zipping away in Fred's prehistoric car, with the Ice Climbers groaning as they fell flat on their face.

"Oh hey, you two must be the temporary neighbors!" Barney Rubble shouted enthusiastically as he glanced down at Popo and Nana curiously, extending his left arm. "I'm Barney, the male Rubble! We're gonna have a lot of fun!" He did his trademark laugh.

Popo and Nana attempted to get back up, only to fall down as Betty Rubble farted, her brassy as gas blasting across the neighborhood as various prehistoric creatures groaned in unison.

"It's a living!" A random green Pteranodon remarked as he flew past the rock burden households.

"Oh darn, I ripped one again!" An embarrassed Betty Rubble stated as she was holding down her blue ancient dress, with it being lifted up by another thunderous tuba toot as her red blush got redder.

"Oh Betty, I don't know why you're farting, but it must be relevant to Fred and Wilma leaving!" Barney remarked as he rubbed his chin with his right hand.

"Wow..." Nana remarked as she whispered to Popo, "I never thought there would be a fanfic about Betty Rubble farting."

"I never thought we would be in a fanfiction where Betty Rubble farts!" Popo exclaimed, just as surprised as his twin sister, with Betty breaking wind once more.