Edit 22.07.2016: Note: In this, I am treating Brendan's Aggron as not having yet fully evolved by the time it cameos in Jirachi: Wishmaker. The events of this chapter take place shortly before the episodes where Ash and friends reach Lilycove City, as well as before the Rayquaza/Deoxys movie.

Note 2: In this, I believe Brendan's Lairon would finally evolve into Aggron at least by the time of the Hoenn League tournament episodes, if not sometime while Ash and friends were in the Battle Frontier half-series.


The past few days, Brendan had been excited. He was getting closer and closer to the Safari Zone, a place Trainer's like because of it typically having Pokémon rarer in other parts of the region. Naturally, he was looking forward to a bit of catching some new Pokémon to fill his own Pokédex.

Ever since his time at the Mauville Battle Tower where he entered his first Battle Tower, he was itching to find a new Pokémon to add to his main team. That was a few Gym Badges ago, but every Pokémon he caught since then he always decided that it didn't seem to fit with his team.

Suddenly, the memories of those battles stung the forefront of his mind and he was caught up in a whirlwind of mixed feelings. He remembered clearly how his Shiftry and Lairon had worked great in the Double Battle format, but he still only got about halfway through the tournament. He had been bummed for a solid week after that until a suggestion from his father had brought him back to his senses and get back on the road to trying his best as a Trainer. The boy's learned a lot since then.

And in that time, his team has really improved their teamwork and strength. That was his philosophy. He wanted a well-balanced team that could handle all Battle formats.

He knew there was another Battle Tower in Larousse City, a little north of Lilycove. That meant, that the Safari Zone was the last major place to really adjust his team. He really wanted something new.

His team currently consisted of Swampert, Shifty, and Lairon… What kind of Pokémon should he add?

Brendan stood in front of the gate to the Safari Zone. Taking a deep breath, he walked through the doors and payed for a ticket into the safari at the desk in the back.

The boy noticed a number of Pokémon that he had yet to see in his home region; Pokémon like Xatu, Buneary, and Psyduck. He ended up catching a Heracross with the help of Swampert, and Lairon challenged a Donphan to a duel; though briefly considering the Donphan, both Pokémon ended up back at his father's lab.

At that moment, he was interrupted from his adventure by the sound of the ground rumbling. It took him a minute or two to realize that he was standing in the line of fire, and jumped out of the way just barely missing getting trampled by a stampeding Rhyhorn.

As Brendan was sprawled on his stomach in the thick grass, he quietly observed the tank-y Pokémon from the ground, only his breath making a sound. He sighed heavily, before digging out his Pokédex to gather more information on the Rhyhorn. "I was almost Rhyhorn meat…" He muttered, exasperated and a little annoyed.

Just as he finished reading the Pokédex, he had to reposition himself on his knees because the grass was starting to tickle his nose. He sure didn't want his allergies acting up now…

"Alright, here goes…" In one swift movement, he stood and called out his Lairon. "You ready, Mint?"

His Lairon appeared from its PokéBall, raring to go, ruffing up the grass and dirt with a foreleg. The Rhyhorn heard the steel type snort eagerly, and turned its attention to it. The two bulky Pokémon rammed into each other with all their might, before Brendan could even give Lairon an order.

"Hey, Mint? You can't go charging off on your own! Now, come back and use Ice Beam!" Brendan tried to rein his spirited Pokémon in before the two could charge again.

Lairon listened to its Trainer, turning around only mildly annoyed, and returned to him. Before the Pokémon had the chance to face the Rhyhorn again, though, a ripping of earth tore the ground up and smashed against the back of Lairon, sending it off balance and right into Brendan. The force of his steel type's armor against him so roughly nearly caused his lights to get knocked out. "Ow…" He muttered, rubbing his face, the other hand placed on Lairon's nose. "Sorry, Mint… Guess I didn't think that one through all the way…"

Lairon looked a little apologetic, and then pushed itself back up before the Rhyhorn could attack again. "Alright, this time we have it! Use Ice Beam, now!" Brendan pointed ahead with a fiery determination.

Lairon snorted a breath of air and then released a beam of icy energy on the Rhyhorn. The rock-plated Pokémon did not take kindly to the cold. It charged forward again.

"Wait for it and use Iron Defense on my cue, Mint!" Brendan called out.

The steel type studied its Trainer's words for a quick second and then braced itself for the Rhyhorn's attack. Just as Rhyhorn got close, reared up, and slammed its forelegs down onto Lairon, Lairon's body stiffened like a hard shell. But the Rhyhorn wasn't done. It slammed its feet down onto Lairon's body repeatedly, probably thinking that the armor had to give eventually.

Finally, when Lairon's body started to push backward ever so slightly from the force, the extra armor fizzled out and Lairon flinched back slightly.

"Now, Mint! Grab onto Rhyhorn's leg and use Ice Beam!" Brendan called, running a little closer to his Pokémon.

As the Rhyhorn was starting to land flat on the ground once more, Lairon grabbed its leg from its jaws. A condensed blue energy caught in Lairon's mouth, unable to escape, and flash-froze the ground type's leg.

When Rhyhorn landed on its feet, its frozen leg slipped immediately underneath it and it crashed awkwardly under its own weight.

"Alright! Good job, Mint! Now, Take Down!" Brendan studied the Rhyhorn carefully before deciding his next move.

A concentration of power condensed around Lairon tightly, and the Pokémon charged forward again. The Rhyhorn was still down, its eyes flinching. With all its might, Lairon rocketed against Rhyhorn, managing to push it back a bit.

Lairon managed to get another solid ram into the Rhyhorn before the ground type got to its feet. The two Pokémon met again in the middle of the field in a mighty clash, trying to push the other back. The Rhyhorn was noticeably starting to show signs of weariness, still having one of its legs frozen. When the Rhyhorn started to pant and huff from its handicap, Brendan decided that was the right moment.

He pulled out a PokéBall and tossed it. It surprised the Rhyhorn when the Ball pinged it on the head and absorbed it.

The Ball shook two distinct times, and then broke open. The Rhyhorn was revealed again, slightly disorientated, but soon enough regained its senses. The ice on its leg was gone, unfortunately.

"Darn it…" Brendan breathed through clenched teeth. He signaled his Lairon again, "Mint, charge it once more!"

The two bulky armored Pokémon clashed again, head on. Gritting his teeth, Brendan threw a second PokéBall at the Rhyhorn.


Again, the Ball snapped open again, and the Rhyhorn was released for the second time. The wild Pokémon was starting to huff and pant hard, quickly growing exhausted from the repeated ramming with Lairon, as well as trying to force itself out of the Ball.

The two armored Pokémon met head-to-head again. Lairon was starting to push Rhyhorn into a corner.

A third PokéBall flew at Rhyhorn. It trapped it inside the small capsule, but after three shakes, it managed to break out yet again.

The Rhyhorn appeared from the energy beam, but for a few long moments just stood across from Lairon, its sides heaving greatly, blinking occasionally. The two Pokémon stubbornly eyed each other. Rhyhorn gritted its jaw, seeming ready to endure another attack, as Lairon lifted up its head and began to charge up another icy beam.

Just as the cold energy was loosed from Lairon's mouth, Brendan flung yet another PokéBall towards the Rhyhorn. In that second, Rhyhorn slowly lifted its head to stare at the Ball, as if going to head-butt it away, but the Pokémon disappeared as soon as the Ball opened for the fourth time.




The Ball slowed its rocking, knocked from side to side, and then clicked.

A slow smile spread across Brendan's face as he finally ran up to collect the PokéBall, letting out a deep sigh of relief. He cheered with Lairon over his newest team member. Now, he felt he had what he needed to attempt the Battle Tower.

He was sure he was ready.

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