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Author's Note: There has been a lot of speculation on Killian and the reunited Excalibur… as well as the cryptic clue that 5B would be "Hell" for our beloved characters. This is my own speculation on what will happen.

Descent into Hell

Chapter One: The Pirate and the Swan

The Dark Swan stood at the well. She had the sword and she had the dagger, and all she needed was a drop of magic to restore what had been broken. She used her magic to pull a drop from the well and covered the edge of the dagger and sword with it. She was just about to reunite the broken blade with the dagger when she heard people running through the forest.

"Emma!" Mary Margaret called out. "Stop!"

The Dark Swan couldn't stop. She had a plan to complete.

"Please," David added as he came up to his wife. "Don't do this."

"We're sorry," Mary Margaret added.

"We remember what happened in Camelot," David continued.

"How?" the Dark Swan asked. "I took your memories."

"We found your dream catchers," Mary Margaret admitted. "We're sorry for snooping but when we found them, we had to know what happened."

"We know that Merlin tried to kill you," David said.

"And we understand," Mary Margaret assured.

"You don't understand," the Dark Swan answered. "You never have."

"Emma," Mary Margaret pleaded. "We love you."

"You're our daughter. We will always protect you."

"Well you failed," the Dark Swan snapped. Then, before anyone could act she brought her hands together. The pieces of the sword and the dagger were pulled together and were instantly created one.

"No!" Arthur cried as he came running through the forest. "Stop."

The Dark Swan turned to the King. She knew that the man was dangerous… that he wanted to take the reunited blade and use it to rule all the realms. She also remembered what he had tried to do to her in Camelot and she would never forgive him. The Dark Swan lunged at Arthur, intent to kill him, but another blade met hers. She paused and saw Hook standing there.

"What do you want Pirate?" she asked. "He's the enemy."

"I remember what he did to us in Camelot," Hook replied. "But he deserves to be brought to justice, not killed."

"He would do the same to me," the Dark Swan replied. "He tried to kill me."

"I know," Hook said. "But we need to save you. We can't do that if you kill… again."

"I don't want to hurt you," the Dark Swan said. "Now get out of my way."


"Fine," the Dark Swan whispered. "Have it your way."

She lunged at him and he parried her attack. They exchanged blows. Hook quickly gained the upper hand, so Emma magicked them back to Storybrooke. Their battle continued and people were coming out into the street to see what was going on. The pesky redhead and her wolfish friend were standing there, as was the warrior who lived among the Merry Men. The old lady who ran the diner held a little baby in her arms, and the Evil Queen along with her thief husband stood horrified. She knocked Hook to the ground and summoned her magic to bring Arthur to her; she was just about to rip out his heart when-

"Mom!" Henry cried out. "What are you doing?"

For one moment, the Dark Swan faltered. As dark and evil as she was, she still cared for the boy. She didn't want him to see her kill someone. Henry proved to be a distraction, and Hook (who had gotten to his feet) tackled Emma to the ground. The darkness within her flared to life and she decided to take the fight somewhere else. She conjured herself, Hook and Arthur to the Jolly Roger. Arthur was still immobilized, and the Dark Swan was able to gain the upper hand with the pirate.

Or so she thought.

When their blades crossed again, Hook kissed her. The Dark Swan was still so infatuated with the pirate, and she leaned into to the kiss. That provided him with the opening that he wanted, and he managed to wrest the sword from her hand.

A/N2: So... I have no idea what is going to happen with Merlin, but I don't trust the guy. In my head, he's tried to kill Emma in Camelot instead of taking the darkness from her, and that set her on the path to destroying the Sorcerer and his band of followers.

A/N 3 (December 11, 2015) I've gone back and edited this chapter to make it more in keeping with my version of events.