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In the hokage's office sat the third hokage, doing his everyday paperwork. "Damn I'm getting to old for this" said Sarutobi to nobody in particular 'what I would kill for to get a distraction right now.' he thought to himself when Sarutobi felt a light breeze lick the side of his face he let out a sigh of relief.

Looking up from his paperwork stood three ANBU dog, snake, and wolf. "You called hokage-sama" said dog.

"Yes, I was informed that last week squad 5 lost their captain." The feeling in the room changed no longer was it calm it now tense and the feeling of deep remorse and guilt filled the air. With nothing being said the hokage continued. "I am sorry for your lost i'm sure you had great respect for him, but what happen was not your fault he decided to do that mission alone. So please there is no need to feel guilty of the actions that were made."

Looking at the three ANBU in front of him Sarutobi couldn't help but frown, he sometimes hated how emotionless ANBU can be. But he knows that behind those masks, and emotionless eyes that there is feeling of sadness going through them but it's not like they will ever show it. Letting out a sigh he looked all of them in the eye before saying what was needed to be said. "Now then, the reason why you are all here is because I have put you three on a team under kitsune. I know this is sudden but I need you three on active duty as soon as possible, you will meet him tomorrow at training ground 15 at 11 am."

Now looking at the ANBU in front of him he could see a glimpse of confusion, shock, and a little bit of anger in their eyes. "Is this some kind of joke hokage-sama?" Dog said, concealing the anger in his voice.

Raising an eyebrow Sarutobi curiously asked "what do you mean dog?"

Standing up straighter dog stated "well everyone knows that kitsune doesn't exist he just a legend no one has ever seen a kitsune masked ANBU at headquarters or even on missions."

Getting nods from the other ANBU standing there Sarutobi couldn't help but let out a sigh. Rubbing his temples he thought 'kitsune really conceals his presence that much? I'm going to have to talk to him about that later.'

Thinking about what to do in this situation he couldn't help but smirk when he finally thought of something. "I can tell you three that kitsune is a real ANBU I personally recruited him into the black ops. Just to prove myself I'll let you listen to someone who has actually worked with kitsune." Said Sarutobi with a bit of amusement in his voice.

"Panther!" Yelled Sarutobi

Within a flash there kneeled panther in front of the hokage. "Stand Panther I have a request of you" " hai hokage-sama" said panther "now then panther you are one of the only people to work with kitsune is that right?" once the name kitsune was said everyone noticed the slight wince Panther had made.

The air in the room became thick making it harder to breathe with a dead seriousness filling the air panther finally said "That is correct hokage-sama" the three ANBU standing in back of panther all gasped once hearing about the suppose to be 'fake' kitsune is actually real.

"Tell us what kind of mission did you have with kitsune" asked Sarutobi showing a little side smirk on his face. While resting his chin on his interlocked fingers.

"It was an assassination mission, we were to kill a group of bandits that were sabotaging a village outside of the border" stated panther with no emotion in his voice.

"Yes, and from what I read it was a group of about 500 bandits am I correct?" Said Sarutobi as he eyed the ANBU with a serious look in his eyes.

Dog, snake, and crow started to sweat with the thought of what kind of person kitsune was like. The room was dead quite again the three ANBU standing their started to fidget in anticipation they were curious to know about what happen on this mission. But they also had a dreading feeling in the pits of their stomachs saying that they shouldn't hear about what happened on the mission.

Releasing out a shaky breath panther finally said " hai hokage-sama"

"Okay, now then tell us what happen on the mission."


It was a little past midnight, the night was peaceful not a sound could be heard except for in the hokage's office. Staring at the ANBU in front of him Sarutobi spoke with nothing but seriousness in his voice. "Panther this is an A rank mission you are to go to a village outside of the border. To kill a group of bandits that are stealing from travelers killing them off after they've taken everything valuable. I want this mission done in at least three days do you understand?"

Panther nodded while saying a barley audible "hai hokage-sama" while reaching to grab the scroll Sarutobi was holding.

Once having the scroll in his hands panther was about to take his leave when Sarutobi spoke "Panther you're not going to do this mission alone you are to meet kitsune at the main gate as soon as you're done here." Knowing that was the last thing the he was going to say panther nodded and left.

Flying through the village on the roof tops panther rushed to get to the gate. Once reaching the gate looking around he saw nobody there just the two lazy guards on gate duty playing go fish.

Stopping on top of the village gate he waited. An hour passed and panther started to get frustrated 'where the hell is this guy!' Panther was practically fuming on the inside but on the outside he looked seriously calm thinking of ways to seriously hurt the ANBU he was waiting for. A couple more minutes have passed now sitting on the edge of the gate panther was staring into the forest that awaited him when he left the village for his mission.

While staring off into space panther didn't realize that someone was sitting next to him until. "How long are we going to sit here?" hearing the voice of a unknown person panther jolted losing his balance falling off the edge of the gate. Hearing someone laugh as he fell panther didn't know what to do. He didn't even fall a few feet until the same unknown person grabbed his arm pulling him back up to the top of the gate.

Finally controlling his laughter, the unknown person spoke "whoa their I didn't mean to scare you." Finally getting a good look at this unknown person panther finally saw the white porcelain kitsune mask with bold red and black lines giving off the look that it's making a deadly smirk, with slitted holes as eyes. He wore a bandana over his hair so panther couldn't tell the color of his hair but through the eye holes of the mask he saw that his eyes were a dark purple that would put all purples to shame. He was also wearing a standard ANBU uniform. With black shinobi pants, a black muscle shirt, black fingerless gloves reaching a little past his elbow with metal plates. Standard black shinobi sandals, with a grey vest, and a red crimson scarf wrapped around his neck that was almost reaching the floor, strapped to his back were two katanas. And strapped to each of his thighs were pouches to hold kunai and shuriken.

But what panther noticed the most was the height this person was he was about 4'8 with a slim built body. 'He looks like he could practically be a kid even his voice sounded childish' with a sweat drop panther couldn't help but think 'But why couldn't I sense him? he was sitting right next to me! Now that I think about it I still can't sense him.' It was true even though the now known person kitsune was standing right in front of him it was like he wasn't even there. If panther wasn't looking right at him he would have thought that he was still alone with no one around him except the two gate guards. This really displeased the taller ANBU. "ther-san hello..? panther-san."

Coming out of his thoughts panther asks "How long have you been here?"

Finally getting a response out of the dazed out ANBU kitsune let out a soft hum and replied " I've been here before you actually I was waiting in that tree right there." Pointing to the tree that the ANBU was standing in panther couldn't help but notice that it was the same tree that he's been staring at the whole entire time that he's been waiting.

Noticing that panther wasn't going to say anything kitsune spoke again "I thought you would have seen me because you kept staring at me, but you didn't move towards me so I stared back I thought we were playing some kind of silly staring contest. But after awhile I noticed that you weren't going to move from that spot at all so I decided to go to you when you sat down. Even then you didn't seem to notice me I thought you were ignoring me this whole time."

"No I wasn't ignoring you I… was just lost in thought." Oh how panther wanted to go bash his head in a tree for saying something so stupid. He was in ANBU he wasn't suppose to get lost in thought he was always suppose to be focused, but before he could correct himself or say something else kitsune spoke first.

"Well you better get focused right now because I ain't going on a mission with someone who can't even think straight let alone someone who didn't even know I was here." The way kitsune spoke sent shivers down panthers spine, the childish voice wasn't there anymore it was replaced with a deep serious voice almost deadly one that panther has never heard before.

Panther was speechless he didn't know what to say he didn't trust his own voice so he just nodded. "Now then, lets go we have a mission to do." The trip to the border was quite and tense. Panther wanted to say something anything to get rid of this tension but hearing his name brought him to look at kitsune.

" Panther we are not that far from the destination so we'll rest here for the night and we'll continue in the morning i'll take first watch."

Panther only nodded settling down to rest for the night. " Wake me up in a few hours so we can switch off."

" Okay just go get your rest already." said kitsune sitting down on a tree branch.

When panther woke up the next morning he saw kitsune just staring at him with this he jolted up. " Ha never knew you were so jumpy well lets go we have a mission to continue." With that being said panther began to pack up all his equipment.

Getting ready to leave panther asked " Why didn't you wake me up last night?"

" I wasn't tired so I just let you sleep." said kitsune who only shrugged his shoulders

"But won't you be tired later I won't fail a mission because of you're ignorance and you can't complete it with your full ability." Panther saw the way kitsune's shoulders tensed when he mention a failed mission. Kitsune was starting to fill with anger he wanted nothing more than to grab one of his katana's and stab it through the heart of the ANBU in front of him.

But instead of doing that he just looked dead in the eyes of panther and said with venom " I NEVER fail a mission." Panther knew that the conversation was over after he said that.

The rest of the trip to the border was extremely tense panther felt the anger rolling off of kitsune in waves. Panther tried to act as normal as best he could he didn't want to look weak next to someone who was smaller and most likely younger than him. Continuing the mission they made it to the border in a few hours. It was a little past mid day when they found the bandits whereabouts, it looked like they were counting up what they have stolen earlier from that day.

" We'll wait till it gets darker to attack we don't need to be seen now." said panther to only get a nod out of the other.

It was about two hours later when in sun started to set, and the bandits were all sitting around different campfires talking and eating. " Get ready kitsune we're about to start."

"Finally" said kitsune standing up stretching silently moving from the tree to the bandits.

" I'll attack from the front you attack from the back remember no surviver." said panther

" I wouldn't have it any other way." said the other with a bit of amusement in his voice. Panther saw an emotion flash through kitsune eyes but as fast as it came it disappeared but from what little he saw of it he saw a bit of excitement in his eyes. 'Who would be excited about this? maybe it's just my imagination.' He didn't want to think much about it so he just let it slip his mind.

" When I go in that's when we start lets do this as fast as we can so we can go home" said panther. When kitsune and panther got in position panther gave a small nod before going in to attack the first group that was further from everyone else. Taking out his katana he slit the throat of the first bandit, before any of the bandits could look at what was happening around them they got a kunai to the heart ending their lives. Going to another group of bandits panther looked up to see kitsune cutting off the heads of bandits, he saw the way his blades moved with such grace it was almost like he was doing a dance. Sinking his katanas in bandits chests, cutting them down left and right he saw the terror in some of the bandits eyes before he saw the life leave them. He was moving so fast that panther only saw the shine of the blade before it went in its next target for them to never get up again.

If panther wasn't on the same side as kitsune he would also be scared for his life. Kitsune didn't even use any jutsu to attack the bandits it was like he didn't even need it as if he was fighting mere children. Looking away panther rushed in to attack the next group of bandits that are barley realizing that they are being attacked. As fast as it started it ended with the mission done panther and kitsune met in the middle of where a fight happen not even that long ago. "All we have to do now is get rid of the bodies then we can head back." said panther

"Don't worry I got it." said kitsune putting all the bodies all together. When they got all the bandits in a pile kitsune stood in front of it to only snap his fingers engulfing the pile in flames. Panther only stood in amazement, and a little bit of shock he has never seen a jutsu like that before in all his years in the black ops.

When the pile turned into only ashes panther and kitsune set off back to the village inform the hokage of the successful mission.

'Flashback End'

"That was almost two years ago when I worked with kitsune on that mission." Panther said ending the details about the mission he had.

The hokage's office was now quite. Sarutobi had to bite the inside of his cheek so he wouldn't laugh at the shocked faces of the now mask-less ANBU sitting on the couch in the hokage's office. Kakashi, Anko, and Genma didn't know what to say after they heard about the mission that panther went on with kitsune.

" Thank you panther you may go back to your position." getting a nod panther returned to one of the shadows in the room.

" So then now that we all know that kitsune is real you are to meet him tomorrow that is all you may leave now." said Sarutobi returning to filling out the monster called paperwork. But after a couple of minutes he realized that the three ANBU haven't moved a muscle yet.

" Is their something else you need?" asked the hokage with a raised eyebrow

" Is their a chance that we can meet him now?" asked kakashi now known as dog.

" Yeah now I want to meet the bastard." said a excited Anko also known as snake.

" I might as well meet him to since I'm here." Genma lazily said now known as wolf.

" I would but kitsune wouldn't show up unless I really needed him here and as you can see I clearly don't need him here." said Sarutobi with a smile on his face. Who was loving the reaction of his ANBU.

"Is their anyway to make him come." asked a now angered Anko

"Hmm their is but you would have to make a blood clone." said the hokage not even a second later three poofs of smoke cleared and now appeared a copy of each ANBU.

With a sigh Sarutobi rubbed his temples as he felt a headache coming on. " Okay now leave the clones here you three go hide in one of the corners." putting on their masks again the departed.

Now with the three real ANBU hiding in the shadows the hokage sent a pulse of distressed charka. "Are you sure that did it? I barley felt that and i'm standing right in front of you." said the clone of dog.

"Don't worry he felt it." said a annoyed hokage

The wait felt like forever. A few seconds have passed and nothing has happened dog was about to speak when in a flash the three clones all dispersed. Leaving a now lone ANBU in the center of the room but before the hokage could say anything the lone ANBU threw three kunai into the shadows.

" If you don't want me to seriously hurt you come out now." said the ANBU in a very deadly tone. The three ANBU in the shadows knew that he meant it they came out of the shadows to only line up in front of the other ANBU. Now showing a line of crimson showing on their necks.

Looking at the ANBU now the three saw the white porcelain of a kitsune who was wearing the something that panther had said when he had met him. But instead of being 4ft'8 he now stood at 5ft'6.

" Why have you called me here hokage-sama?" said a frustrated kitsune

" Welcome kitsune, I know this is sudden and you weren't suppose to visit me until tomorrow to talk about your team but as you can see." the hokage said now directing kitsune to look at the three other ANBU in the room. " The ANBU here wanted to meet you today instead of tomorrow."

Now getting a good look at them now kitsune just shook his head and said " No way they're pathetic i'm not working with them, hey panther come out here!"

What the hell do you mean we're pathetic!" said a now fuming Anko

" What I just said you're pathetic let me ask you did you even feel my presence coming before I even entered the room?" no one said anything. " Exactly, why am i going to work with people who can't even sense me? You would just die if you ever faced a shinobi who was able to hide their presence like me on a mission. And I can tell that we wont work good together not all of us like each other." kitsune said with a bit of anger in his words almost in a snarl.

Now kitsune was looking at the reappeared panther. "Hey panther long time no see." kitsune said with glee a 180 sudden mood change to everyones surprise.

"Hello again kitsune." panther said with a nod.

Now looking at the hokage kitsune spoke " Hokage-sama I have a request."

"Oh and what is that kitsune?" asked a very confused hokage everyone was curious on what kitsune was going to say next but no one ever expected this.

" I want to give panther my 'soon to be' team." said a very calm kitsune now looking around the room at shocked faces. Even with masks on he knew that their mouths were hanging wide open.

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