I know many of you may wish I was continuing my other fics, but due to a lack of planning, they are abandoned, sorry. I am writing this after I just got into SCP stuff, and am trying to plan more effectively this time. Due to the vast number of SCPs, I will be writing with the ones I have read so far, and if you have any you particularly want me to use, let me know in the reviews and I'll go read them. Many of those in here will be from the original set 1-999, but I am not fully read up on that cannon, or the various other organizations, though this story will likely remain within the SCP for a while. Also note that I will be using "things Dr. Bright is not allowed to do at the foundation" to get his character as I can't find a better source. Also note that in this fic Ranma will be replacing SCP 1012, and Genma 1011. Finally, I won't be keeping facilities separate, just using whoever.

"Ranma Saotome prepare to die!"

'Here we go again' Ranma sighed as he turned toward Ryoga "P-chan, would you give it a rest?" Ranma said, narrowly avoiding the ki-hardened bandanna Ryoga sent whizzing by his head

"Never!" Ryoga Exclaimed, Cupping his hands in front of him "I'll make you pay for hurting Akane! SHI SHI HOKODAN!"

"Moko Takibisha" Ranma countered Ryouga's depressed ki with is own, then paused 'wait, hurting Akane? We haven't even argued the past 2 days.'

"You're wide open Saotome!" Ryouga yelled in glee, managing to land a solid punch on the distracted Ranma's gut, doubling him over.

'The hell? Before one of pig boy's punches would've sent me flying, if I had to guess this is about his strength from after training in the baksai tenketsu a year or so ago.' Ranma shook off his confusion, punching ryouga in the face and sending him flying back. 'something's wrong here'

"Ranma how dare you pick on P-chan!" came Akane's angry shout as she ran towards him

'Oh great here we go agai- wait, P-chan?' Ranma looked over at a still very human Ryouga 'the hell did she find out about that?' Ranma's thoughts were cut short as a large Wooden mallet made contact with his face, sending him sprawling 'something's definitely wrong here. That should've sent me sky high' Ranma was getting seriously creeped out, something that was only magnified when he heard an automated, and decidedly male voice come from akane's mouth.


"Ok, what the fuck is going on!?" Ranma shouted, fear clear in his voice, and then the world began to shake and crack, Reality itself peeling away, revealing clean, white walls, strange bits of metal, and an odd plexiglass window into another room. "What the-" The world seemed to right itself, but it was shaking, warping, as if reaching its breaking point. "Ok, I want some answers, Moko Takibisha!" Ranma's ki blast tore through the remains of what he viewed as the world, and the room around him solidified, Ranma looked around, wide-eyed at the nigh-empty room, at the cot he lay on, and the odd bits of metal in the walls. Not much scared Ranma Saotome, but something about this place creeped him out.

And then he heard the screaming. Looking over to the plexiglass from before, Ranma saw something that made his blood run cold. A large, lizard-like humanoid was gorging itself on someone's corpse, the blood splattering the walls on the other side of the glass. Ranma could see someone else, clearly cowering away from the monster in the same room, and his eyes narrowed. It was a Martial artist's duty to protect the weak after all. Ranma ran to the window and smashed through, only vaguely aware that he seemed to have used the Baksai tenketsu to do it, standing in between the lizard and its future victim. Said lizard seemed to ignore him in favor of its meal, something Ranma took advantage of, leaping towards it with a spinning kick, hearing the sound of snapping bones as his foot made contact with its head, and in skidded back into a nearby wall.


'That's the message I heard a bit of before!' Ranma realized, 'the hell is this pla-' Ranma's musings were cut off by the fiery pain of 5 claws slashing down his back, causing him to cry out in agony. However, used to constant beatings, he managed to recover in time to leap away, turning around to face his attacker, only for his eyes to widen in surprise to see the lizard who's neck he snapped chuckling.

"You're a fool… to attack me" It growled, rapidly growing in size, much to Ranma's shock "Now… your end will be painful."

"Ok, I don't know who or what you are, but Ranma Saotome doesn't loose, much less to the likes of you!" Ranma leapt up, delivering a flurry of punches to the thing's face, falling back with his trademark smirk, only to hear that thing's infuriating chuckling again. "the fuck is he made of?"

"Those… almost hurt, unfortunately, these will do significantly more." The thing took a swing at Ranma, surprisingly fast for its size, though not fast enough to hit Ranma.

"Please, you couldn't-" Ranma's banter was cut off as the thing continued to attack. Ranma could easily perceive its attacks, but he seemed… far more sluggish than he was used to. He couldn't move with his usual grace, and the focus it was taking to adjust wouldn't allow him to banter as he usually would.

"What's wrong? Out of words? I guess all that confidence of yours has dried up."

"Maybe it has," Ranma said, a heavy shadow over his eyes "I've lost my speed," the air around him seemed to be getting a bit heavier as he charged up the mindset for a technique he thought he'd never use again. "I'm in an unknown place, the world I knew shattered before my eyes, all I've ever known is gone, and I'm facing a giant monster." Ranma stopped dodging just out of reach "and none of my attacks have done anything." He said, purposefully ignoring everything he hadn't tried so as to lend more to the 'hopelessness' of the situation.

"Hehehe, That's it, accept your death" The monster said, taking a mighty downward swing at Ranma

"Shi Shi Hokodan!" Ranma yelled out, the blast of red, depression-fueled ki overpowering the beast and knocking it through the wall, where Ranma saw it shrink as something, presumably a tranquilizer, hit it. Said monster was then dragged off. "Are you ok?" Ranma asked, turning to the other person in the room, who it seemed had passed out in fear. Ranma was about to leave the room to look for someone who could answer some questions for him when he saw what seemed like a file with a picture of him sticking out of it, and decided it was as good a place as any to start.


Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment procedures: SCP-1012 is to be kept in a 5m x 5m x 5m x room with concrete walls and a smaller room connected to it with a Plexiglas viewing port. SCP-1012 is to be kept sedated through the assistance of SCP 343. SCP-1012 is to be kept in an illusory world of our design, created by SCP 343 and maintained by 2 mentally enhanced technicians. This world is designed to challenge his physical capabilities while stunting his mental growth. Should SCP 1012 awaken, Level 3 security procedures should be put into effect.


SCP-1012 is a young black haired male/red haired female of Asian descent. SCP-1012 switches between these 2 forms based on the application of hot and cold water. SCP-1012 has superhuman speed, strength, durability, and reflexes, as well as a variety of 'techniques' which have effects varying from [Data Expunged]. It is unclear whether these abilities manifested through anomalous means, or as an extension of his training, as SCP-1011 claims. Experiments on SCP-1012's capabilities are to be submitted to the 2 technicians, who will allow him motion in his body. They will shape the world he believes to live in to fit the test, and match the 'attacks' of his 'enemies' to those of the machinery around him. Throughout these tests, SCP-1012 has manifested numerous abilities. SCP-343 informs us that to prevent this we would need to kill SCP-1012, as adaptation has long been drilled into him. This has also been made evident by the lengths needed to keep him from mentally developing, many who learn of what his inner world look like find it be completely insane. SCP-1012's physical strength is supposedly less than he believes, as outside of testing, he does not get the daily exercise that is part of his routine.


Believes he can easily hurl 3 ton boulders - Is capable of lifting 1/2 a ton

Believes he can move his hands fast enough to pluck bullets out of the air-can grab a thrown blade

Believes he can withstand bullets with only discomfort-small caliber rounds rarely renetrate more deeply than ¼ of an inch

Believes he can outrun a car-max clocked speed of 68 mph

SCP-1012 was retrieved after falling onto one of the springs at SCP: 006-2, alongside his SCP-1011. How the 2 gained access is unknown. It was after their retrieval that we learned of their further abilities. SCP-1011 claims that he has been training SCP-1012 since childhood to become strength, however due to SCP-1012 exhibiting greater strength and skill, this is still being investigated.

Addendum 1012-a: SCP-1012 is not to have any possible interactions, real or perceived, with anything feline. It causes [data expunged]. Casualties were massive.

Dr. Bright's Report: SCP-1012 seems to have quite the submissive streak, and it seems that until insulted or assaulted he was quite polite, such as when she believed to first meet the Tendos. Even afterwards, the worse he gets if not expressly in danger is a sharp tongue. I personally would love to meet him, and suggest we wake him up. With a little push he'd likely join us if you weren't so paranoid. His ability to improve is remarkable as well. Apon introducing an enemy who could [data expunged], who he manifested as "Ryu Kumon" he not only created [data expunged] but also replicated his opponents 'techniques'.

Dr. Bright's request to wake and attempt recruitment of SCP-1012 is pending.

For a full list of the contributors to Ranma's illusory world, se report 1012-D

Ranma could barely believe his eyes. According to this, everything that had happened since Jusenkyo had been a lie, and he'd been here the whole time. As the realization that everyone he'd known and cared for in the last 2 years hit him, Ranma fell to his knees, not even noticing as the armed men came into the room and sedated him.

Ok, there's the prologue. I know usually induced comas are reserved for reality benders, but it just explained Nerima's lack of progress so perfectly.