This is not long at all. It's really just a fluffy one shot where I own nothing.


"Thanks for the flowers, McGee," Ellie says as she heads home for the day. Shutting his computer down, McGee waves off his friend's comment as he replies, "It's the least I could do for messing up your plans. What are you gonna do since Jake's out of town, anyway?"

The blonde shrugs before answering, "Sit on my couch in my pajamas and binge watch Netflix. You?"

"Oh, uh, Delilah and I were gonna see a movie, maybe go out to eat."

"Well, have fun," Ellie says as she readjusts her purse on her shoulder before picking her vase back up. McGee follows her to the elevator answering, "You too. Tell me if there's anything interesting I should see."

"Will do," She responds waiting as McGee presses the button for the main floor. As the elevator starts up, the male agent says, "I really do feel bad about messing up your plans with Jake, Ellie."

"It's fine, McGee. Don't worry about it." She sighs and looks at her flowers again before asking, "What made you decide to kiss me when we got to the base house?"

The man shrugs as he remembers Tony and Ziva's undercover mission. In no way was his and Ellie's assignment like his friends', but replies with a shrug, "It felt right."

As the metal doors open, Ellie lets out a noncommittal hum before stepping out of the elevator.

That night as she sits on her couch with her warm pajamas on and an assortment of snacks, the blonde settles into her binge watching. After watching hours of a Netflix show, the woman remembers McGee's words to her. Knowing he is having a nice time with his girlfriend, the blonde decides to wait and call him later. After an hour, the woman caves.

"What do you mean it felt right?" Ellie asks into her phone as she takes a bite of a Kit Kat after pausing Narcos on her television screen.

"It's two in the morning, what are you talking about?"

"You said when we were in the elevator that kissing me 'Felt right'. What did you mean?"

"Just that, it felt right. Ellie, it's two in the morning. Go to sleep."

"But, I need to know," She tells him still holding her candy in her hand. McGee sighs as he sits up a little in his bed wondering why Gibbs has to have a rule about never being unreachable. It serves no purpose at the moment. Finally reorganizing his thoughts, McGee explains, "We were undercover and pretending to be married. It felt right."

What he does not add is that he wants to pretend to be like the Renoirs. The game Ziva and Tony played years ago still strikes a chord with him and he wants that. Someone to love fiercely. He wants the love he writes in his books, as well. He is sick of boring.

"So, it just felt right," Ellie reiterates causing her friend to come back to reality.

"Yeah," He replies thickly. There is a pause on both their lines before Ellie says, "Okay. Well, good- night Tim."

"Night, Bishop," He replies hanging up his phone while realizing he needs to talk to Delilah.