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Chrome Helps With Popularity

"Chrome-chan, can I talk to you about something?"

"Boss? Sure. What is it?"

"Ah...Well...Can we meet up in a little bit?"


That's how it all started. At first, Chrome was a little worried about what Tsuna had wanted to talk about and told Kyoko and Haru about it. The two were worried about what it was about, but were quickly reassured.

Both Tsuna and Chrome were currently situated in Tsuna's room with a chocolate cake in front of the female and a tuna in front of the male. Oddly enough, a cat was sleeping soundly off to the side with Natsu.

"So what did you need, Boss?"

Chrome was confused on why out of all their friends he had chosen to ask her for help. She felt honored that she was chosen, just also confused about it.

"First...Not that I mind, but where did you get the cat?"

"I found it on my way here. I'm sorry if it'll be a bother."

Seeing the small, sad look appear on her face, Tsuna started to freak out a little.

"Ah! No! It's fine. Natsu seems to be okay with it. Not to mention that cats tend to like me more than dogs."

"Yamamoto-san's dog likes you."

Tsuna went a little red at how many pictures he's seen of himself and Jiro, courtesy of his boyfriend. No matter how many times he tells the other that it's embarrassing to see pictures like that, the Rain Guardian doesn't seem to listen as more pictures were taken.

"Anyways, I wanted to talk to you about Yamamoto actually."

Now Chrome understood exactly why she was called. If Tsuna had asked any of the the other guardians for something like this then he wouldn't get anywhere. Even if he had asked Enma, Kyoko or Haru he would still be stuck. The former wouldn't know exactly what to say while the two females would be fangirling like crazy. His only two options left would be Uni and herself.

"Okay. What did you want to know?"

"Well...it's about his popularity...I don't really know how to keep up with it."

It was now easy for Chrome to understand everything that her boss wanted. She had been the first, besides the brunet himself, to see the problem with the two dating. She was, and still is, their first and personal fangirl. She just didn't go crazy like the others.

"Have you talked to him about it?"

"Yeah. We figured that neither of us could actually do anything about them, so we usually have to eat on the roof together if we don't want to be crowded. I don't mind being alone with him, but we just want to eat at our seats every once in awhile. Even Gokudera-kun leaves us alone at times."

"I could-"

"Sorry to interupt you, but no illusions. I appreciate the thought though."

Well there went the only idea the girl currently had.

"Does everyone know that you two are a couple?"

"Yes. We have told people when they asked. Knowing the people at our school, it would only take one person for the whole school to know."

Sadly enough, that was a true statement. When she first came to the school, it didn't even take a day for word to get out about Chrome. She felt more awkward since guys would go up to her to flirt, or girls would try and persuade her into joining their little groups.

"Well you could try to be a little aggressive."

"But you already know I wouldn't hurt any of them just because of something like this."

"I wasn't talking about being aggressive towards the other students."


'Why am I doing this again?'

"Yamamoto-kun, would you want to go with us to get something to eat after school?"

"No! He's gonna play baseball with us after school!"

'Oh yeah...That's why...' Tsuna let out a small sigh and turned around to see Chrome giving him a thumbs up. 'Well...It's now or never...I guess...'

Yamamoto sat at his desk while politely rejecting all offers for any after school activities. He had already planned on going to Tsuna's house, then call Chrome to ask her about what to do concerning Tsuna.

'School hasn't even started and they're already asking me all this. Man, looks like it's the roof today too.' Yamamoto thought as he internally sighed.


Everyone went quiet when they heard a sound. They all turned around to see Tsuna standing there with a blush on his cheeks.

"Ah! Da-Um...Tsuna! Hey there, buddy," one of the people said as they put an arm around Tsuna's shoulder.

Yamamoto slightly narrowed his eyes at gesture. He then tightened his fist when he saw pressure being added to the brunet's shoulder.

All the people that wanted to be around Yamamoto figured that the best way to do so was to 'try' to be nice to Tsuna. Due to them being a bunch of jackasses though, they could not succeed and simply pretended to be nice, but still messed with him.

Unknown to them, their acting skills sucked and all of Tsuna's friends could easily tell they were faking it.

Yamamoto didn't like seeing this, but with Tsuna being too kind, he didn't dare make a move against them. The disapproving look from his smaller boyfriend wasn't worth it.

For his part, Tsuna easily got out of the guy's grasp and walked passed the other students. He was right at Yamamoto's desk with all eyes on him.

"Hey, Tsu-"

Yamamoto was cut off when the brunet suddenly straddled his lap and grabbed his head with both hands.

Everyone stared in shocked when they saw the usually meek, useless, dame-Tsuna smash his lips on Yamamoto's.

Seeing everyone being shocked, including Yamamoto, Tsuna took the chance (and risk) and closed his eyes while he inserted his tongue into Yamamoto's mouth. Red covered his face as he felt a pair of hands grab his waist and Yamamoto's tongue start fighting back.

After a hard fought battle, Yamamoto won.

Yamamoto slightly smirked as he heard Tsuna let out a small moan and felt the brunet's body go a little limb.

After a few more seconds of this, the two separated with a strand of saliva connecting their mouths. They looked over and saw some girls passed out, other girls squealing, some guys with blushes on their faces and others looking away. All of them had either small amounts of blood coming from their noses while the ones passes out were in puddles of blood.

"Takeshi...is mine and mine alone. You all got that?" Tsuna said between pants and with a red face.

Everyone else nodded their heads and either walked to their seats, to their respective classes, or picked up one of the unconscious girls to take them to the infirmary.

Tsuna turned his attention back to Yamamoto.

"Well...That was one way to make sure they got it," Yamamoto said with a big grin.

"W-well, it was the only thing w-we could think of at the time. It still worked out though," Tsuna said as he stayed on the other's lap.


"Yeah. I had Chrome come over yesterday. Speaking of which..." Tsuna turned towards the door to see that Chrome was gone.

The two felt vibrations in their pockets and pulled out their phones to see messages sent by Chrome. They saw that it was multiple pictures and a video. When they opened them they saw pictures of their little make out session.

"Ah, man~~! I knew she had an alternative motive for suggesting this~~" Tsuna whined as he put his head on Yamamoto's chest.

"Um...Tsuna...We have a small problem..."

Tsuna looked up with a questioning look and asked, "What? What's wrong?"

"...I've kinda got a erection now," Yamamoto said with a sheepish laugh.

"Baka! I'm not gonna help you with that here!"

The two heard some sounds and looked around to see more students either on the floor or heads on their desks with blood around their heads.



'What's wrong with them?' The two thought.


And there we go! This was...shorter than I had planned, but also...hotter and a lot less innocent than I planned. I hope you all enjoyed.