EDIT 22.07.2016: Note: This chapter takes place between the events of the first episode of the Ruby and Sapphire series of the anime.


Brendan woke up and prepared for the day early. He had waited a long time for this particular day. He had turned ten years old three weeks earlier, but new Trainers in Hoenn received their official first Pokémon on the first day of the following month. This time was his turn.

A close friend of his that he'd met a few times in his childhood was apparently getting her first Pokémon today as well. Okay, well they weren't the closest of friends, but their fathers were and so every party the two families had, it was either in Littleroot or Petalburg with a big barbeque held in the summer. Okay, every summer.

Though, when Brendan first caught word of this, he thought it was pretty odd. He could have sworn the girl was scared stiff of Pokémon, so he didn't really understand why she wanted one from his father. Eh, oh well. It was none of his business after all, right?

The tanned, brown-haired boy zipped up his jacket and grabbed his favorite hat from a hook on the closet door. He heard a familiar voice coming nearer as footsteps bounded up the stairs. "Hey, brother! You better be up! I'm gonna eat all your breakfast!" That was the cry of his younger sister, Robin, who came bursting into his room with no sense of personal space, her cute pigtails bobbing on the sides of her head like a Meditite.

"Robin…" Brendan half turned to her as she marched up to him, too energetic for a kid her age this early in the morning. He sighed. "How many times do I have to tell you? Don't just come up in my room like that!"

Robin didn't seem to be listening to him, though. She was focused on something else. "Dad's gonna give you a Pokémon today, right? Know who you're gonna choose yet?" She kept asking inquisitively before puffing out her chest proudly, bragging. "I already know who I'd pick! Torchic's the best of them all! It's so cute and fluffy!"

Brendan poked his sister lightly, a playful smirk popping up on his face. "Well, you're not old enough yet. Sorry, kiddo."

Robin smacked his hand away and pouted, for all of three seconds. "Don't call me 'kiddo'!" She then followed as he headed to go downstairs. "So, are you going to go straight to Dad's lab, right now?"

Brendan shook his head simply, giving the girl a quick smile. "Nah, it's still early. I was going to try and find some Pokémon first to show Dad before heading over there."

The little girl was quiet for a moment or two, before looking back up. "I still don't get it. You already have Tipsy, so why get one from Dad? You're the best at catching Pokémon in the whole world!" She exploded her arms upward to over-emphasize her exaggeration.

Brendan couldn't help but feel good with the small praise from his sister. He looked down to a shiny red PokéBall in his hand. As much as he thought Seedot was pretty cool, Tipsy had always been a hard Pokémon for him to control – she would often turn away and ignore him or just plain Snore at him whenever he tried to battle. It was frustrating. The worst part of all? Around his family, especially Robin, she would pull this sweet façade as if she was the most obedient Pokémon of all. It wore him out. So, he was planning on going out to catch something, anything else, and maybe give Tipsy to Robin as, oh, maybe a birthday gift? She'd like that, right? Two Taillow in one catch, as the saying goes.

"Hey –" Brendan paused halfway down the stairs. He turned back to Robin, who stopped right behind him. "Weren't you and your friend going someplace today? Uh, Max, right?"

Robin continued on past him, heading into the kitchen where their mother was already fixing up breakfast. It smelled delicious! "Mom and Ms. Caroline are taking us to see a Pokémon Baccer game in Mauville today! I like the Hoenn Lightning team, but Max says sports are lame!" She huffed again.

Brendan couldn't help but laugh at his sister's comment.

Brendan wandered through Route 101 aimlessly. He wasn't really looking for anything in particular, but he didn't know what he wanted to try and catch to replace Tipsy. He also didn't want to travel too far from home, since he still had to meet with his dad later.

He then caught a glimpse of a small Zigzagoon snacking on an Oran berry it had found. He stopped in his tracks. Well, it's a normal type. It'd be well-balanced to start off with… He pondered, his arms crossing in deep concentration.

The Zigzagoon's nose twitched and it started to look in his direction. The boy snapped out of his thoughts just before it could take full notice of him to run away, and he swiftly called out the stubborn Seedot. "Let's go, Tipsy!"

The Ball released the acorn Pokémon fast enough that she landed on her feet and spun into a sort of swirling Tackle into Zigzagoon, knocking it both off its feet and off-guard. The small fluffy-furred Pokémon smacked up against a tree, and the berry it was eating left by itself.

Brendan had a glimmer of hope; he couldn't believe Tipsy had listened to him for once. And then he face-palmed, cursing his own rotten luck...

As he was just about to command it use another move, to weaken Zigzagoon a little bit more, Tipsy was no longer listening. She had noticed half of the berry still lying in the grass and gobbled it up, without taking any notice of her Trainer or the Zigzagoon.

"Tipsy, listen to me…!" Brendan was practically on his hands and knees, begging. "Help me catch this Zigzagoon! Use Leech Seed, please!"

Tipsy finally looked back to her Trainer briefly, turned from him to the Zigzagoon and then back, sat down… and then fell asleep, Snoring a small soundwave in his face.

In this time, the wild Zigzagoon had the time to get back up and run off into the safety of a clump of bushes. Brendan sighed, recalling Tipsy and hanging his head in defeat. "You're hopeless…"

He glanced at his watch.

Back at his father's lab, Brendan was ready to get his official starter Pokémon. Sure, things didn't quite go as planned in Route 101 as he had hoped, but he would still get to leave Littleroot with either Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip, so it wasn't all bad. Well, kind of. Apparently, while he was in the woods failing miserably to catch that Zigzagoon, that was when May had arrived and took the Torchic. Eh, he probably wasn't going to choose it anyway, but it still left him with one less of a choice.

His father, Professor Birch himself, had since released the remaining two starters so that he could get a good look at them. He essentially traded his Dad Tipsy for the Mudkip. "Hey there, buddy!" He picked the water type up with a friendly smile.

Mudkip wagged its tail with a similar enthusiasm, having been picked. It doused him in a gentle Water Gun, dislodging his hat slightly.

Brendan laughed along with it.