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Chapter 4: Strangers are Strange.

When I opened my eyes I was expecting to see the familiar wood ceiling of the barracks, instead of the familiar brown I was greeted with a glossy white ceiling. I bolted into an upright position and began to take in my surroundings. For the life of me I couldn't figure out how I got here.

I appeared to be in a hallway of some sort, but I couldn't recognize the design or material, everything from the walls to the floor was made of a glossy material, and a yellow strip of paint wan parallel with the wall. Cautiously I stood up and made my way down the corridor. I could hear voices coming from farther down the hall. The door the voices were coming from was unlike anything I had ever seen, it was one continuous slab of steel with no visible handle on it. Next to the doorframe was a glowing rectangle of glass with what appeared to be a handprint on it.

The sound of heavy footsteps coming up from behind me made me stop my inspection of the mysterious door so I could turn around. What I saw made me freeze in my tracks. Coming down the hall was a Gorilla, it was wearing some type of white and black armor with a few glowing lights on it. I was so shocked at the sight that I didn't react fast enough to get out of its way, I tensed expecting to get bowled over and possibly trampled by the heavy beast.

What happened next however was completely unexpected, the menacing animal walked right through me! I turned around to watch the apparently ghostly gorilla touch the glowing hand print, this caused the mysterious metal door to slide into the wall with a light hiss.

With nothing better to do I followed my ghostly companion into the room. It was a bedroom of sorts, a small bed against the far wall, a door which presumably lead to the bathroom, and a table in the corner with what appeared to be a flat black rectangle with a stylized glowing blue A in the center. It was at the table that the rooms occupants were located, A tall willowy woman with platinum blonde hair, she wore a white lab coat over an orange sweater, and had a pair of long black pants, she sat facing the black rectangle with her back to the door. Standing next to her was a shorter woman with more of a runner's build, she had brown hair and wore a grey tank top, loose sweat pants, but what really drew attention to her was the glowing blue device that seemed to be strapped onto her back, an extremely familiar shade of blue… Her musing was cut short when the Gorilla spoke.

"Angela? Jessica woke up, but she's refusing to let the other doctors treat her. She gets hysterical when they get anywhere near her. She keeps calling for you."

Her mind blanked when she heard the Gorrilla talk. But nothing was more shocking than when the blonde woman apparently Angela turned around.

'Mom!?' The woman in front of her who appeared to be in her early thirties bore a striking resemblance to my mother, same blond hair, same body type, hell even her face was almost identical. Keyword being almost, that almost took the form of ocean blue eyes. My mom had sea green eyes, not ocean blue.

I watched numbly as my mom's lookalike made her way out of the room.

The Gorilla looked at the brown haired woman who still had her back to the door. "Well? Are you coming? I know Jessie could use the support after what happened."

"Yeah i'll be down in a minute Love. I just need to take care of something real quick with Athena." She had a rather distinct british accent, once again I couldn't shake the feeling of familiarity.

"Alright, i'll see you then." and with that the Gorilla lumbered out of the room, the door hissing shut behind him.

"You know I was confused too." The brown haired woman apparently had a few screws loose as she was talking to an empty room. "I know what your thinking. This lady is crazy! Talking to a wall. But that's alright you'll understand fact I can guarantee you will." A mirth filled chuckle escaped her as if she was talking about some inside joke.

"Can you do me a favor LENA? Tell Dad I said hi will ya?"

I was barely even able to comprehend her words when I was yanked out of bed by a rather annoyed Jack.

"Come on lets go! Dad wants down in the lab like yesterday!" He didn't even give me time to get dressed as he pulled me out of the barracks.

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