Hi guys, so I know I haven't updated anything in a long time but this past year has been crazy, from going traveling, graduating, getting engaged, wedding planning and working literally all the time. I just haven't had the time or mental energy to write anything but I really want to get back into it so I decided to start back up. So here is chapter three!

For once Ron had actually managed to get it right. In a fit of sheer panic mixed with a tinge of Gryffindor bravery, he had actually managed to ask Hermione to dance before Viktor Krum could swoop in and steal her away.

The only problem with this was the fact that he hadn't really thought any of it through. He was so caught up in his 4th year insecurities and not wanting Krum to sweep her away again that he hadn't processed the fact that now he would actually have to dance with her. He had all but dragged her to the middle of the dance floor and was now stood gaping at her like a complete fool waving his arms awkwardly, trying to decide the appropriate place to put them.

How would he be able to handle having her in his arms in real life for an extended period of time? He may have got over some of his nerves in the weeks before Harry had arrived at the burrow, when they seemed to be having more than a few moments that suggested she might feel the same way. But when Harry arrived their bubble was burst, everything they had to focus on came rushing back along with Ron's insecurities and anxieties. Now Krum was here, why did Fleur have to invite him? What if Hermione was secretly grateful that nothing had happened before Harry's arrival?

He looked into her face and instantly all his fears were silenced. She looked just as nervous as him, but her smile was radiant. She grabbed his hands gently and softly guided them to her waist, while tentatively wrapping her own arms around his neck, it was a slight stretch with the height difference but they managed. He could hear her breathing raggedly as his heart started to pound, they moved awkwardly and he couldn't bear to look in her eyes for fear of seeing disappointment. Or maybe he was just scared that if he saw something else, he might not be able to stop himself from doing something stupid. Then he had to go and step on her foot.

"Sorry." He mumbled.

"It's okay," her voice was shaky, "this is nice."

He was surprised at this, "Yeah?"

"Yes." She said firmly.

He looked into her eyes, and suddenly their bodies synched, and the dancing (if you could really call swaying 'dancing') seemed to come more naturally. His heart was pounding and he was pretty sure his hands were starting to shake with the intensity in her eyes, he was beginning to consider doing something stupid like kissing her, or Merlin forbid! Telling her he loved her, when the music suddenly switched.

The high tempo beat snapped both of them out of their daze and apart from each other. Ron nearly let his internal groan become external. He was expecting Hermione to walk back to their table, but she looked at him determinedly and grabbed his hands, pulling his arms back and forward in an effort to get him to dance. So dance he did, at one point he even started mimicking Luna's crazy dancing which sent Hermione into a fit of giggles and he decided that giggling Hermione was almost as good as staring into his eyes Hermione. He loved making her laugh.

They carried on dancing until they were out of breath and their eyes were bright and their feet were sore. Hermione seemed reluctant to admit that she needed a drink and Ron chivalrously told her that he would get her one while she sat down. He poured the drinks and watched her walk back to sit at the table. He was about to make his way over when Kingsley's patronus appeared and all of Ron's half made plans for asking Hermione if she wanted to take a walk outside disappeared into the reality of a war.

Thanks for reading! I am on a bit of a roll so hopefully the next chapter will be up very soon and will be a bit longer!