It was a dark room. It made no noise and told no danger, but you were still filled with the foul waters of fear, coursing like a river, the pricking sensation of frayed nerves surged through your soul. You felt... You... Felt...

Silence Silence Silence Silence Silence-

The lights turned on. You were in a place, and with places come time.

You felt like that held meaning, but you didn't understand.

You tried to swerve your line of sight, but found it oddly stuck looking onward, towards a glittering wall. Out of the corners of your sight, you only saw black, walls maybe, as pitch black as the floor and ceiling.

You weren't so confident that they were, indeed, corpreal. It's too much to think about it, so you stopped.

You wondered what-

Suddenly 6 giant white structures of glimmering silver blinked into existence above, START., then vanished.

As soon as they left, you blankly watched on as a white orb came shooting out from in front of you, hitting the white wall opposite of you, rebounding back into you, hitting your face harmlessly, where it bounced back again. You tried to struggle at first, but strangely your body would not respond.

Eventually, after all your fruitless efforts, you finally opted to just give up, and wait to see what would happen.

This went on for quite a while, the ball would go thud-brm, then thud-brm, then thud-brm, and it was driving you insane.

You had enough, and tried with all your might to move.

It worked, and suddenly you found yourself moved to the left all of a sudden. Strangley enough your legs still didn't respond, it's as if you'd just simply... floated over a bit. Huh.

This time when the ball hit you, it soared to the left. It hit the other wall, and bounced back, moving past you. You heard a beep, and the image of two zeroes flashed through your mind. The zero on the right flickered to a one, and you felt so, so... Sad.

The ball shot out towards the still unmoved wall, bouncing back towards you.


The ball angled out back towards the edge of the wall, bouncing back to the left of you.


Right as the ball passed you, you willed yourself to slam towards it, where it kept hitting you and the jet black wall, bouncing erattically.

Yoou instinctively gave it some room, sideling to the right, somehow sending it slowly bouncing off both shadowy walls back and forth toward the unmoving wall. Sure victory was in your grasp, you were surprised when the silver wall slid in front of the ball, a sending it careening past you. You watched helplessly as the right side gloated a two.

The game was on. The orb shot out and got bounced, rimmed and scooted more times than you can count.

You tried your best, but the wall slipped the ball past you, and to the victor goes a three. Suddenly more structures appeared, spelling out Player 2.

A gossamer toned hand, giant in stature appeared over the white wall. It gently cut the beautiful metal with a fingernail, as if it were paper, and plucked a woman out from it, and rose up, eventually fading from the world.

You stayed in place, unable to form a cohesive thought. Suddenly, you heard a quick note of shredding, and a lancing pain shot through your head, and you truly couldn't think. You were lifted above a silver box by a red, warted hand. You dangled there, the hands nail piercing through your scalp to your trachea. The last thing you remembered before the fires, were the lights turning off, then you were gone.



It was a dark room.

Fear permeates throughout.