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Ranma stood in the center of the testing chamber he'd been led to by his mother after his first set of… lessons. Apparently they were going to test if he had the ability to manipulate probability, whatever that meant.


That was all the warning Ranma got before what seemed to be hundreds of simple rubber balls were shot from the walls to ricochet all around, Ranma, in his attempts to dodge, noticed that a lot seemed to make their way underfoot, the near-falls he was recovering distracting him from wondering what the hell kind of test this was. All he knew was it was likely to be a long day.

Hours later, Ranma lay in his bed wondering what the hell all those tests were about when his Nodoka walked into his sparsely-furnished room.

"Well Ranma, we're still analyzing, but we seem to have something."

"Something like what?" he asked. "I have no idea what those 'tests' were supposed to be. Rubber balls were shot at me, I rolled dice with one guy, I spun a roulette wheel, and some guy claiming to be a magician told me to pick a card!"

"Well, basically" Nodoka began, ignoring his incredulousness. "We found that you seem to alter probability in such a way that makes things automatically cause you more of a challenge, usually in ways that are 'bad' or 'annoying'. The rubber balls practically targeted you like an attack, and for the other tests, no affect was witnessed until 'stakes' were added, in which case you would almost always get results that would provide challenges, such as he 'snake eyes result in 2 snakes being released' but not the results that would JUST be negative, like the slot on the roulette wheel that said 'feeding duty for scp-682'."

Ranma chuckled at that "Well that explains a lot."

"There'll be more tests later to determine the limits of this and try to figure out the criteria more precisely, but at least now we have an idea where to start."

"Ok mom," Ranma said, his only takeaway being that the universe seemed to like making things harder for him. "What about testing that… other thing?"

"We won't be testing that until we have a better handle on this, otherwise we wouldn't know how much your probability manipulation affected the way women are attracted to you."

Ranma sighed in relief at that. He was having trouble just wrapping his head around this sex-ed stuff, and as much as he wouldn't admit it, he didn't feel at all ready to do something that… hands-on.

"Anyway, tests aside, the foundation has an assignment for you, if you feel up for it."

"Assignment?" Ranma asked, having only heard that word in regards to homework.

"Put simply, there's a problem with SCP-076's containment, and they want your help should SCP-076-1 form. He is incredibly powerful and durable."

"Oh, so someone for me to fight, no prob, I could use a chance to see if I'm back in shape."

"Ranma…" Nodoka started, worried for her 'son' "SCP-076-1 is incredibly powerful. Put simply, Imagine if you took Ryouga, gave him the ability to hone his skills, Mouse's weapon space, and an added dose of bloodlust."

"That…" Ranma said, picturing such a foe. The menacing nature belied by the way he visualized an amalgamation of the mentioned fighters with some form of beast, "sounds like he could be tough. Still, if he'd give ME a lot of trouble, there's no way I could leave normal people to face him."

Nodoka smiled at Ranma's courage, even knowing how the foundation had hammered a sense of selflessness and a lack of self-preservation into him. "One last thing, SCP-076 is currently held several miles under water, and as such…"

"Yeah, I get it." Ranma sighed. "I'll be a girl for most of the time. Damnit and I haven't changed in a while."

Nodoka nodded "Well, if you feel up to it, I'll let 05 know." She said turning to leave "oh, and Ranma," She added, pausing by the door "Study up on those lessons I gave you, Xian-pu will be on this mission too."

"Urk!" was all Ranma could vocalize before the door closed behind his mother.

Several hours and a long boat ride later, a female Ranma in what seemed like a military uniform arrived at the ocean base where SCP-076 was held. The other agents escorting her had looked surprised at her change, but at least none of them perved on her. Someone had been 'briefing' her on the way, but all she picked up was that this '076-1' guy was dangerous and that she only had to stall him long enough for the others to run, everything else was just boring. Ranma was about to head off to look for the room she'd be staying in during the process of fixing the containment area when she saw someone who looked… familiar.

"KUNO!" Ranma yelled out, brash as ever. "BOKKEN BRAIN IS THAT YOU!?" The man she was addressing froze, turning around stiffly to reveal what looked like an older, more hardened version of the delusional samurai she once knew. Kuno walked over to where Ranma stood, amongst much chuckling from the gathered soldiers, who seemed to already know what was going on.

"I heard you would be on this mission ten-twelve, and I was hoping to avoid this, but at this point I figure it's best to just get this over with." The man Ranma knew as Kuno sighed.

"First off, call me Ranma. This ten-twelve shit is annoying." Ranma replied, inwardly glad he hadn't reacted like her Kuno would've.

'Kuno' Nodded. "Alright Ranma. First off, unlike you remember, I am not a "Kuno", that clan was created just to house those who were delusional beyond compare in your world. My real name is Tatewake Shuro."

"Got it." Ranma replied with a nod. "Speaking of delusional, you seem much less of that. I sure as hell wouldn't have trusted Kuno with a gun."

"Right, that." Tatewake said, pinching the bridge of his nose as his colleague's laughter increased in volume. "Basically, a few months after you were first… contained, I came into contact with SCP-572, which we later discovered had been placed in the breakroom by Dr. Bright 'to see what would happen'. In the ensuing bout of temporary insanity I had," He paused as one of the nearby soldiers started rolling on the floor, presumably at a memory of the event. "I did a lot of stupid things, including barging into your testing chamber and challenging you to a duel. It's a wonder I didn't get fired, and I only later learned they used me in your simulated world."

"Got it." Ranma said with a nod. "Well, I hope we can get along better than I did with that other you." A simple nod was Tatewake's only response, and both began to move on, before a thought occurred to Ranma. "Say, what were you trying to challenge me to a duel for?"

"Oh, that…" Tatewake managed to get out, having completely frozen as the men's laughter redoubled. "Nothing important!" He shouted out, running off, red in the face, much to Ranma's confusion.

A couple hours and a nap later, Ranma was in the mess hall after grabbing his larger-than-regulation lunch, courtesy of his mother informing the cooks of his metabolism, and was surprised by a group of soldiers, one including a very red-faced Kuno, waving him over to their table. Ranma have much else to do, so he joined them with a shrug. "What's up?" he asked as he sat.

"Well," One of them, a tallish man who seemed to be the oldest at the table with dark skin and his hair still in a crew cut. "We thought it would be nice to tell you what Tachi' actually tried to challenge you for when you were out cold." He said with a smirk.

"Don't you dare Dillan!" Tatewake shouted, his face fully red.

"Aw c'mon Tachi', the boy deserves to know, you did put a sword in his face over it after all!" Dillan responded.

"What was it over?" Ranma asked with a smirk, he knew it wasn't fair, but after all the months of annoyance, it was fun to see 'Kuno' squirm.

"Well y'see," Dillan began with a chuckle. "Tachi' here had a crush on Dr. Satsuki, and despite him never working up the nerve to ask her out, once he touched that sword, he was convinced that you were the reason she wasn't showering him with affection. I believe-" Dillan was cut off by the very audible thump of Tatewake's head on the table. "That his exact words were 'The slumbering demon keeps my beloved from me, and for that I shall have his head! With this blade, his magics will be unable to touch me!'"

Ranma let out a bark of laughter, "now THAT'S the Kuno I know!"

"Hate you, hate you both." Tatewake groaned out, not lifting his head.

Ranma was about to get another dig in at Tatewake through the laughter of the rest of the table when he felt a pair of arms drape over him, causing him to stiffen in reflex.

"Airen no say hi shampoo." Came a whisper in his ear. "So shampoo come find Airen. Why Airen messing with stick-boy instead of seeing Shampoo?"

Ranma Turned slightly to see a smirking Xian Pu behind him. "Hi sham- I mean Xian Pu. I heard you'd be here, but I didn't see you on the boat."

Xian Pu pressed her chest into his back, her smirk widening at how obviously he reacted, but slipping out of her 'bimbo persona'. "I just came in by helicopter. Tomorrow we have to help oversee the repairs, but we have tonight to ourselves, so I thought…" She practically purred out the next part; "We could spend tonight together."

"sorrybutI'mgonnagoliedownIhaveastomacache!" Ranma said, jumping out of Xian-pu's arms and running to his room. She may be far nicer than the Fiancés he remembered, but sexuality was still something he was getting used to, and she had just about overloaded him. He ran off, glancing over his shoulder to see Xian Pu chuckling at his reaction. 'I am going to have to get used to that sooner or later, cus something tells me she isn't going to be stopping any time soon.'

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