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Percy Jackson was in the Poseidon cabin at Camp Half-Blood looking at the small ring box in his hand. It had taken a lot of effort to obtain, but in his case it was extremely worth it.

You see, Percy was not asking just any half-blood to marry him, but the favorite daughter of his dad's rival; Athena and she did not make it easy. Percy had to dedicate months after the Giant war to complete the tasks that Athena set for him. During some of the tasks, Percy was sure that he wasn't going to survive, but pushed through because he remembered that he and Annabeth had literally been through Hell and back.

You would think that falling by choice into Tartarus for the girl you love would be enough, but apparently it wasn't for the Wisdom goddess. Months after completing some daunting tasks that would have been impossible if their name wasn't Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon knocked on Athena's door to tell her that he had completed the tasks that she had set. To say that she was shocked would be an understatement, Athena had expected the young hero to give up or perhaps die during the tasks that she set, but it seems that the loyalty towards her daughter pushed him to complete the almost impossible tasks.

She told him there were only two more tasks that he had to complete before he asked Annabeth to which he almost groaned aloud until she quickly told him what they were. The first was that he was to meet with Hephaestus and design the perfect ring for her favorite daughter, then if he hadn't already, he had to meet with each parent and ask permission to wed Annabeth.

Percy asked directions to Hephaestus' forge on Olympus and the Smith god had already been given a heads up that Percy was coming. Together they made the perfect ring, in Percy's opinion. The band of the ring was a design made out of celestial bronze and imperial gold, the gems on top were gray and sea green to represent the color of their eyes and thus their heritage, but it was the engraved words on the inside that was his favorite. There he had Hephaestus engrave: Wise Girl + Seaweed Brain.

Percy had already talked to his mother and Annabeth's father during a break of his tasks and they both agreed and said similar things, "After everything you both have been through, you are practically married, you might as well make it official!" He just had to talk to his dad.

He wasn't sure how his dad would take it. Percy was asking a daughter of Athena, the goddess whom he had a notorious feud with, but he decided to put it behind him and hoped that his dad would just hope for his happiness.

Flashback a week before Percy decides to ask Annabeth

Percy swam up to Atlantis quickly and saw his dad waving Tyson good-bye. His dad turned around and gave Percy a big smile, "Percy!" They swam towards each other. "What brings you to Atlantis?"

"Can't a son visit his dad?" Percy asked.

Poseidon raised an eyebrow, "Yes, but I have a feeling there's something more. Does this have to do with the tasks that Athena set for you?"

Percy looked at his dad in shock, but then nodded, "Did she tell you why?"

His dad shook his head, "Nope, I have no idea."

"Well you know that half-bloods don't live long lives," Poseidon immediately looked guilty, Percy knew that his dad always felt horrible for putting a heroes fate on him. "Dad, I'm not saying this to make you feel guilty, I'm just saying that I don't know how long of a life I'm going to have and I don't want to waste it."

"So what are you going to do?" Poseidon asked his son.

"Well I know that I will always want Annabeth in my life, I can't imagine her out of it, so I'm going to ask her to marry me," Percy looked at his dad to gauge his reaction.

Poseidon's face was blank, but like Percy, his eyes held all of his emotions: Percy could tell that he was having an inner turmoil: this girl makes Percy happy, but this is a child of Athena! He's also so young, but Percy has a point, half-bloods don't live long.

Percy's father nodded, "I suppose you came here for my blessing then?"

His son nodded, "Well, yeah. I already god everyone else's blessing. You're the last one."

Poseidon made a face, "Really? I'm the last to know about this?"

"Wasn't on purpose!" Percy said hastily. "I ran into my mom and Annabeth's dad during my tasks, then Athena was the one who set the tasks."

The Earthshaker sighed and then nodded his head, "I give you my blessing. Though I don't like Athena, from the little interaction I've had with Annabeth I do like her."

Percy beamed at his father and gave him a small hug, "I plan on asking her in a week, that's when Hephaestus is planning on finishing the ring we designed together!"

"Okay, good luck son!" I heard behind me, because I was already swimming off.

Flashback end.

All Olympus seemed to know that Percy was going to be proposing to Annabeth in the near future. They had watched him complete the near impossible tasks that Athena had set for him, something that many had not approved of. He had fallen into Tartarus for the girl, for Olympus' sake! So needless to say, most of the gods and goddesses were supporting the Savior of Olympus. It was time for him to get the girl.