Chapter 4: Aftermath of a fierce battle

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(Third POV)

(A clearing within the depths of Monster Cave)

It was only until the two approached the two and disarmed the witch's weapon, only did the witch began to stir.

"Urgh…." The witch who seemed to have regained consciousness, tried to pick up her weapon only to find that her weapon has been kicked away by Ray. At this moment, she felt the sharp point of a katana and a qatar at her neck.

"Now then, you will answer our questions." Mature Neptune who was floating behind Ray and IF asked. "I have to ask… but do we know each other?"

"Of course I do! I know you like the palm of my hand!" The witch answered indignantly.

"Then, tell me, who am I?" Neptune asked with a tone of anxiousness.

"Are you crazy or something? To even ask others who you are? The woman was clearly puzzled by Neptune's words.

"That is-" As Ray starts to say something, his words got cut off by Compa "Nep-Nep lost her memory, so, if you know anything, please tell us!" Her voice was the same angelic one but there is a tone of steel under her words.

"Hahahaha! You? Neptune? Of all people? Losing her memory? Now, this is golden!" After hearing Compa's words, the witch began laughing. "I was worried what might happen when I lost sight of you, but know I see that luck is still in my favor!"

"What are you talking about?" IF asked.

Yet the witch just ignored her and looked straight into Neptune's eyes. "I'll let you hold on to your life and the Key Fragment for now. Until next time!" As soon as she finished her sentence, a bright light suddenly erupted in front of them. Ray and IF instantly reacted by thrusting their weapons but felt nothing. After the light died down, the witch had completely disappeared without a trace left.

Neptune looked around in hopes of finding any clues, but to no avail, "She's…. gone?"

After a brief look around, IF spoke up, "It seems she managed to got away… Who was she? It seems like she had a vendetta against you, Nep?"

Neptune slowly floated down and said softly, "I don't know either… If only I could speak to Histy… Maybe she has some clues on who would want the Key Fragment as well…"

'Though, that woman knew Neptune… So does that mean there is someone out there aiming for the lives of the goddesses?' Ray thought to himself silently.


"Well, before we think further, let's take care of this first." IF held up the discs.

"The discs that the monster came out from?" Ray said.

"For the time being… Hargh!" IF sliced the discs in half using her qatars.

"Well, that's one way to deal with it." Ray looked at the other and suggested, "Now then, I believe we have done what we could here. How about we head back to town for some rest?" 'Though I might have to speak with the guildmaster first…'

Everyone agreed with the notion and quickly exited the cave through the way they came in from.

(One hour later, back at Planeptune…)

After entering the gates of Planeptune, the group finally were able to take a break from the everything that had happened.

"Well then, I believe this is where we must part for today, girls." Ray spoke to the others. "We do have some quests to turn in and I believe that you girls needed some RR more than I do, so I will be turning all our quests for you all."

If just shrugged her shoulders "Heh, I will take you up on that offer Ray. I really needed some RR after what happened."

At this point, Compa spoke up, "How about coming to my place, Iffy?"

"Huh?" IF was bewildered.

"Great idea, Compa!" Neptune enthusiastically jumped at the idea of having IF over.

"But I…." IF haven't finished her words when Neptune cut her words short and not giving her a chance to speak "Iffy, you should totally come and taste Compa's cooking! It's so delicious I bet many would kill for!"

"Well then, hope you girls have a nice time." Ray just laughed lightly at the commotion the girls are making and started walking away.

"Hey, Ray! Don't forget to stay in contact!" IF who was struggling to get out of Neptune's hug shouted. The reply she got from Ray was a wave signaling he got the message. "All right Nep, just get off me already, I'll crash at Compa's place tonight, alright?"

-(Line break)-

(The guild, fifteen minutes later)

Ray walked up to a receptionist in the corner who looks like she was playing some games on her console and said "Hi there, I would like to turn in these quests. Here is the information." He handed some slips of paper through the window, not even worried that the receptionist was not paying attention at all.

The receptionist looked annoyed to be disturbed during her gaming session, tried to take the information that Ray had handed over, only to find that Ray's hands were holding onto it tightly.

"Also, I would like to meet with Guild Master Ryuka. My code is *9802" Ray spoke in a soft voice swiftly that only the receptionist could hear. After listening to Ray's words, the receptionist's face turned from one of not giving a care in the world to one of upmost seriousness. She nodded curtly and scribbled something on a piece of paper and handed it to Ray. "You know what to do."

Ray took the paper and walked briskly to a door nearby and punched in the password written on the piece of paper and quickly entered the door before anyone noticed.

Behind the door was a normal corridor that could be found within any office building, full of guild workers moving about, performing their duties. Instead of walking to the door at the end of the corridor Ray stopped at the middle of the corridor and knocked on the door with a simple rhythm "Ryuka, it's me, Ray".

A female voice from inside the room answered "Come in." and Ray entered the room and closed the door behind him swiftly.

After entering the room, one would only marvel at the fancy decorations that seemed like it belongs in a private room within a club instead of one befitting of a nation's guild master. The desk at which the voice from before was working at was situated near a shelf full of the best winery around the world. Even upon the desk where there are stacks of paper, there are a couple of vodkas and spirits sitting upon the papers, acting as paperweight. There is also a dark-red colored velvet sofa right by the table which was spacious enough for many to sit in. The owner of the room which was also the guild master of the nation Planeptune was shifting through the paperwork on her desk and did not raise her head until Ray had closed the door behind him to show her full appearance.

The guild master was a fair skinned female with bright, blue eyes and long, brown hair which formed a big spiraling, loose ponytail on one side and a red flower on the other side. Her outfit was a red top with a dark red-black spiraling dragon and a few buttons, with only one being together to reveal her breasts and belly button. At the collar is a gold badge with a red rose decal. Over this, she wears a white jacket with red cuffs and black lace lining a white skirt with a dark red slit on the side.

{A/N: The above was a copy from the neptunia wikia regarding Ryuka's appearance.}

Ryuka greeted Ray casually while not stopping her work "Hey there, what news do the 'Silver-haired purple-eyed hunter' have for me today."

"Well, news that would definitely surprise you." Ray answered while raising one of his eyebrows in anticipation of how the normally composed guild master that always emitted an aura of "Onee-Sama" would react to his words. "I just found out that the CPU of Planeptune has lost her memory right now."

The news took a while to sunk in and Ryuka finally reacted after understanding the implications of Ray's words. "WHAT!"

She immediately rose to her feet "Are you kidding me?! Neptune, our CPU lost her memory?!" Her voice was one of disbelief as no one would ever expect that a CPU could lost her memory.

"Yep, Neptune had lost all her memory including her identity and position as Planeptune's CPU." Ray sat down on the sofa and answered.

After receiving confirmation from Ray, Ryuka paced around the office and then walked to her desk and took a couple of swigs straight out of the bottle of vodka that was used as a paperweight. When she finally stopped, the bottle which was full before is now half empty already.

"Foo….. Alright, Ray." Ryuka who had finally calm down, started speaking again, "I need to know every single bit of detail of how you obtained this information." Even though she had just downed half a bottle of vodka, her eyes seemed clearer than before as she stared into Ray's eyes as she spoke.

Ray looked straight back at Ryuka and answered "No problem. But you better take a seat as this is one long story."

Line Break*

(30 minutes later…)

Ryuka slumped back into her sofa, supporting her forehead with one of her hands, "This is a grave situation…"

Ray who was sitting in the sofa opposite her just spoke in a calm voice "Don't worry so much, it's not like the other nations will find out about this information and start attacking us."

Ryuka lifted her head and looked at Ray quizzically "You haven't heard the news?"

Raising an eyebrow, Ray just asked "What news?"

Instead of answering, Ryuka just went to her table, pulled out some papers and handed them to Ray. "Here, take a look at these chaos in the other nations."

Ray took out the papers and started reading through them.

[Lowee: Group claiming that current CPU is fake?!]

[Lastation: Avenir had seized the majority of seats in the basilicom council!]

[Leanbox: Something major! The CPU was seriously injured and won't meet the citizens?!]

"Wha- What are these!" Ray was utterly shocked as he read the information that had been written on those papers.

"Well, these are the information our spies had gathered and analyzed from the other nations. As you can see, right now chaos is ensuing over Gamindustri and here I was thinking that our nation would be spared and now you give me this bad news…" Ryuka shook her head and went back to her seat behind the table. "Ray, I need to reaffirm something, are you certain that those within the room are the ones that knew of the information that you told me just now?"

Putting down the papers, Ray began to answer "Well, I think that the nurse Compa is too ditzy to figure out this information without someone actually laying out everything bare before her. As for IF, she may suspect something but I would not say for certain."

Ryuka pondered upon what Ray had told her and started speaking once again "All right, Ray, I hope you could help me out this one time…"

Line Break*

(one hour later)

(Ray's place)

"…And sent." Lying down on a sofa, Ray texted IF regarding how he should pass the girls their rewards and asked where to meet up the next day.

A floating disc flew into the room after he sent the mail and circled around him. "Hm… You look kinda happy, something good happened?" Sloth asked.

"Yeah, blablabla happened and yadayadayada occurred." Replied Ray lazily as he continued to lounge on the sofa.

"Okay…." 'Ding!' "Seems like they asked you to go to the nurse's place tomorrow. So what will you do?"

"That would have to wait till tomorrow when I meet the girls. I plan to assist Neptune by teaming up with them and teaching her and Compa some basic techniques they need to know as their fighting prowess is just horrible at this stage."

"Huh. Well then, I'm gonna stay back at this safe house instead of following you."

"Oh. All right, just try not to make a mess of this house before I get back."

"Sure do."

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