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March 16th, 2012, 1:00 PM

Adam walked around the theater floors, sweeping whatever stray pieces of trash and popcorn were about with his broom into his butler. As poultry as the position might have seemed, it felt nice for him to get back into the usual routine he did. It restored some sense of normalcy to his now chaotic life, provided he ignored the stares and whispers he got from passing customers.

"Hey, Adam!" A man called out to him.

Turning his head towards the long hallway where the theater's were held, he saw a man with short brown hair and blue eyes dressed in a decent looking white shirt and dress pants. This was his general manager John. He had a great deal of respect for the man, though that mostly stemmed from the fact that he was willing to work alongside him and the other ushers to help clean theaters, which for a man of his position was quite an uncommon thing.

"Hey, John, what's up?" Adam asked.

"Some of the other managers and I were talking and we decided that we'd rather have you do something different than just sweep today."

"Like what?" He questioned.

"Well, a lot of people who come to this theater know who you and your friends are…"


"And we think it might be good publicity for the theater and the annexation in general if you were to meet and greet customers, maybe tell them a little bit about what it's like outside the planet."

"So you're suggesting I just sit around and be a glorified sideshow attraction?"

"We'd also be willing to pay you a little bit extra for your time. Think of it as our way of saying thanks for keeping us safe from that Sith Lord."

Adam gave off a big sigh "Well, I guess it would be nice to earn a couple more bucks in my paycheck."

"That's the spirit. We'd have you situated right in between the two concessions counters at this little booth we've built for you." John said gesturing towards a wooden stand with a chair next to a countertop nearby. "Just sit here, talk with anybody who wants to ask you questions, greet the next person that comes along, rinse and repeat. Piece of cake."

Adam sat at the stand prepared for him as John ushered in a group of customers towards him.

"So what's it like being a Jedi?" One asked.

"Have you traveled far in the Galaxy?" Another asked.

"Do you know anything about what's happening with the talks with the Republic and the U.S.?" A third had asked

More and more questions bombarded the young Jedi before he raised his hands to silence them.

"I'll try and answer your questions as best I can. Being a Jedi, it certainly has changed my life in more ways than one. It's given me amazing gifts and maybe even a little bit of a social standing compared to where I was before. But the one thing I remember when being a Jedi, past all the fame and attention, is that we're here to help people. That doesn't mean it doesn't have some of its perks. It's allowed me to travel pretty far into space, allowed me to see plenty of worlds I only dreamed of visiting. But as far as it has taken me, I still feel comfort being back home on Earth. As for what's going on with the talks between the Republic and the U.S., I don't know much more than you right now."

"But you helped take down Darth Sidious and save the Republic. Shouldn't you have a say in where they're or Earth is headed now?" A customer asked.

"It's a Jedi's place to serve and protect, but I wouldn't say that we should get involved in this sort of political affairs. I'll leave that to my friend Chancellor Skywalker."

"But wasn't Riyo Chuchi also a Republic Senator before she became a Jedi? Could it not work in reverse?" Another asked.

"Err…" Adam had no answer to the question asked. "I would like to decline an answer to that at this time. Next question please?"

A teenage boy stepped ahead of the crowd. "Can you really tell if someone can feel the Force by touching them? Can you tell me if I can use it?"

This question set off an alarm inside Adam's head. While he wasn't against the idea of training individuals to use the Force for helping others, unlocking some random person's hidden power could be potentially dangerous for those around them.

"Yeah, I want Force powers too!"

"Me too!"

Soon enough, the crowd had turned rowdy and demanding that the teen give them special powers like it was a drug to be simply given out to anybody passing by.

Adam decided enough was enough and got up from his stand, passing through the horde of angry people and ignoring the calls from his managers and co-workers

Adam's Starfighter landed outside the garage doors of his house. As he made his way to unlock the doors, he heard someone shout "HEY!"

Turning his head with a groan, he saw a young boy around the age of thirteen with bright red hair and striking blue eyes make his way towards him.

"You're Adam VanDerMaelen, right?"

"Yeah, I am." He answered tiredly.

"Don't worry, I'm not here to hound you for a picture, autograph or anything like that. My names Jeremy, I live in the house across the street from you, just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood."

Adam's eyes blinked in surprise. "Oh. Well, thanks. Happy to be here. Well, not entirely happy seeing as I did move out of the house I lived in for nineteen years, but I appreciate the gesture."

"Don't worry, I gotcha. Must be tough dealing with that, and the whole "global celebrity" thing."

"Yeah, feels like I can't even walk around in public anymore. Sometime I wonder if I was better off with the way things were. I mean I'm glad I was able to save this planet from Sidious, but still, kind of hard to live with a dozen or so people walking behind you."

"Yeah, I can imagine."

"Well, it was nice meeting you, Jeremy. Hope to see you soon."

"Yeah, you too, man. And thanks, by the way. You really did good for this planet."

After that, Jeremy left to go back to his house as Adam walked back up the stairs into his. He remembered something about Riyo and his mom saying that they were headed out grocery shopping while he was at work, so for the time being, he had the house all to himself. Well, himself and the droids of course.

He headed into his room and plopped right down on his bed, enjoying the comfort it allowed. Suddenly, he heard the familiar sound of clicking and flashing. Sure enough, he turned his head and saw a crowd of people with cameras in his hand flashing their devices at him.

Adam had momentarily lost any respect and dignity he had for the position he held and sent a huge Force Wave outside the window, knocking the paparazzi all across the lawn outside. He then pulled down the blinds to his window and screamed with frustration.

"Now that's hardly dignified behavior for a Jedi Knight, isn't it?" A familiar voice said from nowhere.

Adam looked up at the presence of the voice. "Uncle Revan?"

Soon enough, the ghostly image of the once Dark Lord of the Sith turned Jedi appeared before him. "The one and only, kiddo."

Adam smiled slightly at seeing his distance relative. "Good to see you."

"Figured you might need someone to help you through all of this. Lot of things are beginning to change."

"How?" Adam asked. "How am I supposed to just go along with my life now that everybody knows who I am, where I live and what I do? Is there any getting back the life I used to know where I can just go outside and be myself? Everybody expects me to be this big symbol for my people… But I don't know if I can do it."

"I admit that I don't have all the answers to this one." Revan said. "This is new territory, a planet like yours. What I can say about becoming a symbol to others, having become one on two different occasions is that you learn to integrate it into your life. There are somethings you take with you and some you leave behind. But most importantly, you shouldn't let it change who you are, at your core." He said pointing towards Adam's chest.

"I just don't want to be seen as something different. For the longest time, that's all I ever wanted: to be special, to know that they was something unique about me in a good way. Now that I have it… I just want to turn it off sometimes."

"Maybe you're thinking about this in the wrong way. It's not like your early years when people made fun of you. Now that people know who you are and what you did, they want to share in your experiences, to know what it is that you do so that they themselves can feel special. You can use that desire they have to make a difference, as a force for good. You just need to have an open mind and a level head to make it possible. As for the fame aspect of it, just remember who your friends are, the ones that will stand by you no matter what happens. Those will be the ones that never change, no matter what."

"I think… I think I understand. Thanks, Uncle Revan. By the way, how are talks with Jordan and the Jedi going?"

"Oh, they haven't started just yet. Though he is gathering all of his most loyal supporters to provide guidance during the talks so that everybody involved gets a chance to say their piece. Knowing how Jorn feels about what the Order has done, he has a lot to say."

"Yeah, I didn't want to believe all the things he said either. But.. in some ways, he's right. The Jedi aren't perfect. They're flawed. They're just as prone to mistakes like any other person is. But I still believe that they are good people at heart who can learn from what they've done and strive to be better for the next generation.. which I guess is mine."

"And I have a feeling that your generation will be one of the best things to ever happen to the Order."

At that moment, something inside Adam's pocket began to ring. He pulled out the source which happened to be his holo-transmitter and clicked a small button.

"Hey, Adam." Anakin's holographic display said.

"Hey, Mast- sorry, I meant Anakin. I know how you hate me calling you that. Force of habit. Something wrong?"

"Well… there's been a bit of a dispute during the talks with the world leaders. Long story short, they feel like the Jedi and Republic aren't equipped to decide the answer, but they want to hear your take on it. They figured you being from Earth AND being a Jedi would be the perfect third party to have it settled."

Adam let out a tired sigh. "Alright, I'll be right there." He said with reluctance.

"Sorry in advance by the way. Hopefully this will be the only major problem we need fixed."

Anakin's display then vanished, leaving the Jedi and Force ghost alone in the room.

"Well, duty calls." Adam said.

Revan chuckled to himself "I guess it does. I'll give your best to Qui-Gon and your grandfather to the 10th power then?"

"Wouldn't have it any other way." Adam said rising from his seated position on his bed. "By the way," he said turning back. "We may need to rethink that nickname for him. It might not be completely accurate."

"Well, you came up with it." Revan pointed out before waving his ethereal hands in a shooing manner. "Later though, go go!"

With an amused laugh, Adam raced out to where his starfighter lay waiting for him.

"A young man running off to be a hero of the galaxy." an elderly male voice called from everywhere but nowhere at once. "History seems to like to repeat itself with our lineage, doesn't it son?

Another laugh left Revan's nonexistent mouth. "And it's all your fault, Father."

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