Edit 22.07.2016: Note: The events of this chapter take place somewhere around the second episode of the Ruby and Sapphire series, probably shortly after.


Brendan was excited. He was currently on Route 102, the place where he originally caught Tipsy. After having received his Mudkip, "Splash," from his father just a few days ago, he was saving his first official 'catch' as a Trainer for another Seedot. He couldn't help it, he had always thought Seedot looked like a cool Pokémon – and its evolutions only get better. Shiftry is a freakin' ninja, after all – who wouldn't want one?

And hopefully, whatever he caught would NOT be similar to Tipsy. One that would actually work with him.

He had just checked his PokéNav; he was certainly glad to have installed the new DexNav feature. He had a feeling it would come in handy a lot. The DexNav spotted something not far. Brendan checked the data real quick before running off to look for the subject.

Sure enough, it was a Seedot. With Bullet Seed. That would come in handy.

He looked around nervously, not wanting to miss his chance at the find. On a Seedot, Bullet Seed was a pretty hard move to teach it, so with it coming pre-packaged, he didn't want any Absol raining on his parade today.

He found a large leafy branch that he could wield easily and broke it off its stem. He used it as a kind of camouflage, to creep closer to the Seedot, who was calmly basking in the sun. "Here Seedot, Seedot…" He whispered to himself, trying to contain his excitement.

The Seedot still hadn't noticed the boy yet.

"Alright, Splash, use Water Gun to wake it up!" Brendan called out his Mudkip, still keeping a low voice so he wouldn't scare it.

The Mudkip came out of the Ball, readily sprinting through the short grass and blowing a gush of water into the Seedot. The grass type was rolled out of the sunlight, spinning like a top dizzily before landing on its feet. It surveyed its quests curiously.

"Yes! Good!" Brendan praised his water type. "Now – Tackle it!"

Mudkip nodded, charging forward determinedly. The Seedot blinked, and then hopped backward to dodge it, and this repeated a few more times.

Seedot's body began to glow with a faint green energy, as it collected it, and then shot it towards Mudkip in a small sphere that resembled a seed.

Brendan panicked for a second. He knew it would be super-effective if it hit. "Mudkip, dodge it!"

Mudkip responded with a quick nod before jumping to the side as the small ball of energy whizzed past and fizzled out. Seedot turned its body slightly to aim, and fired another one. Mudkip again dodged. It happened again with the same results. Just as Seedot launch a fourth bullet of green energy, and Mudkip prepared to dodge it once more, the little Mud Fish Pokémon tripped over a small pebble and crashed into the ground face-first.

"Splash!" Brendan called for his Pokémon worriedly, unable to make it to his Pokémon's side before it was smacked with a bullet of energy.

A fifth caused the Mudkip to slide against the dirt, kicking up a small dust trail. Brendan stopped it from sliding any further, kneeling to tend to it. "You okay, Splash?"

The water type had obviously taken a major blow; it was covered in bruises, and wincing from its Trainer's touch. After a few seconds to catch its breath, Mudkip struggled to its feet, shaking off the pain determinedly.

Brendan could tell that although his Mudkip was willing to fight more, it probably wouldn't be able to withstand even one more hit from Bullet Seed. His eyes lifted back up to the Seedot, pondering his next move. Should he run, and take Mudkip to the nearest Pokémon Center, or should he risk dealing one more blow to the Seedot?

Mudkip growled confidently, nodding, a fire burning in its eyes. Brendan noticed and agreed. "Alright, then Tackle it once more! That should do it!" He pointed towards the wild Seedot, readying one of his Repeat Balls he had stocked up on for just the occasion.

The water type sprinted forward again, wincing once and wobbled a few times, as it set its sight on the grass type. Seedot surveyed its opponent with a quiet curiosity, before jumping back again out of reach. But it hadn't calculated the distance and tripped over its own feet, leaving it wide open for Mudkip.

Seedot rolled a short distance from the hit, landing face-down on the ground. Its foot twitched.

Brendan snapped his fingers in triumph. "Yes! Time to join my team, Seedot!" He threw the Repeat Ball at the Seedot, and waited as if he was on pins and needles for the Ball to click shut.




It was still.