Time and again

Hey guys I hope you guys enjoy this little intro chapter. Also please keep in mind this will not be my style of writing for future chapters, i only used this kind because it's an intro chapter. Another thing I feel I need to say before anyone gets the wrong idea, this fic will not be focusing on the ww2 era, it will actually be based in the overwatch era (they never really said what year the game is set in. If you have any ideas for the time leave a comment or pm me. If not...well i'll just pick the year myself) my guess would be a little after or before the 3000s. This is also going to be first overwatch fic and only my second ever fic, i plan on updating at least once every two weeks. Hopefully i will reach 50k word count goal.


Chapter 1: Cavaries Here

The wailing sound of air raid sirens could be heard all across the burning city of London. The Planes filled the sky, some were trying to defend the city from the hostile invaders. Unfortunately the Germans Luftwaffe was overpowering the British defenders and were succeeding in dropping their presents..

The deadly packages made a whistling sound that steadily got louder as they approached the ground at terminal velocities. The bang that accompanied them when they made contact with the ground was nearly deafening and could be heard for miles, and in some cases shook the very ground.

This is the scene that a 7 year old girl woke up to. She took a nap thinking that when her parents came back from work they could all have a tea party. But instead was awoken by the sound of sirens and explosions.

The little girl could smell the smoke in the house and even her young minds new what that meant, her house was on fire. She ran outside hoping reprieve from the danger. She looked around and took notice of the nightmarish scene of burning buildings and bombs going off in the distance.

When she looked up she nearly fainted right then and there, because coming towards her was 5 german planes flying in a V formation with their bomb doors open. She stood there frozen in fear as the planes with their packages of exploding death came closer and closer. Right as the first set of bombs started to come out of the hatches, a miracle happened. Another plane flying extremely low to the ground swooped up towards the planes while the pilot jumped out, the now pilotless plane slammed into the lead plane from below causing both aircrafts to explode, and the shrapnel of the exploding planes hit the four remaining planes making them play a quick game of follow the leader.

The girl could only gape in awe as the pilot slowly descended towards her with a parachute. When the pilot was about four feet from the ground he decided to detach the chute by hitting the release on his chest rolling back to his feet to lessen the impact. As soon as he came back up he ran towards the girl full on sprinting, slinging the girl over his shoulder not even breaking stride kept on running.

Looking up the girl could see what the pilot was running from, the wreckage of the planes were falling towards where she once stood. She looked at the constantly shifting ground trying to block out all the loud crashing sounds, the ground suddenly got much farther away when the pilot jumped over a burning piece of the plane's wing which had fallen in front of them. They barely made it out from under the falling debri.

When the girl was finally put down they were a few blocks away from her house. She was crying uncontrollably when the pilot put his hand on he shoulder prompting her to look up.

The pilot was wearing a pair of sleek orange tinted goggles, leather aviators jacket with the british flag emblazoned on the right shoulder, and tight fitting orange pants. His voice oddly enough was rather feminine "Don't worry luv cavaries hea" HIs strong accent throwing off the words a bit. After saying that one sentence he ran off and disappeared into the smoke that still filled the streets.

With his disappearance came the voices, they originated from behind the girl so she whirled around so she could see them.

A pair of women were arguing while making their way towards her. "I told ya! Thar be a someone about out here!" said a woman with a very hard Scottish accent

"And i told you there's nothing out here! Your hearing is just that horrid." this one had a crisp british accent.

It wasn't long before they got close enough for them to see the soot covered little girl. When they finally noticed her they rushed over to her and checked her for any injuries.

The Scottish one was the first to speak, "Do ya have a name lass?"

The girl stared at them blankly her mind was still trying to get over the shock from the past few minutes. It took a a couple of seconds for her to register what was being asked,

The small voice of a 7 year old girl could be heard, "L-Lena. Lena O-Oxten."

"Well Lena how bout we get ya inside until we find your parents?" the british one asked. Receiving a nod they led her across the street to the building they came from. General Howard's orphanage was written above the heavy oak doors in big bronze letters.

Ironically enough the place that the pilot dropped her off would end up being the place she called home for the next couple of years.



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