Chapter 6

I slid the last flyer into the mailbox of a potential client and let out a sigh. Last one down, quest complete?


Guess it is.

Quest Complete!

Initiation: The Delivery

Reward: 400EXP, Increased Relationship with the Occult Research Club, Increased Relationship with the Devil faction.

I pulled my hands behind my head and began a long stretch. Well, what now Issei? Should I head home? I opened my phone and checked the time, 8pm, wow I left school at about 4, did that much time pass by? I opened and read a text I got from mom; huh, Dad is taking her out for dinner at some snazzy restaurant… then they're going on a trip around the world… Wait what.

I continued walking as I flipped through to the next message.

From: Dad

My Son, your mother and I have spent 16 years watching you grow into the young man you are today. And we are disappointed in you, especially in regards to your love life. However, we know that under all of that libido is a strong, hardworking and independent young man, who had defied all expectations, and I mean all expectations, when he had successfully applied to the prestigious Kuoh Academy.

We have never been prouder of you the day we received that letter, and as such we have taken it upon ourselves to provide the proper environment for which you may grow into the young man you deserve to be.

I have accepted a position in my company as an international liaison, which will require to me travel frequently and be overseas for extended periods of time, and since I am unwilling to pay for the company of any *ahem* bedwarmers , and because I value her company and witty personality, your mother shall be joining me on my travels.

Which leaves you, alone, with the house entirely to yourself. I expect you to manage the house and any finances we provide you with by yourself, as I believe that this responsibility will give you the opportunity to grow as a person. And I believe that I do not need to spell out what a great opportunity this is for you.

Stay safe my Son, and May the Springtime of your youth blossom magnificently.

Your loving Father.

Ps. The condoms are in our bedroom, second drawer to the right. Be smart about protection won't you?

PPS. If you fail, at least we may produce another son to continue our line.

I felt my eye twitch as I read the message.

"Love you too Old Man." I said through gritted teeth to no one in particular.

I let out a sigh, so I have the house to myself for… he didn't say but I assume it's a substantial amount of time. So on the bright side, I can take girls home or spend the whole night grinding my skills like a gaming addict?

Considering I am the Gamer….

And maybe… no, I promised Buchou. Yuuma… I won't go after her. Even if… Even if I loved her… Even if I loved her and she spat on my love and shoved a spear into my guts. Even if I Hate her.

But… what's stopping her from coming after me?

I stopped in my tracks, and had to suppress a shiver. Her sneer, blood pooling beneath my body, laughter, Human flesh smells like roasted pork, disgust, can't puke, sunset tinged with blood. Crimson hair, crimson crimson all is crimson pain-

Focus. Focus. Focus.

There is a secluded park with a patch of woods nearby, I can train there. Train, yes, training is good. Training means less pain, training means my enemies dying.

I walked one step at a time, ignoring the pain from my clenched fist.

I reached the park, and entered the woods. The darkness held no secrets for me. First, I have to get the basics. I remembered the scene from the webcomic where Sun-Il taught Jee-Han how to create a Dimensional Barrier. He imagined the strength coming out from his arm. Strength huh?

I closed my eyes and tried to focus. Pushing my 'strength' out from my arm. Strength out. Strength out. Strength out.

I began to feel something stirring within; a living, pulsing thing swirling with an almost fluid like energy. I have no idea how I knew, but I just knew how to move and direct this energy. It felt slow, sluggish, numb. Like a limb that had gone to sleep and was forced to move. But I persevered, even as I felt beads of sweat rolling down my forehead, I continued to push and direct the energy until, as I opened my eyes, I succeeded. A red bullet with wisps of black shot out from my palm, to punch and explode straight into a nearby tree, leaving a small crater in the bark.



New Skill!

Demonic Bullet [Active] LV1 EXP: 0.00%

A basic ranged attack made using a Devil's Demonic Energy.

ATK power scales with INT

Damage Bonus: 10%

I stared at my hand still awash with crimson power and black wisps dancing across the light, and I raised it high.

And once more, I called upon this power, this fifth limb. Blanket this area and create space.

And the world shifts Left. All ambient sound fades. Silence, true silence. I was alone.


New Skill!

ID Create [Active] LV 1 EXP: 0.00%

Allows the user to create a dimensional barrier separate from the world. At certain locations, a special ID may be created. More dangerous IDs can be created at higher skill levels

Current ID:

1.) Empty ID

And with that, I threw myself into training. I sprinted to a tree on the other side shooting as many Demonic Bullets as I could at it before I leapt into the air and punched the tree with all the force I could get from Power Strike.

It hurt, my hand hurt, but it was a good pain. I continued laying into it with power strikes, waving away any red panes that appeared, they were unnecessary. A distraction.

I exhausted my MP bar, my hands were a torn bleeding mess, I wiped my hands on my uniform jacket, and tore off my clothes until I was garbed in nothing but my red undershirt and trousers. I looked at my hands, and they were as good as new.

I jumped up, and began climbing the tree. I climbed until I could reach a reasonably sturdy branch, then hanging off it I began to do pullups. I pulled again, and again, and again, and again. Until I was so weak my grip failed, and I came tumbling to the ground.

I ignored the pain and pushed myself up, got into a push up position, and began working again. Eventually, I collapsed. My arms and upper body no longer able to support my weight. Once again I pushed myself up, and punched the tree until I saw that my MP bar was full again, then I laid Power strikes into the tree until my MP bar was empty. I climbed the tree again, did pull ups again, fell again, did push ups again, punched the tree again, laid Power Strikes again, climbed the tree again, did pull ups again, fell again, did push ups again, punched the tree again, laid Power Strikes again, climbed the tree again, did pull ups again, fell again, did push ups again, punched the tree again, laid Power Strikes again, climbed the tree again, did pull ups again, fell again, did push ups again, punched the tree again, laid Power Strikes again, climbed the tree…

Huh? Oh, it's morning. I laid shirtless upon the cold ground, it had gotten torn half way through. I was so tired, I couldn't move. Have to wait to recover. Decided to use the Demonic Bullets to shoot distant tree branches so my time wasn't wasted. Have to be efficient, have to keep going, have to keep training, have to… no.

No, I have school today, can't keep going, have to stop. I pulled my phone form my inventory and checked the time. 6 AM. Okay, have to go home, Homeroom starts at 8.30. I pulled myself up from the ground and raised my hand to the air. One last spell.


Skills Gained:

ID Create LV1

ID Escape LV1

Demonic Bullet LV1 - 5

Power Strike LV1 - 6

Physical Resistance LV1 - 4

Unarmed Mastery [Passive] LV6

Allows user to fight empty handed or with Gauntlet/Claw type weapons

Damage Bonus: 35%

ATK Speed Bonus: 35%

Iron Fist Technique LV6

Allows the user to fight more effectively with the hands.

Damage Bonus for strikes made with the hands: 35%

Stats Gained:

Intelligence +4

Strength +8

Endurance + 6

Dexterity + 4