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Chapter 4

Stick to That

Pam has never questioned me when I am in my close-to-panic state and she hadn't that time either.

"Someone important is on the elevator right now. Make sure nobody will act… monkeylike!" I yelled and turned back to my desk to sweep all of the papers into the drawer. My desk was a mess, as always, there's no point in sugar-coating things. My uncoordinated movements only made me knock over the cup of coffee and I cursed when it poured right onto my laptop.

God, not now…

I needed a fraction of second to evaluate my position and then the laptop ended up in the drawer as well. I had the data stored everywhere, there was no problem with getting them back even if it gets broken…

There was a knock at the door and I cursed once again, quickly jumping back on my chair and smoothing my hairs in a weak attempt to look presentable.

"Come in!"

My door cracked open and Pam put her head in the free space. "Mr. Northman, you have a visitor – Mrs. Stackhouse is here to see you."

She winked at me despite her formal tone and gave me two thumbs up.

"I know…" I mumbled. What's with this formality?

We stayed quiet for a moment and Pam raised her eyebrows mouthing 'Dope…'She turned a little, no doubt taking a look at Sookie and whispered- shouted to me: "I'm trying to make you look important!"

Oh… I guess it could be a good way to impress Sookie.

"I know and I can hardly wait!" I replied quickly but Pam only shook her head sadly, rolling her eyes.

"Mister Northman will see you now, ma'am," she told Sookie officially and I moved uncomfortably on my chair.

Should I stay seated? Should I stand up? Would I look like a jerk if I remained in my chair? I sure would…

My dilemma was promptly solved when Sookie walked in. I instantly jumped onto my feet, a little startled by her looks. The two previous times we'd met, Sookie had been wearing simple modest dresses, in which she still looked amazing, but today… She was wearing a white dress with red flowers on it. The way it was cut was putting her very delicious cleavage on display and her relatively short flared skirt showed her tanned legs to perfection. She looked innocent, young and breathtaking. And I was staring at her, catching flies and starting to experience a very uncomfortable hard-on. I moved closer to my desk, trying to hide myself a little but Sookie's eyes traveled over my form and lingered for a moment on my private area. The smirk on her face told me that my state hadn't escaped her attention.

"Wow, you look better than the last time I saw you!" I blurted out and I swear I heard a slap on the other side of the door. What was Pam doing there?

"Oh…" said Sookie, raising her eyebrows. "I didn't look very good the last time, did I?"

I paled. Oh my God… I had done it again. "Yes… No! I mean no, you looked fantastic but… When I said you looked better than the last time, I meant… Well… You still looked amazing then and now you look even more amazing. Beautiful…" Sookie was still watching me with her eyebrows furrowed and I started to sweat a little. "This dress brings out your assets perfectly…" I added weakly and some treacherous neuron in my neurological system decided it was a good idea to point at her chest. The second I realized what I just did I felt like dying. I would've never had a chance with this woman…

"So, you're saying my breasts look good?" Sookie asked and I decided not to open my mouth again under any conditions; it was a recipe for tragedy. Another neuron, probably left as the inheritance from some Neanderthal ancestor of mine, made me nod my head softly though. "Yeah thanks, those babies are my pride and joy," she added, smiling.

Hold on a second… I needed a good moment to grasp what had just happened. I had just made an awkward comment about Sookie's boobs and she had actually thanked me. I guess the proper terms to describe my feelings at that moment were dumbfounded and shocked. She wasn't offended by my moronic bumbling.

Oh thank you God, Santa Claus and Hare Krishna!

"I'm sorry that I stopped by without any notice but I couldn't reach you by phone…" she started in chatty-like way and I could barely contain myself from performing my happy dance. I only grinned broadly.

"I mixed it in the blender with a banana," I explained and Sookie's lips quirked. "It's a long story. I was so anxious waiting for your call that I was keeping my phone in my hand all the time, mistaken it with ban… But it's irrelevant, I'm happy you're here."

I exhaled loudly and wiped the sweat from my forehead. I need to stop talking, ASAP. Sookie accepted my story of the banana-phone incident with a short nod and shuffled a little looking over my office. Thank God that I had cleaned up the mess a little. The uncomfortable silence was getting on my nerves, elongating and mocking me. I couldn't maintain a conversation, even one about the weather without turning it into a disaster. So Sookie was standing there…. Standing!

"Where're my manners… Please, sit!" I hurried over to her, offering her a chair and she thanked me politely, smiling at me. Her smile was radiant and almost hypnotizing and I probably spent a little too long watching her smiley face because this expression started to fade and Sookie lowered her gaze. "Would you like something to drink?" I asked, in a lame attempt to save face.

"Maybe water?"

I walked to the corner table and poured her a glass of water, even checking if the glass was clean. My hands were shaking a little when I was doing it because part of me knew why Sookie was here. She had gotten the results. She would tell me in a moment if there is a tiny human being with whom I would be sharing part of my DNA and my life, my future… My everything.

I handed Sookie the water and she took her time drinking it and putting the glass back on my desk. What's wrong with her? Was she a torturer from the Spanish inquisition in her previous life?

"The reason I'm here, the reason I was trying to reach you is …" Sookie took a deep breath and I inhaled along with her. "… I haven't taken a pregnancy test yet."

"What?" I asked and I was genuinely surprised.

My guest moved uncomfortably in her chair. If I have to be absolutely truthful – I've been scared of that moment. Funny, how one's perspective can change in a matter of seconds.

"I went to the store, I looked at all those tests and I realized I want you to be there when I would be peeing on the stick."

That was by far one of the strangest things I have ever heard and there used to be plenty of crazy shit coming out of my own mouth in the past. "You want me to watch you peeing?" I said slowly, raising my eyebrows. Well, wasn't it kinky? I had heard of some people finding it arousing but meeting one in person was bizarre.

"What? No, you idiot!" Sookie huffed and I gasped quietly. I was an idiot? It was she who was unnaturally attracted to urinating! "Stick, like a pregnancy test! I meant it metaphorically -that you should be there to find out if I'm pregnant with your baby."

I hung my head shamefully. "Of course, I apologize," I replied humbly and Sookie huffed again, this time putting a lot of satisfaction into the short sound she made.

"So?" she asked and I glanced at her. "Do you wanna be there?" Was she seriously asking me this after what I'd just said? Who was this woman, a saint?

"Yes!" I exclaimed, jumping up from my desk and bending to take hold of her hands. "I would be honored to watch you peeing on the stick. Metaphorically speaking, of course…"

Sookie only shook her head at me and at that moment, my world stopped. I saw something in her eyes, something that I could name very well. It was the look that I had seen on Pam's and my Nana's face sometimes. It was the expression of a person who thinks I'm a moron but accepts it anyway. I have never seen such an expression on a woman that I could count as love interest. During the last two years, Sophie has been embarrassed by my behavior most of the time and she made me feel like shit every time. There was only disdain in her eyes when I said or did something awkward; she was ashamed of me, I realized… Having someone else besides a lesbian and my grandmother watching me like that was a very pleasant feeling.

I could tell that Sookie was impressed with my Corvette when she saw it.

"It's yours?" she mumbled when I opened the door for her and even offered her a hand to help her take a seat. I can be a perfect gentleman when my brain is working correctly.

"Yes." I answered, taking a seat and starting the engine.

"I need to ask it… Are you rich?"

I glanced at her and Sookie was challenging me with her eyebrows raised.

"I can't complain about money but I don't like to talk about it," I admitted slowly. Money was a sensitive topic for me. I could say that cash is the source of suffering, war and dozens of bad things but there was no denying that it was making life easier for me. Sookie's eyes widened with sudden recognition.

"You're not working there…" She pointed at the skyscraper we had just left. "You own it!" she concluded.

"I do," I admitted, feeling very little and out of place. The second that people found out about my monetary status, they became… so fake.

"Thank god you're loaded!" exclaimed Sookie. I slowed the car and looked at her in shock. "What?" she asked defensively. "It's a good thing because I'm as poor as a church mouse and if we're going to have a baby, he or she will need some diapers."

I stopped the car on the side of the road and burst out laughing. She was just priceless. No one, ever, had been so brutally honest with me. When I had recovered from my little attack I looked her in the eyes and smiled.

"Thank you for the honesty, Sookie. You can count on me."

"Don't take it the wrong way, please… I'm no gold digger but if there is a baby, it would be yours for sure and I can honestly say that I can't afford to raise a child using the little salary that I have. I'm not ashamed to ask for help when I need it."

She was a brave and a smart woman. I suddenly felt an urge to kiss her and I did just that. Sookie was a little surprised when my lips crushed onto hers but it was a quick kiss, more like a peck and I didn't feel silly or self-conscious when we separated.

We spent the rest of our drive in comfortable silence and eventually we stopped in front of Sookie's apartment building. The neighborhood was less than safe - in my opinion at least.

"Sorry for the mess," said Sookie, blushing adorably when she opened the door of her apartment. "It's my friend's place, she's allowing me to stay here until I find something of my own."

I nodded, looking around the apartment. It wasn't messy, just claustrophobically small. My living room was bigger than the whole place probably. On the couch, I noticed tidily folded sheets and I comprehended that it was where Sookie slept - on the couch that was the size of an average coffee table. My traditional gentlemanly beliefs were raging. Sookie explained to me that she had moved away from her husband's house the day after she had found him cheating on her and when the two of us had had our night of passion. I admit I was a little taken aback that it was Sookie who had to leave the place – it was Bill who was a disgusting cheater and liar after all. He was (and unfortunately still is) her husband and it was his damn job to take care of his wife. Leaving her hanging, without a roof over head was just… dishonorable in my opinion.

"The house was never mine, not even after our marriage," explained Sookie when I voiced my surprise. She hadn't accused me of being pricky or chauvinistic. It was obvious that Sookie Stackhouse was a very understanding person. "I never wanted the joint property, now when I'm thinking about it, I never even wanted his name. Maybe deep down I knew we would not last."

That information gave me a very strange wave of satisfaction. She was not mourning over her marriage and her cheating husband, Sookie still had her maiden name and for some reason, I read it like a sign for me.

"I have the tests here," Sookie announced, opening the cupboard and taking out the box of small boxes. "I bought five, just to be sure."

"Do you have enough urine for it?" I asked and Sookie glared at me. What, that was a legitimate question. I had no idea how pregnancy tests worked. Does she have to pee in the cup and put the tests in there? Or maybe she needs to pee directly into them? If the second version was right, I really hope she will wash her hands later…

"Don't worry about my tank, I haven't been peeing since last night. I have plenty of juice in there!" I burst into giggles and Sookie smirked. "I would laugh too but I'm afraid my sphincter would not hold it…" she mumbled and walked to the room that was probably a bathroom. I was laughing so hard and long that I almost peed myself in the process, but slowly the realization that I would know about my potential fatherhood sobered me up. A few minutes later, Sookie walked back to me, putting five sticks on the table.

We were sitting in silence watching them, like a cat watching an aquarium full of fat fish. Not more than two minutes had passed but it felt like an eternity. And then it started… Like in the movies, the color started to appear on the sticks.

Red minus symbol on the first test. I didn't need to be an expert to know what that meant.

The same on the second and the third… Also on the fourth.

Surprisingly, I was more disappointed than I expected I would be and I could tell that Sookie was as well. She sighed heavily, hiding her face in her hands. My heart was breaking at the sight of her and my arm instinctively sneaked around her to hold her to my side. Looking at this from a logical point of view, it was for the best – having a baby would be so complicated and neither of us was in the perfect situation for raising it. The more human, more emotional part of me, had its own plans though. It saw a small blue-eyed baby with curly blond hair and a sweet smile. I would be a good father, I was sure of it. I would really try and… And then I froze.

"Sookie…" I whispered and she raised her head to look at me. I should have risked a glance at her face to check it she was crying but I could not avert my gaze from that last pregnancy test. "It's blue… and plus." I told her and she jumped forward and snatched the test form the table.

"Oh God… it's positive!" she exclaimed.

I was standing as well, watching the damn stick like a magic wand. "And?"

"It's four to one…" she pointed out. Very logical but her eyes were shining and I knew she was listening to her emotional side at that moment. So was I…

"Blood test?" I suggested. Damn, there has to be a way to confirm it, right? Sookie's face fell.

"I have a visit scheduled for Thursday…" she whispered lowering her eyes.

Six days from now. Oh Hell, no! "Doesn't matter," I told her with a newly found determination. "I know someone who can do this sooner."

"Eric, it's three pm., most of the labs are closed, people don't work on weekends…" reasoned Sookie but I shook my head stubbornly.

"Ludwig will do it," I told her with absolute certainty and then I took hold of her hand, already heading for the door.

"Who's this Ludwig?" Sookie asked, trying to keep pace with me, almost jogging.

"She's a mad scientist and she works for me," I said simply and Sookie snorted.

"I won't ask about any of the other details…" she answered and allowed me to drag her outside.

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