Blame this on me reading Twilight.Now I can't take any vampires seriously, not even Dracula. Dracula! Anyway, semi-AU, and you don't need to know anything about Twilight to understand this. Enjoy!

You'd think that when I saw Mika again for the first time in four years, I'd be happy, right? Wrong.

I was too busy laughing to be happy. Let me explain:

Now, people who've never seen vampires wouldn't know this, but vampires sparkle in the sun, like little diamonds. And the longer they've been underground in their city without sunlight, the more they sparkle.

Mika had been underground for years.

Now, when I first came across him, he'd just stabbed Guren and I'd just stabbed him. What a great reunion, am I right? We were both just so shocked to see each other, but I was so, so happy to see him again that I didn't even notice it at first. But when I looked more closely at him, I saw it.

He was practically glowing with how much he sparkled.

No, I'm serious. His skin, his hair, his eyes, even his clothes- everything about him sparkled like he was trapped in a little girl's sparkle fairy-themed birthday party, not in the vampires' city. And man, was it hilarious.

By the time that this registered in my brain, the battle had already begun, and Mika was carrying me over to a building. I probably shouldn't have started cracking up at that point, but oh well.

"What are you laughing about? We're in a battle, here!" Mika snapped.

I started laughing even harder, and said, "I'm sorry! I want to be ridiculously happy, but I just can't take you seriously when you're sparkling!"

Mika only huffed at my statement and continued leaving. After this, well, things kinda got out of hand and I only found out why later, but honestly, seeing him alive and well-and sparkling- was the best moment of my life.